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4 Artificial Plant Decor Ideas to Immediate Fulfill in your Home

It is time to add some artificial plant decor in your home with these ideas. How do I know it is the right time?

Do you know what can actually increase your daily motivation?

You are what you eat, what you wear, and where you live.

No one wants to live in a place that gives an unfinished feeling. You can not expect that life in a nonharmonic place and be happy. Believe me!

Here is what I aim every day; force you to make some changes in your home environment.

This time I found a way to make these changes quicker than you think with some artificial plants.

You may ask: Why artificial plants rather than real plants?

Real plants are perfect if you want to decorate indoor house plants; it’s okay, but I want you to know that it needs lots of work. It requires absolute responsibility.

However, artificial plants are not. You may not spend much time at home, so you don’t have time to take care of real plants. At the same time, it is harsh to see them grow pale.

Plants are a part of home accessories, and all its purpose is to create better interiors for us.

Faux plants are a great decorative opportunity to add some instant atmosphere change to our homes.

You can look at Indoor House Plants Decor Pinterest Board and get daily inspiration.

Let’s talk about what should you look out for to select beautiful artificial plants:

Number 1 Thing to Note


When you are picking your artificial plant, be sure that it has different textures on it. Various materials or textures make it look more realistic.

If you look carefully, every faux plant appears. Selecting the ones which have different textures such as feathery leaves or rough gemma is better than others.

Artificial Plant which has Rough Gemma
Artificial Plant which has Rough Gemma

Number 2


You better choose artificial plants made of silk for both to look perfect in your room decoration and is also durable than others.

You can easily clean the dust and even wash the artificial silk plants. However, plastic ones will wear off after you clean them for a while.

Silk ones probably have higher costs, but don’t forget that because it provides more prolonged use. It will be a long term game you need to take the chance.

Artificial Plant made of Silk
Artificial Plant made of Silk

#1   You can Place Artificial Plants Where Real Ones Cannot Live!

We all know that real plants have some needs. They need light, water, and attention if they don’t like the place, possibly that they become stunted.

However, there is no such thing in artificial plants. You can place it wherever you want.

So why don’t you think to place them in your bathroom?

bathroom decor with artificial plants

Take a look at this picture and tell me; Is it possible to place all these real plants in places like get such low light?

It is not possible. Most of it should be artificial plant decor.

I love this bathroom like you are in a bath around the jungle.

Another place to put artificial flowers in the bathroom could be somewhere around your sink, such as the front of a mirror.

I talked as if everyone has a mirror on top of their bathroom sink, but I think it should definitely be.

bathroom decor with artificial flower

#2  You can DIY Artificial Plant 


Not precisely artificial, but it becomes long-lasting, just like artificial plants.

What I mean is you can dry plants and use them as home decor.

Here is a couple of ideas; I went to my friend’s house saw this beautiful corner decor. (below)

home decor dry plant

This decor is a dried version of the Holly plant that everyone knows as a Christmas plant.

I think it is a brilliant idea. You probably bought this plant before, but this time I recommend you not dump it on trash.

Please put it in a place that it can dry naturally and look good. It takes time, but either way, it will look fantastic while drying.

Another plant that you can use is Pampas Grass. You can find both fresh or dried options to use it. If you don’t want to wait then, you can find dried Pampas Grass everywhere and use it as home decor immediately.

pampas grass decor ideas

#3  Use your Imagination and Create Unusual Vases


There are a bit more advantages to decorate artificial plants. Artificial plants don’t need soil or watering.

As we all know, selecting the proper pot is essential for plant growth. The artificial plants are already grown all the way, so we don’t need to consider the size.

You can have various options than ever. Use your imagination and transform your existing items into a plant pot.

I transformed some old candleholders into a planter pot rather than throw it away. (above)

Candles were fragrant. It also creates a beautiful smell when you are around.

#4 Mix with Real Greenery


If you have an option, it will be marvelous to mix artificial plants with real greenery.

It will help them to hide around real ones. No matter how sloppy it is.

By doing that, you can reduce your budget and still make some changes to your interiors.

One extra, if you are willing to mix some greenery with artificial ones, try this; you can decorate around your artificial plant with light. 

That is it; now, you can start to decorate your home with artificial plants.

If you have any questions or perhaps want to share changes in your home with me, you can contact me at any time.

Feel free to comment below; I get back as soon as I see. Happy decorating 🙂

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