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How to Design Exciting Color Schemes for Your Kitchen

Deciding or designing color schemes for the kitchen is not an easy job because of that material and color variety if you are not an interior designer or has zero knowledge about colors.

However, every design starts with making some decisions, and if you know the right ones, no one can stop you. I will guide you through to make all the right choices and design an exiting color scheme for your unique kitchen.

Interior design has its own rules, and we designers follow them to create unique spaces. Every interior design journey starts with choosing an interior design style.

The purpose of interior design styles is to help you create harmonious spaces and deciding easily.

I keep saying “making decisions” because we have limitless options in colors, furniture, and home accessories, which is not helping other than confusing.

If you already have an interior design style going on in your kitchen, that’s great. Start reading and learn what colors are defining your style.

If you don’t have a specific interior design style or don’t know what your kitchen style is, don’t worry. Keep reading and use these tips to match your existing materials, backsplash, countertop, or colors to help you find what will look best in your kitchen.

kitchen color schemes with white cabinets

#   Scandinavian Style Kitchen Color Schemes

Scandinavian interior style defines as calm, pure, and functional. Don’t expect that the kitchens are different.

To create a minimalist look is about creating pure minimalist color palette and color choices in your kitchen (and decluttering).

The best way to do this is to use neutral colors everywhere. If you don’t want to change your kitchen cabinets colors, it will be wise to create Scandinavian kitchen color schemes with white cabinets.

Use black color as a complementary neutral color to your kitchen color schemes, for example, in your light fixtures or kitchen fixtures (such as faucets, cabinet hardware, etc.).

Black is the best accent color in Scandinavian color schemes for kitchens.

For the wall, paint white is still the best option. I don’t recommend using colorful choices in your walls, but you can use white subway tiles as a backsplash.

Countertops, these kinds of kitchen color schemes should have wood tones or neutral-colored stones.

P.S. If you don’t have white kitchen cabinets or want to paint your kitchen cabinets, you can add different color ideas for kitchen color schemes. Just remember that neutrals need to dominate your color palette.


Scandinavian Kitchen Color Schemes Ideas;

kitchen color scheme ideas for scandinavian style
kitchen color scheme ideas

Walls-Blackened Farrow&Ball / Cabinets- Stiffkey Blue Farrow&Ball / Carrara Marble Countertop / Matte Black Kitchen Hardware / Mable Wood Flooring /

Walls and Cabinets- Blackened Farrow&Ball / Carrara Marble Countertop and Backsplash / Mable Wood Flooring /

Learn More About Scandinavian Interior Style;

Designer’s Tips: When creating color palettes, add the colors of your materials into your schemes. Seeing them together will help you understand the overall ambiance of your kitchen and color combinations. If somethings wrong, you will have time to change before select and buy anything.

color schemes for industrial style kitchens

#   Industrial Style Kitchen Color Schemes

Creating Industrial Style interiors is all about using raw materials as texture and colors.

If you have a kitchen that uses original material colors (wood cabinets, concrete or stainless steel countertop, etc.), industrial color schemes will help you.

If you want to create cold kitchen color schemes, iron and aluminum are great for your kitchen fixtures. For warm side kitchen color schemes, copper is an excellent material for your kitchen appliances.

Industrial style kitchen neutral color choices are shades of grey, black, brown, and white.

If you want to add some color into your kitchen, brick red, burnt orange, blue and dark green are the colors you need to use.

Industrial Kitchen Color Schemes Ideas;

color schemes for kitchen with Industrial Style

Walls-Blackened Farrow&Ball / Cabinets- Paean Black Farrow&Ball / Matte Black Kitchen Hardware / Grey Birch Wood Countertop and Flooring

Learn More About Industrial Interior Style;

#   Traditional Style Kitchen Color Schemes

Traditional style kitchens mostly have dark wood cabinets such as cherry in their color schemes.

However, in the modern Traditional style (which is called Transitional Style), using all white in kitchen cabinets, walls and countertops are so popular.

Kitchen color schemes for dark cabinets can include;

  • Greens, blues, and reds as an accent.
  • White, taupe cream, and beige for walls.
  • Navy and burgundy can also use for those who want to create an extraordinary look.

Kitchen color schemes with white cabinets can include beige, taupe, cream, or khaki.

Traditional Kitchen Color Schemes Ideas;

kitchen color schemes with dark wood cabinets
kitchen color schemes with white cabinets

Walls- Off White Farrow&Ball / Walnut Cabinets / Pink Granite Countertop / Chrome Faucet 

Walls- Bancha Farrow&Ball / Cabinets- Off White Farrow&Ball / White Zen Quartz Countertop / Walnut Flooring / Chrome Faucet

rustic kitchen color schemes

#   French Country and Farmhouse Style Kitchens Color Schemes

French Country and Farmhouse style has lots of common features in color schemes for kitchens.

These styles use nude colors as a primary such as beige, cream, and white, and to bring some excitement into your space, be sure to incorporate with; subdued green, pink, various shades of blues, purples, and butter yellow.

Using some countryside or floral wallpapers to add these colors is a perfect way to implement your color palette.

Designer’s Tips: Creating balance in colorful color schemes is all about using colors in an order. To create ideal proportion when applying your color palette use; primary color 50-60%, main accent 20-25%, second accent 10-15%.

French Country and Farmhouse Kitchen Color Schemes Ideas;

kitchen color palette ideas
color palette for kitchen

Walls- Middleton Pink Farrow&Balls / Cabinets- Strong White Farrow&Ball / Grey Birch Wood Countertop / Grey Wood Flooring / Chrome Faucet

Walls- Strong White Farrow&Ball / Cabinets- Oval Room Blue Farrow&Ball / Grey Birch Wood Countertop / Grey Wood Flooring / Chrome Faucet

Learn More About French Country and Farmhouse Interior Style;

#   Mid-Century Modern Style Kitchen Color Schemes

Mid Century Modern kitchens generally use wood tone cabinets and bold geometric backsplash in bright colors such as yellow, aqua, and orange.

Mid Century Modern style knows how to use colors.

Wood cabinets, solid stone countertops, and colorful accent walls or backsplash will create perfect balanced Mid-Mod kitchen color schemes.

Color choices to include; pumpkin orange, mustard yellow, avocado green, and deep purples.

Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Color Schemes Ideas;

Walls- Oval Room Blue Farrow&Ball / Cabinets- Sudbury Yellow Farrow&Ball / White Zen Quartz Countertop / Chrome Faucet / Medium Oak Cabinets

Learn More About Mid-Century Modern Interior Style;

Follow up Paint Colors for Home for interior color inspiration.

Now you know some color choices to add your color scheme for your kitchen. It is time to start designing yours.

To create unique color schemes, you can download the free guide below, read the 4 steps to create color palettes.

Every interior design process starts with deciding the interior design style you love and creating a color palette.

Now you know both, Don’t you want to start your kitchen renovation project?

If you have any questions or just wanted to share your decisions, please leave a comment. I will happy to answer.

What is your new kitchen color choices?

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