7 Delicate Chandelier Ideas for an Exclusive Girl’s Room Design

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7 Delicate Chandelier Ideas for an Exclusive Girl’s Room Design

Finding the perfect chandelier can elevate any girl’s room to the next level. Light fixtures, especially chandeliers, are essential items to change the overall feeling in rooms for us designers.

Do you know why?

Cause when you walk into a room, the first thing you will notice is the magnificent chandelier floating down the ceiling. We call this a focal point. It is usually the light fixture, fireplace, or art statement in the room.

So, how should you decide on the best chandelier for a girl’s room?

We females have an innate sense of aesthetics, ranging from glamorous and appealing to designs that attract little girls. So obviously, ordinary or basic things are not attractive enough for us.

I revealed the common concepts that I usually go for when selecting chandeliers for a girl’s room. Not only this, I’ve chosen a few of the best chandelier lightings that will perfectly suit in girl’s bedroom.

Here are 7 ideas below that will inspire and guide you to find the best chandelier for a girl’s room design that you were looking for some change.

Aesthetic of Curved Lines

little girl room chandelier
chandelier for girls' room
french country chandelier for girls' room

When you add a piece that has curved lines, it has the power to soften the feeling in any space. It will beautifully blend in any room and add feminity. If this is what you need, you can definitely work with french country chandeliers in your girl’s room.

Also, these chandeliers will look romantic and luxurious. Isn’t that what we are all looking for. 

Using neutral colors and curve lines when selecting a chandelier for a girl’s room will undoubtedly look best. You can check on rustic chandeliers as well if you love to work with neutral colors.

Black Chandelier for Girl’s Room

black chandelier for girls room
black chandelier ideas for little girl bedroom
black chandelier

You can think that black is not the right color for a girl’s room, but black is modern and sophisticated color. As a result, black is the most common color that most people prefer to use as an accent or neutral color.

The colors are genderless. However, we gave gender to colors like pink is the color for little girls and blue is for baby boys. When we grow up, these choices change.

Especially in a teenage girl’s room, black chandeliers are so popular.

Black chandeliers are perfect for adding character and creating an art statement to any girl’s room.

Glamorous Girls Room

modern chandelier
modern chandelier for girls room
modern star chandelier

Most of us are attracted by shiny details. Modern chandeliers are perfect for this look.

So no matter how much I love neutral colors, it gets my attention when I see crystals or golds in decorative accessories or a piece of jewelry.

When the issue is designing a room for girls, the first thing that comes to my mind is to add details of gold or brass metal fixtures.

These warm metal finishes add an intimate and cozy feeling to a room. It also looks best when combined with the pink color.

So, If you and your daughter have the taste of queens, you should find a gold chandelier for your girl’s room. 

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Crystal Chandeliers

Crystal Chandelier
modern Crystal Chandelier
Crystal Chandelier for girls room

We mention working with gold chandeliers for glamorous girl’s room design, but how about crystal chandeliers?

Crystal chandeliers also serve the same purpose. They are perfect for adding a glittering and outstanding look to a room. However, you don’t need to work with gold metal finishes.

There are plenty of options in crystal chandeliers. You can work with black, chrome, or any other crystal chandelier in your girl’s room. They nonetheless have the same feeling.

The best way to decide on the metal finish you will use in your light fixtures is to work the same finish with the other metals in the room. This is the safest way to do it, but there are many different ways to mix metal finishes in any room.

Charming but Mini (Small) Chandeliers

mini crystal chandelier for girls room
mini blue chandelier for girls room
small bohemian chandelier for girls room

Chandeliers generally look best in a big-scale room. This is a well-known fact. However, it shouldn’t change your mind even if the girl’s room space is too small.

There are plenty of small chandeliers that will look dramatic and stunning in a room. In addition, you can find mini chandeliers that will suit the size of your little or teenage girl’s room. 

White Chandeliers for Girls’ Room

white french country chandelier
white rustic chandelier for girls room
white chandelier girl bedroom

White is the safest color in any decor situation. However, it doesn’t mean that the white color is unexcited or dull. For example, there are plenty of white chandeliers that you can’t get your eyes on.

If you have multiple colors in the girls’ room decor or are confused about it, you should consider adding a white chandelier.

Inspired by the Nature

flower chandelier
chandelier inspired from nature
antler chandelier

One of the concepts that dominate girl-room designs is inspired by nature. It can be animal wall arts or botanical wallpapers. These little details are perfect for creating theatrical and entertaining spaces.

Especially in little girls’ rooms, the design shouldn’t be ordinary or dull. The more inspiration they have around them at that age, the better.

It would be best if you worked with chandelier designs inspired by nature to create effortlessly romantic and amusing designs.


1. Where should I hang the chandelier in my girl’s room?

Whether it is a girl’s room or a dining room, the best way to place a chandelier in a room is to find the center underneath it. For example, if it is a rectangular dining table, you should center the dining table and hang it over.

In the bedroom, I generally use two different strategies:

  • Create a rectangular or square shape visually in the ceiling and hang it in the center of that space.
  • If there is a rug in the room, find the midpoint of the visible spaces of that rug. Then place the chandelier on top of that center. 

2. How to find the best size chandelier for a little girl’s room?

If it is a nursery room or a toddler bedroom, the popular chandelier sizes are 15 to 20 inches. But if you think that your girl’s room is bigger than 11×12 feet, you should consider buying a chandelier bigger than 20 inches. 

3. Is it better to go for an inexpensive chandelier for a girl’s room?

You may think it is better to buy an inexpensive chandelier. Because it is for my little girl’s room and the style of that room will change when they grow up. You can be right if you go for colorful choices like pink chandeliers.

However, it is always wiser to go for a chandelier with neutral tones and prefer more feminine options like the concepts mentioned above rather than childish figures.

Try to find the best chandelier options that will suit your home style. You may change all the furniture pieces, but the right chandelier will always look best even if your girl becomes a woman and fly out of the nest and you decide to use that room as a guest room.

So, it doesn’t need to be inexpensive; it should meet your needs.

little girl room
teenage girl room

All right, home decor enthusiastic! I shared the concepts and chandelier ideas that I usually work on in girl’s room designs. I am confident that one of these concepts will work for you.

Trust your gut feeling to find the best for your taste and home decor. Happy decorating!

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