Bohemian Bedroom Decor Renovation

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Do you Want to Start Your Bohemian Bedroom Decor Renovation?

It is a perfect time to start your Bohemian style bedroom decor project that you have been dreaming for a long time.

Let’s do it together.

Giving some design decisions by yourself can be tiring. I, personally, love to share my ideas, and sometimes I need approval.

These tiring decisions can discourage us from our dreams, but you don’t need to do it yourself.

Right at this moment, I am stepping in as a designer,  to provide your convenience.

Let’s share duties and start your Boho Chic bedroom decor now!

I am going to show you;

  • What’s your bedroom decor needs to become a Bohemian style
  • Color choices for Bohemian bedroom decor
  • Elements that help to change your bedroom to feel instant Bohemian vibe
It is a perfect time to start your Bohemian style bedroom decor project that you have been dreaming for a long time.

All you need to do is deciding what you want to change (throw away) and your shopping list.

Let’s get started!

Before you start, whatever your interior renovation project is, you have two options.

  1. Are you keeping your furniture pieces?
  2. Or, you want to change it with new ones?

For both, I will make suggestions.

First things first;

Know Your Measurements


The most often mistake people generally did when decorating their rooms is not taking any measurements.

All you want to do is take three necessary measurements of your room: the length, the width, and the height.

If you don’t want to change your furniture pieces, then you have to measure them either.

Knowing these is enough to make a comparison with the scales of other elements you are going to buy.

Measure them all and take notes; you will be needed when we are talking about Bohemian bedroom decor layouts.

# 5 Elements to Inspire Your Bedroom in Bohemian Decor


This is the part you need to start building up your shopping list.

Here what we are going to do;

I am going to introduce these 5 essential elements which create instant Bohemian bedroom ambiance in your room; then, you will decide what you need to add your shopping list.

1/ Rug 


Rugs will always the largest design element in your room if you were selecting the right size. (in layout section we will talk about the sizes)

So, the impact will be as much as its size.

Choosing a bohemian style rug will be an excellent start to your bedroom decor renovation.

If you already have a rug which has;

      • Made of Sisal
      • Antique Persian Patterns
      • Made of Wicker
      • Geometric Prints
      • Morrocan Style
      • Sheepskin (faux)

Then you may not need to buy a new rug.

If you don’t have, these are the options to add instant Bohemian vibe into your bedroom.

Antique Persian Rug Pattern
Antique Persian Rug Pattern

-Tip to Decorate Rug in Bohemian Style


Layering is a key in Bohemian style interior decoration.

So, you can always cover your old carpet to a new one, or even buy two new ones and layer them.

The basics of layering are to choose the most straightforward option and add a sophisticated one. For example, you can find a unique Morrocan rug and combine it with a neutral sisal rug.

Decide what you want, I trust your taste of style 🙂

different texture rug and pillow decor

2/ Seating


Adding at least one piece of furniture that reflects the Bohemian style is essential. A single seating item is perfect for this duty.

We aim to achieve an eclectic vibe in your bedroom by adding a piece of mismatched seating.

Look at your bedroom and decide, what will be the craziest matchup;

      • Hammock Chair
      • Ethnic Wood Chair
      • Morrocan Pouf
      • Floor Cushion
      • Leather Bean Bag Chair
Morrocan Poufs and Floor Cushion
Morrocan Poufs and Floor Cushion

3/ Wall Art 

Bohemian style wall art pieces are so iconic. Did you see a beautiful hand made macrame knot?

Macrame Knot Wall Art
Macrame Knot Wall Art

If you are here and want to change your bedroom decor with Bohemian style, you probably have seen it.

If you didn’t see then, follow up Boho Chic Decor Style to see all kinds of Bohemian inspiration.

  • Colorful Gallery Walls (Mix&Match)
  • Ceramic dear head
  • Wicker dish
  • Tapestry

Blank walls are not in a mood for Bohemian. You better add some of these to your bedroom decor.

If you want to create gallery walls, this How to Hang Wall Art can help you.


4/ Bed Decor


The bed is one of the few furniture pieces that we can decorate in the bedroom. And it is the easiest one.

Bohemian bedroom decor renovation is a perfect time to ditch your old headboard and hang a big tapestry instead.

It will be cool for those who don’t want to change their bed and don’t want to over their budget.



Buying some new bedspread always makes me happy. I think this is a must if you want to refresh your bedroom decor.

We talked about layering in rugs; you can confidently use it in your bedspreads as well.

Do not throw away your old bedcovers; instead, add some new ones.

Bedspreads are a great way to add colors, textures, and patterns in your bedroom decor. (boho chic decor love these three)

bohemian bed decor



If you want to feel a real Bohemian ambiance, you better add lots of pillows into your shopping list.

Your bed decor should include 70% of your colors in your room.

bohemian style pillow decor

Use patterns, colors, and textures into your pillows. It will create a cohesive room atmosphere with your bedcovers.

Don’t worry; I am going to show you how you can pick colors and use patterns in your bedroom.

-For those who Want to Buy a New Bed


A simple, bright-colored wood-toned bed base, rattan headboard, bamboo, or canopy beds are made for Bohemian bedrooms.

Canopy Bed
Canopy Bed

5/ Plants


Do you imagine a Bohemian interior without any plants?

