How to Determine the Best Area Rug Size that will Suit Your Space

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How to Determine the Best Area Rug Size that will Suit Your Space

Carpets will be buried in history while the area rug conquered the place in our homes. This sounds like an expression from a historical movie…

However, it is where we are going, and the design trends are deleting the carpets from its dictionary.

Area rugs are so versatile. You can easily change the feeling of your room by changing your area rug, and you can carry them effortlessly wherever you move, unlike carpets.

The only thing you can concern about area rugs is to find the right size for your space, and after this article, I don’t think that will even be a concern anymore.

area rug sizes for living room
area rug sizes for bedroom

Let’s start by talking about standard area rug sizes. Standart area rug sizes are between 5’-12,’ but the most common sizes people prefer are 8’x10′ and 9’x12′.

The rugs larger than 12′ can be considered oversized rugs. Large area rugs are way more challenging to find than other sizes, but if you ask me where to buy area rugs with various sizes, you should check online rug retailers that prioritize rugs.

The retailers who sell only rugs are where you can find the largest rugs with a lot more variety.

Designer’s Tip:  If you hesitate about what size of a rug will fit your room, go with the bigger options. It is always better for rug size to stand bigger than smaller. It will look like a mistake if the rug too small for a room, but nobody can feel that when it is bigger.

Best Sizes for Area Rugs (Room by Room)

What are the Best Sizes for Area Rugs?

This depends on where you want to place the rug, and the size of your room. Unfortunately, there is no one right size for everyone to use.

Let me give you some common sizes and how you should measure to find the fitting size room by room. 

Area Rugs for Living Room 

If you are looking for a rug to fit in beautifully in your living room or your family room, you should check on the plans below. I prepared these for you to take your measurements confidently.

Area Rug Placement for Living Room

The number one rule to finding the best sizes of living space rugs is when all the legs of your main seatings are entirely on the rug.

So, image one is too small and does not cover the living area as an area rug should.

Let me help you with the size range of area rugs for the living room. You should make 2 separate measurements (images 2 and 3).

First, you should measure the distance between the legs of furniture pieces. Then measure the space between the back of your seatings (leave at least 4-6 inches (10-15 cm) distance of the back).

Note all the measurements you did, and the numbers simply demonstrate the area rug size range you should look for. Isn’t it easy?

You can apply this whatever your living room layout is.

area rug sizes for family room
area rug sizes for living room

Area Rug Sizes for Bedroom

Finding the best size area rug for a bedroom is way easier.

Area Rug Placement for Bedroom under Queen Bed

You should go with at least 8.3 feet (250 cm) width for a rug under the queen bed. Rug sizes to place under the queen bed should be a minimum of 8.3, and for the height, you can work on the three options on the images above.

The best rug sizes for under queen beds can vary from 8’x5′, a medium-size area rug, to 9’x 12′.

Area Rug Placement for Bedroom under King Bed

For the king bed, the width is getting larger, and the minimum should be 9.6 feet (292 cm) to look good.

The best area rug sizes to place under the king bed are from 9’x7′ to 12’x15′.

Whether the rug is square or rectangular, you can easily find the perfect rug under your king or queen bed if you know your minimum dimensions.

Area Rug Sizes under Queen Bed
Area Rugs under King Bed

What Size Area Rug is Best for Dining Room

Finding a perfect rug for the dining room is way easier than the others. You just need to extend at least 2 feet from each side. Let’s check on;

Area Rug Placement for Dining Room

Another way is to sit on your dining table and measure the distance between the table and your chair’s back legs.

The rug should be still cover your dining chairs when you are sitting, and this is the best way to place a rug in a dining room.

Area Rug for Dining Room
Area Rug Size for Dining Room

Area Rugs by Style

Boho Inspired Area Rugs

boho inspired area rugs
boho inspired area rugs
boho inspired geometric moroccan area rugs

(Left Image) Abstract Moroccan Oriental 8×10 / (Middle Image) All Over Moroccan Area Rug 8×10 / (Right Image) Geometric Modern Area Rug 8×10

There is no such thing as you can’t use 2 or 3 rugs in a room with bohemian style.

This style is loud, and layering rugs with different materials, colors are so popular. So you can find a neutral color modern boho style rugs and layer it with loud Moroccan rugs.

For boho style, the favorite area rugs are geometric print rugs, antique Persian rugs, Moroccan rugs, and wicker rugs. 

Area Rugs for Mid Century Modern Interiors

mid century modern area rugs
area rugs for mid century modern
mid century modern

(Left Image) Natural Dye Abstract Nepalese 6×9 / (Middle Image) Vintage Style Distressed Area Rug 6×9 / (Right Image) Moroccan Trellis Area Rug 8×10

Mid Century Modern area rugs should include bold geometrical, whimsical, and abstract patterns. These are Mid Century Modern interior’s favorite patterns.

You can incorporate with colors, but more than 3 colors will be chaotic.

Mustard yellow, avocado green, and pumpkin orange are bold colors that can harmonize with Mid Century Modern style.

You can pick one of these bold colors, pair it with neutral colors like cream, beige, brown, or white.

Rustic Area Rugs

rustic area rugs
rustic area rugs
rustic area rugs

(Left Image) Light Green Persian Area Rug 10×13 / (Middle Image) Geometric Persian Area Rug 7×10 / (Right Image) Natural Dye Wool Kilim 5×7

To create a rustic vibe in interiors like farmhouse style, traditional or French style, you can work with vintage rugs, Persian rugs, or kilims.

These rugs can be expensive, so you can find and prefer machine-made rugs to reduce your expenses. Braided rugs are also popular in rustic style interiors.

Minimalist Area Rugs

(Left Image) Muted Turkish Oriental Rug 9×12 / (Middle Image) White and Green Area Rug 8×10 / (Right Image) Moroccan Oriental Area Rug 9×13

You need to work with natural material and a minimum amount of patterns and colors. These are the significant features of minimalist area rugs.

Try to work with neutral colors like beige, black, white, or brown.

Area rugs the way we designers define a zone in a room and make most of the planning with it. If you don’t know how to place, measure, and select an area rug for your space, now you can easily accomplish all of them.

Do you think that the size of your area rug fit perfectly in your room? 

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