23 Industrial Light Fixtures. Look up to the Light!

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23 Industrial Light Fixtures. Look up to the Light!

Are you ready to change your room’s feeling by adding an industrial light fixture? Industrial lightings are so easy to mix with any home decor style.

So, after this article and seeing these 23 industrial light fixtures, you don’t need to doubt whether these light fixtures match your existing home decor style.

If you want to make a decorating statement in your home space, nothing else needs to stand out when the light fixtures are industrial style.

industrial light
industrial lights

Industrial light fixtures are in style, and while they are quite common to see in old factories and warehouses, there is also a retro feel to them that gives your home a better look. Despite how popular they used to be, your choices are not always obvious when you go out shopping for such a light fixture.

Many people associate industrial and rustic with vintage, retro, and shabby decorating. However, there is a modern side to the industrial decor as well, so what is industrial lighting, and how can you integrate it into your home?

What is an Industrial Light?

The industrial style actually originated out of necessity. Other interior styles, cables, structures, and skeletons tend to conceal when manufacturing furniture and light fixtures. However, every home decor element tends to display the base materials in industrial interiors.

Industrial light fixtures frequently feature open steel cages, ensuring the bulb is fully exposed.

Track lighting is a common choice for ambient lighting in industrial homes. Many industrial style light fixtures are available today, and I believe they have become more popular than the industrial style itself.

What do you believe is the most crucial aspect of industrial lighting fixtures?

It is the bulb. Not just any bulb, specifically Edison light bulbs.

I am personally in love with the Edison light bulbs and use them in my home. So, my boyfriend and I found an electrical rope online and matched it with Edison light bulbs to create industrial bedside pendant lights.

Check this out, and if you like it, let me know in the comments below. I can show you how we did it if you are interested.

Diyourdesign bedroom decor
Diyourdesign bedroom decor (House of Elif Naz Kaya)

Here are some attractive Edison bulbs you can find on Etsy:

industrial style Edison bulb
industrial light bulb
industrial light bulbs

These industrial light fixtures are created to illuminate a room with oversized bulbs, giving off a lot of light to create a visually dramatic space. Here are our top picks of industrial light fixtures:

industrial light
industrial lighting
industrial light fixture
industrial pendant light fixture
track lighting
industrial light fixtures
industrial style floor lamps
industrial style floor lamp
industrial light led
industrial style light
industrial style table light
flush mount industrial light
wall scone
pendant light
industrial light ceiling fan
flush mount industrial lights
industrial floor lamp
industrial pendant
table lamp
industrial style wall scones
industrial chandelier
outdoor industrial light

Industrial design has become so popular that now there is a huge demand for light fixtures. You can always fix them on your ceiling or wall with little or no use of wires.

Now you know what industrial style flush mount lighting, floor lamps, ceiling fans, chandeliers, wall sconces, pendants, and outdoor lights look like. You can start shopping or for more inspiration, check out Industrial Decor board.

They will help you decorate your home and give you an industrial look you seek. So, what are you waiting for? 

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