Learn to Create Color Schemes for Bedrooms

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You Need to Know These 3 Ways to Create Color Schemes for Your Bedroom Easily

All you need to do is create color schemes for your bedroom if you want to wake up in a happy and cohesive place.

Colors are magical tools for interiors to adapt a certain feeling, style, and personalize the space.

How do I know? Because I use this magical tool (colors) for years now when designing interiors or even choosing my daily outfit.

Colors are one of the golden rules that you need to take seriously designing interiors.

I want to encourage you to design your color scheme rather than giving you some color suggestions ( I will provide some ideas either way).

That is just no sense giving only color options if I don’t even know your bedroom colors, materials, or style.

If you want to learn and try something new using your creativity, you are in the right place. Starting your color journey by designing your bedroom color scheme is a beautiful start-up.

First, designing a whole house color scheme can help you decide other room color palettes if you are moving to a new house or starting your home renovation project.

Let me share these easy ways with you, which I follow to create color schemes for bedrooms.

Take Note!


Before we delve into, you should take these into consideration whichever way you choose to create your bedroom color scheme;

  • You need 3 to 5 colors in your bedroom color palettes.
  • These colors should include your existing colors in your bedroom, which you don’t want to change. You can choose to create a color scheme without changing your bedroom items.
  • When you decide these colors, you should determine your accent colors and primary colors through your options.

When applying, you need to use (more or less) primary colors 70%, the main accent 20%, accent %10 in your color schemes for the bedroom.

It will be wise to pick your primary color as the most used color in that bedroom if you dont want to renovate anything.

Check on these color schemes for homes to get inspired.

#1  Who’s Bedroom is this?

The first way is to define a person who is going to use this bedroom. You can easily create a color palette by defining the owner of the bedroom.

I mean, who is going to stay there?


If it is a Guest Bedroom


Guest bedrooms need to serve everybody’s taste. Think about hotel rooms; they are designed to make you feel comfortable, clean, and homey.

In hotels, bed sheets are nearly always preferred as white because you need to feel the clean environment. They use neutrals and cool colors to evoke a serenity feeling.

So, when you are choosing colors for your guest bedroom, try to awake the same feelings.

Cool colors are the most preferred colors in the world because they will never overwhelm you, and make you feel relax.

White needs to be in your color scheme ideas for the guest bedroom. You need to incorporate different neutral colors as well.

I suggest you pick 2-3 neutrals as your guest bedroom primary colors then incorporate two cool colors that should be repeated at least three times in your room as an accent.

Guest bedroom color ideas

Most of the time, homeowners prefer to transform a room into a guest bedroom if they have an extra room in their home. This extra room is generally the smallest in the house. If so, you should also know how to pick colors for a small bedroom.

If it is Your Bedroom


Best way to decide your bedroom color scheme is to find which color will suits you more.

To understand that, you can check on your closet and find the most preferred color you to wear. Looking at your wardrobe can easily make you realize your favorite colors and which color will better suit you.

The master bedroom is the biggest room in your house; that is why you may have some trouble to feel cozy.

If you have a lot of space in your master bedroom and not enough furnishing, you should incorporate with warm colors. Warm colors can help you tolerate emptiness by adding immediate intimacy to any space.

Color schemes for bedroom

I would also recommend you to work with the color emotions when deciding your master bedroom color schemes. (Check on 2nd part of this article)

If it is a Kids Bedroom


When deciding fo a kid’s bedroom color schemes, you should be picky.

Bright colors are not the right choice for any kind of bedroom, especially your kids. You can use bright colors as an accent in the bedroom, but you should avoid using them as primary colors and in your walls.

If you use bright colors, it can disturb your kids while sleeping. Did you know that a bright yellow hue can make a baby cry?

The color scheme for the kid’s bedroom should incorporate neutral colors or nude tones as a primary color. You should always work with colors but used as accent colors.

Kid's bedroom color ideas

#2  Choosing Color Scheme According to Mood

Another way to decide colors in your bedroom color scheme is to find the feeling you wanted to start your day every day.

This is the best way of choosing colors for your own bedroom. And If you are designing a color palette for your master bedroom, you need to be aware of the color psychology.

Knowing the psychological effects of colors on emotions will make you realize different color options you never thought of using.

I want you to close your eyes and think of the feeling when you wake up in the morning. How do you want to start your day?

