Decorate Your Home with Coastal Chic

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Understand the Background of Coastal Chic and Decorate Your Home

Coastal Chic is an interior style that will remind you of the days at the beach basking in the warm sun without a care in the world.

Designing your home with Coastal Chic style will take you there, at least mentally. This style is about creating a calm relaxing home environment to counteract all the craziness that defines our lives.

Coastal Chic is a style that generally preferred to use in areas near the sea.

However, if you live in an urban area, you can still use this style with minor changes.

I will show you how you can decorate your home in Coastal Chic style no matter where you live, without any doubt.

Before we dig in, here is a Coastal Chic Interior Decor Pinterest Board for you to get inspired when choosing your pieces.

# Furniture Style in Coastal Chic Decor


Coastal Chic style furniture pieces generally have curved edges, but in overall look, they are simple.

Coastal Chic interiors love slipcovers and skirts used on both sofas and chairs.

coastal chic style furniture

You can use slipcovers on your dining room chairs, but please use it in one place; otherwise, you may end up a home-like life in a ghost town 🙂

Here is an idea to decorate your home in Coastal Chic style the least expensive way;

  1. Purchase some inexpensive wood dining chairs.
  2. Cover them with basic white slipcovers.

By doing that, you are right on the target to decorate an elegant and casual home atmosphere.

The story behind this much furniture slipcovers are coming from the seaside. In a beach house, coming from the beach and falling into a chair without hesitation is all we want.

Slipcovers allow you to remove them quickly and clean them.

Other furniture pieces that you can use in Coastal Chic style are ottomans and comfortable overstuffed sofas or chairs.

Rattan chairs for your dining room or as a side chair also help you to feel Coastal Chic in your interiors.

For a chic look, you can combine rattan chairs and slipcover chairs in your dining room. Mix and match always work.

costal chic style furniture-rattan chair

Coastal Chic Interiors Material Choices


The predominant material used in this style is wood. So, think wood coffee tables, wood dining table, wood headboards, well, you get the idea. 

Using glass in your side tables or coffee table is also a good idea.Glass helps to keep that light and bright coastal feel in your home.

The common materials used in this style include rattan, wicker, raw natural linens, and cotton.

Outdoor fabrics such as Sunbrella is also trendy material in Coastal Chic interior style.

Color Palette Selection in Coastal Chic

As you can guess, this style has a distinct color palette.

It is no surprise that this style uses a lot of neutrals, including white, beige, khaki, gray, and brown.

And it would not be Coastal Chic if it did not utilize various shades of blue from cobalt to navy to turquoise.

coastal chic home color palette

Using complementary hues such as deep orange will bring energy to your room and look fantastic.

Lighter shades of green are also can be used as an accent in Coastal Chic color palettes.

Bold colors can be used as a wall color in Coastal Chic, but I would not recommend using it everywhere. Using light neutrals instead of bright blue shades is always a better idea.

If you are persistent in using bold blue colors, then you can use it in your doors, coloring your doors in your accent colors became a huge interior design trend.

coastal chic decor idea

# Time to Select Coastal Chic Home Accessories


In Coastal Chic style, home accessories are apparent. There are some painless, right choices.

I am going to introduce you to these options, and you will know even if you are blindfolded.

Let’s start with some pattern options. Using patterns can be hard, but in styles that like monochromatic color schemes, you need to add some excitement.

You can confidently use patterns such as stripes, nautical prints, and chevron. Try to use them minimally. If you refrain from using patterns, I want you to know that it has tactics.

coastal chic home patterns

Choose Your Curtains


Bamboo blinds are a fabulous choice. You can especially use it in your kitchen.

In your living room or bedroom, light linen or gauzy fabric curtains are better choices. They filter in a lot of light and look fantastic with a light breeze blowing.

Coastal Chic interior style has banned heavy curtains from using in our homes.

Decorate with some Artwork


You are decorating your own Coastal Chic home, what sort of artwork do you want to use?

Well, using anything being in an ocean theme, pictures of sea life, including black and white beach pictures, are obvious choices.

coastal chic home accessory

You can create grid-shape gallery walls by using these sea-inspired wall arts. This would look good in your dining area.

In your bedroom or for the top of the sofa in your living room, using the oversized framed nautical map or wall art makes it a great focal point in a room.

For a contemporary look, use abstract paintings that have represented Coastal Chic design colors.

coastal chic wallart

Decorative Items to Add in Your Home


Mirrors are a great way the reflect the light throughout the room. Using wood framed mirrors fit perfectly in your Coastal Chic style rooms.

Rattan baskets and flower pots are great ways to use Coastal Chic style material choices into your home. In my opinion, using plants is a must for every home.

Do incorporate some other ocean-inspired home accessories, but please don’t overdo it—just a few pieces in each room.

coastal chic interior style accessories

What would these items be?

For your living room, these can be nautical or sea creature inspired pillows, coral sculptures (prefer imitation), seashells, and collections of colored glass bottles.

For your bedroom, you can use ship models, and anything that can be relaxing for you is okay to decorate.

coastal chic bedroom accessories

Please be careful not to overdo it on the sea life inspired decor; this is the key to designing relaxing Coastal Chic environments.

# Here are the Places that you can Find Coastal Chic Pieces Easily


To stock up your Coastal Chic furniture check on; Pier 1, Birch Lane, Pottery Barn, and Stanley Furniture.

Depending on where you go, you can find many options with great price points in Coastal Chic interior style.

If these are not enough for you to start decorating your home with Coastal Chic style, what else can be?

Feel free to add comments or suggestions below I am more than happy to help 🙂

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October 22, 2020 09:24

Dear Elif, I always read your articles with a lot of curiosity and interest. Your suggestions are extremely useful and easy to realize. I am living in Italy and I own a beach house in Spain and I love Coastal design. Do you know some very nice Italian or Spanish online shops where I can buy coastal furniture and decor? Thank you so much for your help.