How to Decorate Your Home with Industrial Style

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How to Decorate Your Home with Industrial Style

Looking for how to decorate your home with Industrial Style? You are in the right place. I will give you all the information you need to decorate your Industrial style home with confidence.

Raw, edgy, utilitarian, and understated characterize the Industrial Interior Design style. This very cool and also trendy style actually originated out of necessity.

New York City began converting old factories into loft-style apartments for living space because of the limited real estate. This is where the Industrial home style came from.

Industrial Style is all about celebrating the materials. The intent is to display the materials which make the skeletons of our homes or furnishings rather than conceal them.

The industrial interior style is best suited for homes with large open floor plans and very high ceilings, but do not worry! I have good news: you can make this style work in nearly any home.

I suggest you take a look at this Industrial decor board, which contains ideas to inspire you.

Even if you don’t want to furnish your entire home with Industrial style, you can adapt this style effortlessly. This style is the most adaptable to mix with all interior design styles.

Let’s not linger anymore so we can start exploring the world of industrial design style.

How to Detect Industrial Style Furniture (the Moment You See It)

Industrial style types of furniture are large scales like in Urban modern and Western design styles. The furniture is almost always structured in a low profile with sharp, clean lines regardless of whether it is a bed or sofa.

How to Decorate Your Home with Industrial Style

We mentioned the love between the Industrial style and materials. These materials are mostly metal or wood (or a combination of the two) and have a worn finish—nothing shiny in Industrial style.

One of the signs of an industrial style piece is the use of industrial pipes in places like bookcase frames, table bases, or light fixtures.

By the way, the industrial style shelving is always open, and you have to decorate your bookshelves if you don’t want a messy look. Bookcases often use the back X brace feature.

How to Detect Industrial Style furniture
industrial style

Vintage pieces such as the Tolix metal side chair are one of the classics of the Industrial style. Because of the simplicity and strength of these chairs, it became an irreplaceable café chair.

Industrial Style Furniture
Tolix Metal Chair

Other popular furniture pieces for this style are metal swivel bar stools and the aviator chair.

For sofa suggestions, a classic Contemporary low profile sofa or a metal framed sofa with leather cushions is a great and accessible choice.

I would also incorporate my decor with concrete tables like coffee tables, side tables, and dining tables. Old wooden trunks are still an option for your coffee table.

Industrial Style Material Choices

Common materials used for Industrial style furniture are, as you can guess, metal and wood.

However, there are many different metals from stainless steel to all kinds of cool colored metals including iron and aluminum. For warmer colors, stick with copper.

For wood, use unfinished or reclaimed wood.

Concrete, glass, and brick are other materials that you can use with Industrial style.

Soft materials like leather and linen are in demand for this style, but using leather only in your star elements helps you create a perfect balance when using this material.

Soft materials

Industrial Style Color Palettes

Neutral colors rule the Industrial style home. You will see many shades of grays and browns and plenty of black and white in home color palettes.

For accent colors, try to incorporate brick red, burnt orange, dark green, or any shade of blue (but not all together) in your palette. You can pick just one of them and add it to your color palette with confidence.

Accessorize Alternatives for Industrial Style Houses

Accessories are a must for the home decoration process. You need to pick your accessories carefully. If you don’t, then your home loses the balance and even the interior design style.

You can truly apply a new interior design style by picking home accessories correctly.  Buying some accessories will be enough for those who want to feel the industrial style in their home.

Window Coverings

Window coverings are not usually used in the Industrial Interior style. Bare windows are preferable because the architecture of industrial buildings has metal framing, which helps make the window pop.

However, we are not living in a perfect world, and privacy is essential. If you must have window coverings, then simple roller shades will be fine with your industrial style home.

Nothing too attention-grabbing, though; choose a neutral color in your palette (no patterns) and use it in the simplest roller shade.

Otherwise, you are choosing to bring in another style, which is fine, but I want you to know that it’s not industrial.

Light Fixtures

As we all know, industrial style is all about the material.

What do you think is the most crucial element in a light fixture?


It is a bulb, of course. The bulb is the whole point of a light fixture and a key element in the Industrial style. But not just any bulb. It is the Edison style light bulb.

Light fixtures often use open steel cages, so the bulb is guaranteed to be fully exposed. 

Track lighting is such a popular option to use as ambient lighting in Industrial homes. Today lots of industrial style light fixtures are out there, and I think industrial style light fixtures have become more popular than industrial style.

Light fixture
Track lightings

Wall Art

You can combine some oversized abstract artwork or some black and white photography. Because the Industrial style homes have higher ceilings, you need to arrange your artwork for a perfect fit with your extended walls.

Above all, Industrial is a style that thinks outside the box. Items like old railroad signs and vintage industrial elements can be hung as your wall decor.

Finding some exciting pieces is better than using a photograph if you want to assimilate the whole style. Hanging old machine schematics with a black frame is also a cool idea.

Where You Can Find Industrial Pieces

You need to check Restoration Hardware before you start decorating for inspiration and buying some pieces.

Kathy Kuo Home and Zin Home are excellent sites for you to pick your furniture pieces.

For some accessories, you need to search and find what you love. I recommend digging into Wayfair and Etsy for steampunk inspiration for light fixtures and home accessories.

Is this article helpful to you? Or do you have any questions? Please feel free to comment below. I am more than happy to help you! 🙂

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