If you are waking up tired every day, and if it is tough for you to get up and start your day until you drink coffee, work with colors that bring energy to your bedroom, such as yellow and orange.

The best way to use these colors is to use as an accent and create a monochromatic color scheme.

Color schemes for the bedroom

If you are a person who needs to relax and de-stressed before the day begins, work with shades of blue or green colors. You can use these colors as an accent wall paint or in your bedsheets. These colors are great to use as a primary color.

To make your bedroom a dramatic and luxurious space, you can use these color combinations; navy blue and gold, red-purple and bronze, black and silver.

Finally, if you are a romantic person, light tones of pink, such as blush, will look great on your bedroom color scheme.

#3  Let your Interior Design Style Guide Your Color Scheme

The third and final way is to let your interior style help you find your bedroom color scheme. This is an excellent way for those who want to start from zero.

If you have a style going on in your home, check on your interior style color choices to create your bedroom palette. If not, then this is a great time for you to choose one before you start decorating.

Here are some color scheme ideas for the bedroom according to interior styles, which I think looks great in bedrooms.

Bohemian Style Bedroom Color Schemes


Bohemian style is the most colorful interior style. This style love to use different patterns and colors together.

To create bohemian bedroom color schemes, I want you to be bold and creative.

Make sure you use different textures and patterns. If you don’t know how to mix different patterns and textures, check on these interior design ideas.

Deep blues such as the navy will create perfect balance when using bold and colorful patterns. You can match the navy with some tropical patterns that include colors like green, yellow, orange, or pink.

When you are using multi-colored patterns, always balance it with one primary color.

For example, use navy paint color for your walls and add patterns to your bed covers or use tropical wallpaper and use just one color throughout the room. (neutral colors will fit perfectly for other color options in any situation)

In modern eclectic and boho style, neutral color schemes became very popular. Try to use different shades of earth tones with bright white color in your bohemian bedroom color schemes.

Bohemian style color schemes for bedroom

Minimalist Bedroom Color Options


To carry out minimalism into your bedroom, you need to declutter everything in your room. Start with your bedroom color scheme.

Scandinavian interior style generally prefers to use neutral colors and cool colors. Black and white dominate this style color schemes.

When creating a color scheme for your minimalist bedroom decor, you can confidently use these color combinations;

  • Light grey, cream, black and wood tones
  • Soft blues, gray and white
  • Camel, black and white for a more contemporary look
  • Pale green, beige, white and warm wood tones


Transitional Style Bedroom Color Palette


The transitional style is an excellent mixture of two styles, which are traditional style and contemporary interior style. This style’s true beauty is to make classic pieces look contemporary if you know how to work.

You are so lucky if you have traditional pieces in your home, yet you want your bedroom to look more contemporary. Start with creating a color scheme for your hybrid bedroom decor.

Color scheme ideas for transitional style bedrooms are;

  • Black, white and hazelnut
  • Mocha, ivory, and pink
  • Dark grey, white and gold
  • Burnt orange, blue-grey and anthracite
Transitonal style bedroom color palette

Coastal Chic


The coastal chic style is known as bringing the beach life into interiors. So, you better incorporate of the sea or the beach throughout your bedroom.

To accomplish that look your bedroom color scheme combinations can be;

  • Slate blue, taupe and white
  • Beachy blue, white and sand
  • Sage green, pure white and bright blue


Industrial Style Color Palettes


Last but not least, I want to introduce industrial style bedroom color options.

Industrial style interiors love to use natural materials and colors. If you have stainless steel or wood-framed bed, this style color schemes will probably suit your bedroom.

The industrial style loves to work with bold colors. Bright and bold colors are not the perfect color choice for bedrooms. That is why you can only use this style color scheme if you use no colors elsewhere.

  • Burnt orange, blue and black
  • Red, taupe and black
  • Caramel, green and black
Industrial style bedroom color ideas

Now you know different ways of finding and creating your color scheme for bedroom. You can either pick one of them or combine these ways to design your bedroom color palette.

Be creative, and make your taste a priority. Give your color scheme a personal touch. There is no wrong or right in the design. I just here to guide you; the rest is all in your hands.

Start with baby steps by creating a color palette. The more you work on it, the better chance you combine the colors you love.

What is your favorite color?

I love to talk about interior design, so feel free to comment below. Happy decorating y’ll 🙂

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