I hope everyone gives the same answer 🙂

Plants are going to add quality into your bedroom air. If you don’t have space for plants, hanging is an option.

hanging plants

Adding some artificial plants along the real plants is also an option to create your bedroom indoor garden—most of us are not a pro at taking care of plants.


# Time to Create Your Bohemian Bedroom Color Palette


Bohemian style loves colors. All hues and shades are allowed in this style.

I created some colorful color palettes for your new Bohemian bedroom decor. You can confidently use these schemes if you want, or you can create one.

I already told you that; I am going to give suggestions to those who want to refresh their furniture or keep them.

Color choices are the part that has the most differences.

Here are the color palettes I designed for your Bohemian bedroom decor renovation;

Bright Boho Chic Color Palette- Bohemian Bedroom Decor Ideas
Neutral Boho Chic Color Palette-Bohemian Bedroom Decor Ideas
Nude Boho Chic Color Palette-Bohemian Bedroom Decor Ideas

If you want to Change your Furnishings with New Ones


First thing you have to decide is;

  • Do you want bold, bright colors in your bedroom?
  • Or, prefer subdued, nude hues.

Secondly, use both color palettes I created; neutrals and add what is your color tone choice is.

For your new furniture pieces using a neutral color palette and wood tones together will be perfect.

Add colorful choices into your accents like home accessories. Your pillows, rug, bedspread can involve all of these colors.

Don’t forget to add some patterns into your design. Patterns are a crucial part of the Bohemian interior design style.

You need to search for patterns that in your color palette. If you do that, it is impossible to make it look like out of taste.

For those Who want to Keep their Old Furnishings


I have a two-way solution for you;

 1. If your bedroom already has too much color going on;

You need to add essential bohemian decor elements (that I mentioned) with your existing colors, such as your bedspread and pillows.

Another option is to use a neutral color palette that I gave you to avoid busy interiors.

The key is to add some patterns to your bedrooms. Don’t forget to use patterns; there are some tips to use a pattern like a pro.

 2. If your bedroom has a Neutral and Bright Colors;

It is time to add some color. Select one of the Bohemian color palettes I designed for you and use it.

I am not going to tired of saying, the key is using patterns.

Get your bohemian bedroom checklist below, color palettes, and layouts, when you go shopping, it will be useful.

# Trendy Layouts for Bohemian Bedrooms


Changing your room layout is the number one step to feel the change throughout your room. It’s easy and efficient.

Honestly, the mediocre bores me a lot quicker than an average person. But, changing my furniture pieces or buying some new stuff every time is not a possibility.

So, I am changing my room layout almost every year, which makes me feel like I am in a new room.

I suggest you either because freshness will always raise motivation.

This is the last part of your Bohemian bedroom decor renovation. We are going to change your layout, and with some new elements, believe me, your bedroom will look like a Bohemian Magazine cover. 

Large Bedroom Layout (at least 140 sqft/13sqm)

Bohemian Bedrom Decor Layout

For your sizeable Bohemian bedroom, this is the layout I designed with the color palette, which I gave you in nude shades.

Let’s look at closer;

  • There are two Moroccan Pouf in your bed ends. I love poufs because it’s so practical and easy to move. There is nothing more Bohemian than a cozy pouf or floor cushions. You can move it when you are doing your make up and replace it quickly. It will help you to make space when you needed it.
  • The large sisal rug is going to help you add texture in your room, and it will look perfect, whether you change your furniture or not.
  • Rud dimensions should be; extend at least 2′ (61cm) from the edges (bottom 2/3 of bed), not be closer than 18″ (46cm) from the side any of the walls.
  • Adding plants is a must. If you don’t want to add too much plant into your room, then placing a mirror behind your plant will reflect the greenery and make it look like a garden.
  • Use colorful pillows; you can add patterns into your pillows. You should add patterns to your Boho designs.


Small Bedroom Layout (90 sqft/8.3 sqm)


Small bedrooms need to be designed more carefully because you need to utilize every little space.

Small Bohemian Bedrom Decor Layout

Here is (above) a layout I designed for your small bohemian bedroom by using the bright color palette I gave you.

Let’s look at closer;

  • Leaning your bed to a wall is a great way to open space in a small bedroom, and it is trendy in Bohemian style. Leaning your bed to a wall and add some pillows or hang a tapestry on your wall.
  • Use pouf or floor cushions. They are so functional in any room, particularly small ones.
  • Rug measurements should be; you can go as close as 8″ (21 cm) to a wall for small bedrooms, you can either extend your rug or end it in the level of your mattress.
  • Use a lot of texture in your bedroom decor; I use linen on bed pillows and velvet in bedcovers.
  • Don’t forget to add some patterns.
  • Add plants and in the small bedroom, use large mirrors behind the plant decor is a great way to reflect the greenery. If you don’t have enough space, hanging plants are an option.

You can take your checklist and everything I designed for your bohemian bedroom decor below. (layouts and color schemes are included)

This is it, hope you will enjoy. Now it is your turn to make some changes. 

You can use everything I gave or make some changes; it is your decision.

Let me know if you need help with anything else; you can comment below or contact me anytime. I want to hear from you; maybe I missed something, let me know.

Happy decorating 🙂

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