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7 Easy, Sweet, and Applicable Ideas for Coffee Table Decor

I will give you these 7 techniques to easily achieve a coffee table decor that everyone will talk about.

We are all aware that the coffee table is the center of our living spaces. Your coffee table decor should be sweet and outstanding.

Besides, your home represents yourself, and accessorizing is the most efficient way to change any space from mediocre to stunning. I am sure that nobody is mediocre, nor your home.

These coffee table decoration ideas are applicable no matter your coffee table shape, color, or material. Just be ready to freshen up your space.

In the end, you should be decided on ideas in this article by depending on;

  • Your interior design style
  • The items you choose to place on your table, whether in your home or you are going to buy
  • How much space you need in that table as a manner of functionality
  • Other elements in that room and how they are related (color, theme, style)

Coffee Tables by Style

rustic coffee table
minimalist coffee table
industrial coffee table
modern coffee table


boho coffee table

1. Balanced Corners Approach

I will explain this very simply, and you don’t need to overthink how to create your coffee table decor anymore after knowing this approach.

First, look at your coffee table and divided the space into four equal pieces. It really doesn’t matter if your table is square, rectangular, or circle shape.

Split (visually) from the center of your coffee table to create four symmetrical surfaces. 

Round Coffee table decor
Coffee table styling ideas

When you create your coffee table decor, these surfaces should be weighted equally, and the space is balanced.

What I mean by that is not literally finding the weight of your accessories. Just look at your coffee table styling and tell me, is it seems to your eyes like equal masses on every side?

Trust your visual ability, and if it is right for you, it looks good for everyone.

You can style these four surfaces differently and still carry the visual weight. I will explain how you can do this in detail.

The key is to balance the length with the width, or the opposite balance the width with the length.

Designer’s Tips:  To create different heights in your combinations, you can use books. Layer some books and place your objects on top of them. This accessorizing tactic can help you add interest in your compositions without even purchasing new items to create balance.

Start with one corner and decorate clockwise. Place the item or items you chose and think about how you can balance the next surface.

Coffee table decoration
Decor Details

The images above are a representation of what exactly I am explaining to you. One corner can pop more than others, especially if you decide to use an organic item such as a plant or a flower.

However, I would prefer to place these items a little bit on the right side to create a perfectly balanced (right picture above). You can always shift objects on one side if you need space and replace them afterward.

Additionally, to add more interest to this approach, you can place a flower or a plant in the center of your placements.

Balanced Corner Table Decor Approach

Decorative Accessories

photo album
Photo Album
pot collection
Pot Collection
decorative box
Decorative Box
candle holder
Candle Holder
metal sculpture
Metal Sculpture

2. Bringing Different Object Together

Grouping together a collection of dissimilar items can be hard sometimes. You probably wouldn’t know where to start and how to come up with a cohesive display.

Actually, it is really easy. Grouping objects in one space, such as a decorative tray or a beautiful serving, help you collect the different items in one place together.

The tray brings all the items together inside its borders, which makes our eyes see all in one.

This coffee table decor idea is perfect for uneven surfaces, such as using an ottoman as a coffee table.

Additionally, if your items don’t show well in your coffee table decoration when placed directly on the coffee table’s surface (glass item on the glass coffee table), using a tray is a great trick.

coffee table decor tray

Decorative Trays by Style

minimalist tray
rustic tray


modern tray
boho tray

3. Don’t Forget About Functionality

Sometimes in design, less is more. I love this idea, and this helps me remember that when I settle down with my coffee table decoration, I need to stop adding.

Functionality is way more important in coffee table decorations than the other tables (side table, console table, etc.).

I love to eat some snacks when I was watching a late-night movie and need a space for them 🙂

If you are just like me (I hope you are not eating that late), you need that space. So let’s create simplistic ideas for coffee table decor.

  • Place one major item on the sides or center
  • Create a group of 2 or 3 objects and place them

You can find more ideas on accessorizing interiors and grouping items to beautifully select objects on your coffee table.

Don’t think that you have to decorate your coffee table if it is the most used table in your living space. You can choose to decorate other furnishings such as console tables or side tables.

In fact, you can decorate underneath your table. Feel free to add baskets or magazines under your coffee table.

Ideas for Decor

4. Use Variations

Using variations is a must to create exited and stylish displays.

What kind of variations?

Well, any kind. You can group objects with different heights, textures, and shapes. Formal symmetry can be excellent, but it will be boring if you decide to use symmetry in every placement.

Try to combine a little bit of everything. For example, use something tall like a vase of flower, something short such as a small sculpture or candles, something soft (like plants), and something hard (ceramic) altogether.

So, you should choose these materials and different elements through your interior design style. Using your style-specific materials and elements will help you make different yet cohesive combinations.

Coffee table styling

5. Try Horizontality

Rectangular coffee tables, in particular, can be styled using this method. This method is simply using symmetry or repetition of objects that run lengthwise.

Also, you can group items and place them one through another, along with your coffee table.

Just be careful about commonality among the groups, such as shape and color. By doing that, we can secure that none of the objects will compete with each other to create beautiful repetitions.

To apply this approach, you need a coffee table that expands horizontally.

Long and Linear Decoration Approach
Coffee table styling tips

Items That Can Work Horizontally

horizontal coffee table
Ellipse Coffee Table
bone box
Bone Box
Book Boxes
Steel Boxes

6. Mimic the Shape of Your Coffe Table

Mimicking the shape is one of the best approaches to applying round coffee table decor.

You can absolutely use it for every form, but most people get hard to decorate a round coffee table.

Mimicking the shape of your coffee table decor will help you easily solve this problem. For instance, use a round shape tray and place your object onto your coffee table.

Mirroring the shape of the surface that you will decorate is a common and effective interior design technique. When you are looking for ideas to hang wall art, try to mimic your wall shape in your art piece.

Tray Ideas by Shape

round coffee table
Round Coffee Table
round tray
Round Tray
square tray
Square Tray
rectangular tray
Rectangular Tray

7. Centralized Coffee Table Decor

Centralizing is one of the easiest approaches. You can effortlessly apply it to every coffee table without thinking about your table shape.

You can use this approach independently or combine it with other ideas (that I gave in this article) by placing larger and/or more colorful items in the center.

Additionally, you can use the other approaches above to your daily coffee table look. When it comes to holiday seasons, you can easily use this approach by placing an object to become your center of attention.

Center decor ideas

Coffee Table Centerpieces

bali bowl
Bali Bowls
Abstract Bowl
candle holder bowl
Candle Holder
centerpiece bowl
Wood Bowl
flower holder
Flower Holder

So, now you know all the tips and tricks which I use to decorate any style and shape coffee table, which one will you choose to decorate your coffee table?

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