Introducing 2022 Home Color Trends for Those Who Wants a Fresh Start

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Introducing 2022 Home Color Trends for Those Who Wants a Fresh Start

2022 color trends are ready to change the feel in your home!

It is time that we leave a year behind and welcomes the new year with new dreams, hopes, and goals.

So if you want to refresh your home style, I am sure that there is no better way than refreshing it with these paint color trends for 2022.

If you are one of the home decor enthusiasts, you should check on these 2022 color trends. Cause we all know that the home decor industry is influenced by each other and working together.

If you ask me: what are the decorating color trends of 2022?

I am confidently saying that these paint color trends will influence the industry, and you will see lots of these color trends and the colors which complement them.

2022 color trends
2022 interior paint color trends

When I asked how often we should refresh the interior paint color, most of the guys who work in paint color companies said that you should renew every year. However, I think that is a bit much and feels like a bit commercial answer.

I also talked with the craftsman, and I decided that the most healthy way is to refresh it in 2-3 years.

If you did not refresh your interior paint colors for a long time, 2022 could be that year.

Here are the paint companies that I, as an architect, rely on and the best companies when you get what you pay for: Sherwin-Williams, Behr, Benjamin Moore, Farrow and Ball, and Jotun.

Let’s check on these 2022 color trends:

Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year 2022 “Evergreen Fog”

Just like in past years, Sherwin-Williams announced just one color as their color trend for 2022. The Evergreen Fog is a beautiful cool undertone green shade that outlines interior paint color trends in 2022.

Sherwin-Williams describe their color of the year 2022 as “simple but sophisticated wash of beautiful, organic color for spaces that crave a subtle yet stunning statement shade.”

This organic paint color can define as green meets gray. Evergreen Fog is a color that has a blue undertone, and it is perfectly matching with warm colors, just like the all cool undertone colors.

Sherwin williams color trend 2022

Sherwin-Williams selected beautiful warm paint colors that you can confidently pair with the color of the year 2022.

What makes me surprised is they picked last year’s trend color, “Urbane Bronze,” as a perfect pair with the 2022 color trend, which is Evergreen Fog.

That means if you are one of the people who like the 2021 Sherwin-Williams color trend but hesitate to use it, this year you can use both color trends of 2021 and 2022 together.

interior paint colors

This cool green color is perfect for Farmhouse style, Industrial style, Transitional style, and Modern Bohemian interior style. So if you want new colors and a new interior style in your home, 2022 might be the year you can change both.

Behr Color Trends 2022 Palette

Behr introduced a whole 20 colored color palette for 2022 paint color trends. There is a variety of hues from dark to light, bright to subdued.

We did not see that kind of bright colors for a long time. So that makes me wonder, will we see more bright colors in 2022 interior design trends?

Behr 2022 color trends palette

Behr 2022 trend color palette is serving everyone’s needs. We have plenty of options: neutral, warm, or cool wall paint colors.

You can work with Studio Clay, Whisper White, or Nightingale Gray if you search for some neutral paint colors.

I will give you some insights about this color palette so you can easily find what will look best on your walls:

      • Cool undertone neutral colors are Lunar Surface, Etched Glass, and Breezeway.
      • Warm undertone neutral colors are Studio Clay, Whisper White, Basswood, Wild Mustang, Nightingale Gray, Cracked Pepper, and Sunwashed Brick.
      • Warm colors are Corn Stalk, Perfect Penny, Lingonberry Punch, and Sustainable.
      • Cool colors are Wave Top, After Rain, Explorer Blue, Dark Cobalt Blue, Ocean Abyss, and Laurel Tree.

Designer’s Tip: Don’t worry if you like a color from a company that you don’t have a store near you. You can easily find the NCS code of the color you picked. Some companies are willing to share the code. Just google the color name and NCS. The code should be “S 4005-G50Y” in this format. So if you find S+(4 digits of Color Nuance)-(4 digits of Color Hue), it is your code. Then share the code with the company. The paint quality and the product will change, but the color will be the same.

