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My name is Naz¨. I’m an architect and a newbie blogger. I love being creative because when I am a part of the formation process, It becomes something from me. Design is my passion. It’s essential preparing you and your environment from your subjective, creating your lifestyle.

 My profession taught me how to represent my needs with choices, and it provided freedom to my style. I watched the process be formed. It gave me confidence, self-awareness, and a happy environment in my daily life. You can check on my projects here.

‘Art of Living Stylish’ aims to create your design decisions with confidence and prepare you to make profound changes in your home environment.

If you are a huge design fan and want to learn something new about inside tricks, this is where you NEED to be. Be aware, learn, and diyourdesign.

“Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love” -Nate Berkus.

The idea of writing a blog came with those. It helped me to bring style in my life, why doesn’t it help others to create their way of life?

Knowledge can provide self-reliance and help to originate new senses of who you want to be. I am thinking of writing to make changes in your life to get you in a good mood. Decorate yourself, decorate your home.

You will be AMAZED at how this affects you. I am not a magazine writer, so I’m not gonna say to you do this etc..Preparing you for inspiration. For better living, better design because it’s matters.

Hope you’ll enjoy (let me know if you are 🙂 PS’ Be unique, not ordinary!

Start with creating a Color Scheme like a professional designer. 

 FREE Color Scheme Guide

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