11 Tempting Arch Bookshelves that will Elevate Your Room Decor

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11 Tempting Arch Cabinets and Bookshelves that will Elevate Your Room

In case you don’t know, arch cabinets and bookshelves are all the rage now. They create a unique design that is enhanced by the curve on top of it.

The reason why they are so attractive is that they create balance while accentuating the space around them. Plus, arch cabinets and bookshelves have a lot of storage space combined with enough display space for your collections.

You don’t just want your bookshelf to hold a bunch of your favorite books — you want it to be art. Because when you live with books, you can decorate with them by creating storage; they become the focal point of any room!

So much inspiration, so little time. That’s how it feels when browsing the web for some cool bookshelf ideas and stumbled upon one mesmerizing cabinet after another. And honestly, don’t we deserve better?

As designers and trendsetters, when we run out of ideas, we’ll look at others to get inspired. This is why major design publications are so popular.

They give us countless ideas not only on what to wear but also the accessories to complement our outfit and the furniture decorating our home — furnishings that will improve the value of our property and how we live inside them.

If you’re looking for bookshelf design inspiration – an upgrade from your typical floating shelves or a more fashionable version of those dangling bookshelves – then this article is for you.

So let your desire for a good bookshelf push you forward because today, I am going to list down 11 tempting arch cabinets and bookshelves (price range between $144-$5.600) that will elevate your room decor.

arch bookshelves
arch-top bookshelves
arch top bookshelves
arch top cabinets
arch rattan bookshelves
arch top bookcase
arch cabinets
Bookshelf arch
arch rattan shelf
arch shelves
gold ach shelves

It is amazing how something as simple as a storage unit can transform your room’s look with a little ingenuity or innovation. Most bookcases and shelving units do not make a statement, but arch bookshelves are one of those exceptions that would undoubtedly make you or your guests take notice.

The popularity of the arch top cabinets and bookshelves can be attributed to their curved and feminine styling, which works exceptionally well in rooms with all interior decor themes such as vintage and modern.

The arch bookshelf will transform your room from looking bland and empty to having a sense of character and style that you simply cannot get from any other bookshelf.

Bookshelves and cabinets never go out of style. You may have seen arch-top cabinets everywhere – in pictures and on social media. But if you’re on the hunt for one, here’s your inspiration.

Also, you can look out our Pinterest for more inspiration.

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