What are Cool Colors and How to Use in Design

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What Are Cool Colors and How to Use Them in Design

Knowing how to use color wheel skillfully and understanding the warm and cool colors are essential if you want to be successful at designing your home, choosing a daily clothing style, or even taking contemporary photographs for your Instagram.

Colors are everywhere. The first step of designing has to start with creating color schemes.

Every color has a significant impact on our emotions and mood. You have to choose the right color for the right situation.

First, I want to discuss the cool colors and how you can easily define them and give you some tips to understand neutrals that have cool undertones.

Lastly, I mention how and when to use color’s effects on design.

I always loved discovering new tones and colors. I am confident that after knowing some basics and creating color schemes, which is in your taste, you will love colors as I do.

# Color Wheel and Cool Colors

I want to take you back in time to that art classes in your elementary school; teachers speak of primary colors: blue, red, and yellow. 

Primary colors are building blocks of the color wheel, and you cannot mix any other color to create primary colors.

Secondary colors are created by a 50/50 mixture of these primary colors. These are; orange, green, and purple.

primary colors
secondary colors
color wheel

Cool colors are blue, violet, and green. Also, the colors between these are on the cool side of the color wheel.

All colors except secondary colors are obtained by using other than 50/50 mix of 3 primary colors. When you start thinking like that, it will become easier to understand cool colors.

If you add more blue to create purple, it becomes a cool side purple-blue color. Opposite, if you add more red to purple, it will become a warm side red-violet.

# Cool Undertone Neutral Colors

Neutral colors are separated from the color wheel, but there are also warm and cool neutral hues.

 Cool neutral colors have blue and green undertones. Understanding light neutral color undertones may not be easy.

The easiest way to understand neutrals undertones is to look at the most saturated version of this color.

When you look at the most saturated form of that neutral, it will give clues about their undertones. You can easily say that the color is close to blue and green or red and yellow.

Designer’s Tips: The paint chips’ bottom always shows the most saturated form of that color in the paint sheen.

Saturated Versions of Blue Color
Saturated Versions of Blue Color

# How to Use Cool Hues in Design

Cool colors can affect you to feel calm and more relaxed. Fun fact, cold colors are the most preferred color choice in the world.

Blue color can evokes calmness and feeling of serenity. Blue also tends to reduce your appetite, and excellent color to use in home offices.

Green can help you to de-stressed and relax. And purple often associates with self-awareness and spirituality.

Another useful knowledge is cool colors are literally can cooler space.

Using cold colors can make your eyes feel receding, and it can help your small room looks larger than it is.

cool colors in home decor

Try for monochromatic color schemes. Now you can understand the whole cold colors or try to mix cool neutrals and cool hues.

You will understand the harmony of gathering the same undertone colors in the color palettes and confidently select cold colors to paint your room.

Feel free to add comments or suggestions below I am more than happy to help 🙂

What is your favorite cool color?

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