How to Decorate Fireplace Mantel 3 Useful Techniques

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How to Decorate Fireplace Mantel: 3 Useful Techniques

It is crucial to decorate your fireplace mantel if you are lucky enough to have one in your home. Do you know why it is essential?

The fireplace is generally a focal point in a room and helps us define zones in that room, just like the rug. If you have a fireplace, you are probably arranging your room layout around your fireplace.

When anybody steps into that room, the first thing they will notice is the fireplace. So, it is important to decorate your fireplace to get a good first impression.

Fireplace is a superstar of your room and needs its accessories 🙂

Like every other article on my website, I want to give you the techniques and ideas for fireplace mantel decor rather than showing how to do exactly.

I am sure that these techniques will help you create unique and personalized decors. Let’s begin;

1. Define the Decor Style of Your Room: Casual or Formal?

Is the room you have a fireplace more formal or more casual? After the answer, we will mimic the look and feel when decorating the fireplace mantel.

Don’t forget that the fireplace often the focal point of any room. The decor needs to represent the overall style in that room as soon as you walk in.

Casual Decor for Fireplace Mantel


The key to creating a casual look is to use informal symmetry when decorating a fireplace mantel.

Try to match different decorative items in groups. If you want to use the same items in individual groups, such as candle holders, it would be best to choose different heights.

Avoid using identical items. You can easily match your decorative items using the same color palette or objects that share the same purpose.

Using wall art on the fireplace is always a great decor idea.

However, leaning the wall art or a mirror up against the wall rather than hanging is a better way to strengthen the casual vibe you wanted to create.

You can even create a little gallery wall by overlapping three or two pictures with each other.

Casual Style Fireplace Mantel Decor

Can you see how the leaning picture gives a more casual vibe? And the fireplace mantel decor is strengthened by the use of similar materials, reclaimed wood, and metal.

Formal Decor for Fireplace Mantel


To create a formal look is way easier. You need less variety when choosing items because we will use formal symmetry.

Using a few noticeable items will perfect for your fireplace mantel decor.

If you want to use wall decor, I highly recommend hanging your pieces over the mantel to create the formal look you need.

Hang your wall decor on the midpoint of your wall and add two identical items on each side. How simple is that, right?

You can create variations by adding other identical items on each side. If you think this is too boring, then add a bowl or a piece of artwork in the center.

Just keep in mind that when you look at your fireplace mantel, it needs to be symmetrical.

Formal Style Fireplace Mantel Decor

2. Less is More

Like I said at the very beginning of this article, your fireplace is a superstar. Yes, it needs to be decorated, but if you over-accessorizing, then it won’t shine.

It will lose its charm and act as a decor object rather than carrying an element of fire to make your room cozier. Unless you don’t like the design of your fireplace or don’t want to use it, I want you to be selective about your decor ideas.

You may have heard this before, odd numbers are always better when you are grouping accessories or placing them. I don’t know why, but this nearly always works.

When you are deciding your decor for fireplace mantel, I want to help you by making sure that you are selective enough and don’t over-accessorize by the 3-5-7 different object compositions.

Fireplace Mantel Decor Ideas with 3 Items


Using 3 objects to decorate your mantel is the simplistic way, but it can still look stylish.

Best ways to do this;

        1. Use two identical objects on each side (candle holder, vases,etc.) and add one item into the middle. You can hang a mirror or a wall art instead of adding another object to the center.
        2. Group 2 items on the one side and balance it with placing another object on the other side. You can combine 3 identical objects with different heights(use a larger one on one side to balance your composition) or 3 different items.
Fireplace Mantel Decor with 3 Items
Decor Idea in Number 1

Fireplace Mantel Decor Ideas with 5 Items


Limit your decorative items to 5;

      1. Make 2 different groups. One will includes 3 objects. The other one will 2 and place them to each side of your fireplace mantel. Try to use similar items in individual groups—for example, 3 candles with different heights on one side and 2 vases on the other side.
      2. Place a mirror or a wall art into the middle and use identical groups on each side. Groups can indicate different objects. Such as grouped a candle with a vase to use both sides.
      3. Place a mirror or a wall art into the middle. Use 3 objects on one side and place a large item to balanced your composition on the other side.
Fireplace Decor with 5 Items
Decor Idea in Number 3

Object preferences are all yours. Try to be personalized as possible as you can. Use plants instead of vases, or use clocks if you want instead of hanging wall art.

Fireplace Mantel Decor Ideas with 7 Items


Decorating with 7 items is the most complicated one. So, you need to select objects that can work well with each other.

You can define the color theme and stick with it to easily create decor for a fireplace mantel.

        1. Add 3 wall art to lean on to your fireplace mantel. Add 3 items that you grouped on one side, and balanced it with one decorative object on the other side.
        2. Use a wall art or a mirror. Then group similar objects into the middle. Add 2 items on the side and balanced it with a larger object on the other side.
        3. Lean a wall art and add 3 objects, place together on the one side. Place one item on the middle and 2 (to balance your compositions, use 2 large objects) on the other side.
Fireplace Mantel Decor with 7 Items
Decor Idea in Number 2

3. A Couple of Extra Things You Should Keep in Mind

This extra section is about different ideas that I collect because we don’t have the same problems or needs. I hope what the question in your mind you can find an answer is.

Most of us create a room layout around the fireplace. As a reason, you want to place your tv above your fireplace.

There are a couple of decor ideas if you want to place your tv above your fireplace but still want to decorate;

        • You can simply treat your tv like a wall art hanging on your mantel and use all the decor ideas in this article. Just be careful with the height of the objects you choose.
        • If you want a big tv that will the same size as your mantel and you don’t have any space to decorate, don’t worry about decorating your fireplace mantel. Instead of decorating your mantel, you should place your items on the floor in front of your fireplace. Try to decorate the sides rather than the center. Be careful with the size of your object. It needs to be bigger to be noticeable on the ground.
Fireplace Decor for Hallowen
Fireplace Decor on the Ground

Some of you maybe live in a warm area and don’t need to use a fireplace. If this is your case, be creative with your fireplace decor ideas.

You can use your fireplace as your planter or a bookcase. Placing the books you read inside your fireplace is an interesting idea.

Fireplace Decor Ideas

Here is 3 different technique that you need to keep in mind when you are decorating a fireplace. Use the accessories in your home and try to create different compositions.

You can always find better decor ideas by trial and error process. As soon as you read this article, I suggest you try some of them and look for some fireplace decor ideas to find the best for you.

How would you decorate your mantel?

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