Best tips to Decorate Your Home with Farmhouse Style (Decor Guidance)

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Best tips to Decorate Your Home with Farmhouse Style (Decor Guide)

Are you looking for ideas to decorate your Farmhouse style home?

Here you are, I cover everything you need to know before you even start looking for ideas.

First, you need to understand Farmhouse style to detect any Farmhouse style furniture or accessories the moment you see them and decide your colors, materials, and every other little detail.

You are halfway to decorating your farmhouse style home without any trouble.

Look at these ideas for Farmhouse Style Homes and find your inspiration!

Is there anything more American than the farmhouse interior style? Rustic, cozy, and comfortable, just like apple pie and coffee.

Farmhouse interior style has its roots in simplicity and frugality. It is essential to know the style from top to bottom before even deciding your interior style.

Knowing these essentials and evaluating every piece you are going to buy within these guidelines can help you make the right choices.

Farmhouse Style Furniture Pieces

Farmhouse style is one of the traditional interior design styles, which has an older history.

You will see some furniture pieces from both the French and English country styles in the farmhouse style.

Many of the farmhouse style furniture pieces that you would have seen back then you will still see today. Of course, they are a bit more modernized now.

Let me give you the pieces I am talking about: 

      • Rocking Chair
      • Wood benches for your table or at the end of your bed.
      • Heavy, wood dining table
      • Vintage Buffet
Rocking Chair
Rocking Chair
Heavy wood dining table
Heavy wood dining table

It is a better idea to mix up your dining table chairs instead of matching them.

You can mix rocking chairs and Industrial style metal chairs with ease. Using white slipcover chairs is also preferable to create a more elegant look.

Try to mix some classic American antiques with more modern pieces!

For seating, look for simple skirted chairs or sofas and try using an old trunk as a coffee table in your living room arrangements.

For your bedroom furniture, a wood or iron four poster bed is another classical piece for farmhouse style interiors.

I would encourage you to use large wooden cabinets either in your dining room for china, in your bathroom to store towels, or in your laundry room.

Vintage Buffet

Chalk paint is a great way to give a simple contemporary piece a farmhouse feel. With a little white chalk paint, you can create some new farmhouse style furniture pieces or maybe change your kitchen cabinets. 

In a nutshell, make sure to use simple lines and simple details in your furniture to feel the Farmhouse style.

Well-known Materials of the Style


The most commonly used material for Farmhouse style is wood. Furniture, floors, kitchen countertops, and anything you can think of can be wood.

The farmhouse is a style where I would try to incorporate some reclaimed wood for a more authentic feel.

Apart from wood, cotton is an important textile in this style. But if you only use cotton, then your interiors will probably become monotonous and uninteresting.

So, find a way to incorporate some burlap, which can quickly be done in your pillows and table runners.

bedroom furniture

You can consider using linen and leather for sofas or chairs.

Create Your Farmhouse Style Home Color Palette


The Farmhouse color scheme continues the theme of simplicity. You will see pale neutral shades a lot.

You can create your whole-house palette with neutrals such as beige, cream, a lot of white, and brown.

Farmhouse style wall colors are generally white, but I recommend using beige or cream to create a modern look.

Other than neutrals, you can use rose pink, muted green, butter yellow, or various shades of blue as your accent colors.

Accessorize your Farmhouse Style Home

We talked about colors and materials, but as you can see, farmhouse style homes stay with the theme of simplicity.

Here is what you need to do to bring some excitement to your rooms: use patterns!

What types of patterns do you think would be appropriate?

Well, by far, it will be stripes and checkered patterns. However, you can use some subdued florals as well.

Don’t be shy and use some patterns in your home. Here is the ultimate guide to making you a pro when using patterns in your home.

Window Coverings


For window coverings, you need to use wood shutters or roman shades to continue Farmhouse style in your home.

Don’t feel that these are the only options; you can confidently use cotton drapes, relaxed roman shades, and bamboo roller shades.

Don’t forget to incorporate with Farmhouse style color choices when you are choosing your window coverings.

Select Your Farmhouse Style Rug


For rug choices, I would highly recommend keeping it simple.

Braided rag rugs, braided wool rugs, or simple traditional style rugs are options you can use in Farmhouse style homes.

Farmhouse Style Light Fixtures


Light fixtures are an easy way to add instant farmhouse charm to your home.

Classic farmhouse lighting includes lanterns, mason jar pendants, and wrought iron chandeliers.

If you want to add some bling, use a crystal and iron chandelier or even two over your farmhouse style dining table. This combination would be a very chic and contemporary farmhouse look.

iron chandelier and traditional style rug
iron chandelier and traditional style rug

Both as a decorative item and lighting, incorporate some chunky candle holders into your decor. It will make your home cozy and give a subtle nod to the time before electricity.

Decorative Items

As I mentioned before, the Farmhouse style is all about simplicity, but your light fixtures are an opportunity to bring some chicness.

Decorative Items You Need to Use


Is there anything more farmhouse than pictures with images of the classic countryside?

So if you want to hang some artwork, pictures, or paintings of barns, farm animals, or flowered hillsides are all excellent options.

However, you can use contemporary or abstract versions of these countryside themes for a more modern look.

Also, wall decor made of reclaimed woods will look good in farmhouse style homes.

Accessorize your Farmhouse Style Home

You can use other items to give your entire home a farmhouse style feel, like a heavy wood beam as a shelf, a clawfoot tub in the bathroom, or sliding barn doors.

Select Your Farmhouse Style Rug

Beadboard wainscoting is also quite common in this style.

I would probably add some beadboard wainscoting with a cohesive wallpaper in the dining room, bedroom, and bathroom for a farmhouse style feel. It will also give your home a fresher look.

For decorative items, wire baskets, metal pails, mason jars, and vintage milk bottles are all options for your farmhouse style home.

Where can you Find Farmhouse Style Pieces

Finally, don’t forget to add some wildflowers and roses. Plants should be a priority for every type of room and home.

farmhouse style

Where Can You Find Farmhouse Style Pieces?

Don’t worry, this style is so popular today that you can find your pieces in many stores with lots of options.

I would start by looking first at Antique Farmhouse, Zin Home, and Cottage Home.

Etsy is perfect for finding any interior design style decor elements.

If you love the show Fixer Upper, you probably know their farmhouse style furniture shop Magnolia.

When considering your budget, you can keep the costs down with this style if you are willing to hunt for bargains. 🙂

Let me know if something is missing or you have questions about anything with decorating. Please feel free to leave a comment below this article. 

Share your problem, and then we can find a solution! 🙂

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