Behr also picked one color from this trend palette as their 2022 color of the year, which is “Breezeway.”

We see that different companies were picking green hues for the 2022 trend color. I am sure that we will see many green hues as wall paint or in home decor trends in 2022.

color trends 2022
interior paint color trends 2022

“Benjamin Moore” Interior Paint Colors Trends for 2022

Another green shade is welcoming us in 2022. Benjamin Moore selects this one from their trend color palette, the color of the year is “October Mist.”

Benjamin Moore decides on their trend colors in 3 different concepts.

First, they want to add some playful colors. We all know that the color phycology of pinks, yellows, and greens. These colors are spreading peaceful, positive, and exciting energy.

However, rather than choosing bright pinks or yellows, they added pale versions of these colors. This is because the use of subdued and neutral colors is so widespread, and they are effortless to work with. It will be a mistake not to work with them.

benjamin moore color trends

The second concept is “Make room for nurturing.” They emphasized the warmth of nature and botanical hues. The trend color of the Benjamin Moore “October Mist” is taking part in this concept. 

home color trends 2022

The last concept is for those who love classics. These are the primary colors, but Benjamin Moore gives a little personal twist to make the primary colors look more assertive and stylish.

interior paint trends 2022

Farrow&Ball 2022 Paint Color Trends

Farrow and Ball want to get away from neutral colors this year. So instead, they tried to emphasize primary colors just like the Benjamin Moore palette.

In addition, they give a nostalgic feeling by combining history and now. These are bold hues that some of us cannot be that daring. 

However, I appreciate Farrow and Ball’s quality paints. They are one of the best companies when the issue is to see the exact color pixels and saturation on the implementation.

I am sure that even if these are bold hues, they will look perfect on the walls.

farrow and ball trend colors 2022

“School House White no.291” has a perfect subtle sophistication, making it an ideal match for the bold hues like colors in Farrow and Balls 2022 trends.

If you are looking forward to working with one of these colors, you should work with School House White no.291 to create that nostalgic feeling even more.

They define Breakfast Room Green no.81 as a perfect background color for exceptional art or furniture pieces. In addition, this is a great color to add as an accent color on walls.

Farrow and Ball did a great job by selecting these attractive and timeless colors. These colors are perfect for mixing design styles and giving an eclectic feeling to a room.

The best interior styles to incorporate with these colors will be Mid Century Modern, Bohemian, English Country, French, and Traditional.

interior design color trends


Jotun released a new color chart for 2022. Each year, I am awaiting the new colors they will introduce. Jotun generally defines new paint colors each year.

Most other paint companies create or select their color trends of the year from their wide range of color charts, but Jotun is also adding new colors.

Jotun 2022 color palette was called “Together,” and it contains 3 fantastic color palettes.

The idea is simple but strong, we all need to feel connected, and in past years, the pandemic has ruined all the togetherness. 

These colors will bring us together to talk, to laugh, or even just to share the silence in a room.

jotun 2022 color trends
2022 color trends
paint color trends
home decor trends

Here are the concepts:



These hues are willing to encourage us to slow down and ground ourselves in the present. Live-in homes are restored our memories and keep them feel in the place every time we enter. The walls tell a story. Embrace color palette aims to give this memory with the colors.

jotun embrace color palette



Colors have proven effects on our phycology and how we feel. The playful color palette will inspire us with these energetic colors. These colors will give us the confidence to try unusual combinations, the freedom of experimenting.

jotun playful color palette



These colors will clear our minds and calm us with earthy shades. Home is the rock that anchors us. This palette serves you minimalism with a strong personality. Cherish color palette will bring positive energy to our homes.

jotun cherish color palette

What is the color for 2022? It is evident that the color for 2022 is green in lots of different shades.

I chose my favorite color in 2022 trends. I decide on “Ocean Abyss” from Behr.

Dark green colors are my favorites. It looks sophisticated and bold. In 2022 we can see this trend color on kitchens, and I have no doubts it will look perfect on kitchen cabinets.

What is your favorite color so far? and where would you use that color? Let us know your answer below.

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