How to Decorate with Interior Design Styles

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How to Decorate with Interior Design Styles

When talking about interior decoration, it is not possible to skip interior design styles. Identifying the interior design style in your home or the style you want to use is the first step.

However, it is not easy to apply different design styles with your existing one.

Interior design styles are crucial for designers. It is also helpful because interior design styles help us to sift through the various options to make design decisions.

There are lots of items and furnishings to buy; this made it so hard to select among.

If you know precisely what type of elements you need, you can eliminate lots of other choices, even the stores you are going to shop.

Define your interior design style immediately to stop wasting time and money!

This article is for those who want to emphasize their interior style and try to change their interior design styles without spending a lot of time or money. Consolidate your home style with a few minor changes.

How can I change my interior design style on my budget?


It is not proper to use the word ‘change’ because I will explain that it is about mixing the styles. So rather than a change, adapt is a better word.

Mixing the new interior design style you want in your home with your existing style helps you reduce your expenses and refresh your home style. Enjoy the best of both worlds. 🙂


3 Elements to Easily Inspire Any Interior Design Style

You can quickly and easily infuse any style into a room using these three critical elements after reading this.

This approach works well in various scenarios.

First, as we talked about, it works well if you have already defined your interior style or have introduced a different design style to add visual interest to your room.

It also works well if you haven’t defined any style, but you need to find the one you love initially. This approach will give you a great start.

Let me introduce these three objects to you:

Light Fixtures


Standard size rooms need multiple sources or layers of light. So there are plenty of options to bring in different light sources to a room.

Using a specific style of light fixture is a way to strengthen your home decor style.

Plus, finding a light fixture in different styles is so easy because most design styles have a very distinctive fixture that is unique to that specific style.

How to Decorate with Interior Design Styles

You can easily guess the style of this piece of lighting. You are probably saying traditional or french empire; both are correct.



The rug is one of the largest items in room decoration. I believe every room benefits from having a rug.

That is why the rug is an excellent opportunity to throw in a unique style.

I don’t want to be confusing, but some rugs can work in many different styles. However, if you combine a rug that fits different interior design styles with the objects that represent your selected style, it works to support your style.



In my opinion, it is essential to add one piece of furniture that reflects your style.

Finding the seating that will shine in the design style you have chosen will represent that style and help you to infuse the style you want efficiently and effectively into a room.

Easily Inspire any Interior Design Style

Interior Design Style Families

Many interior design styles work well together if you know which ones will work well together. Knowing that is a straightforward way for you to mix different design styles or to adopt a new design style to your existing home decor style and make it all on your own.

I am stepping in to help you here.


Some of the interior design styles are coming from similar families. Family is not an interior design term, but I chose the word family to differentiate between home decor styles.

Design styles coming from similar families have a lot of common features just like members of our families.

They are so similar that most of the items you find in one style you will find in the other design style also.

When you know what the differences are, all you need to do is pick the elements you like, mix and match them to your heart’s desire.

Using design families together in your home design is the easiest and safest way to mix and match; you would be hard-pressed to get this wrong.

Looking at detailed examples of some popular interior design style pairs is the right way to start because once you see how it will look, it will be effortless for you to redecorate.

For this example, let’s look at these “family members”: Industrial and Urban Modern interior design styles.

These are today’s popular interior design styles, which I think most of you may want to learn and implement.

Industrial Home style
urban modern home style

Let’s discuss the furniture; in both styles, we see large scale, low profile pieces with straight lines.

The tables are often constructed of metal bases with glass, wood, or marble tops. In both styles, bookshelves are usually open and built from metal.

These styles differ in the furniture area with some individual pieces and details. Urban modern, we see some retro mid-mod pieces; industrial uses antique wooden trunk or vintage cabinets from doctors’ and dentists’ offices.



In the area of materials, these two styles also have a lot in common such as using metal, glass, and wood for their furniture construction and extensively use brick and concrete on the walls and floors.

For soft materials, both use natural materials like leather and linen.



Even in color schemes, they both use the same neutral colors but don’t forget that Urban Modern always includes warm tones as well.

Interior design styles families have different artwork, accessories, and architecture. By using these items (except architecture) specific to the style, you decide on can help you make changes or emphasize the style you want.

By looking at the architecture, you can effortlessly decide your interior style if your building’s style has significant signs such as a brick wall and concrete floor.

For more ideas, here are the other pairs:

Interior Design Styles which Work Well Together

Knowing the design styles that complement each other well is crucial for someone who is going to change or design their house.

I mean that with this kind of knowledge, you can adapt any interior design style to your home design. If you are started decorating your home recently or have an existing interior style, it doesn’t matter.

If Art Deco is the number one style in your list of favorites, I would recommend matching it with Contemporary or Mid Century Modern interior design styles.

How would you do that?


I want you to know that these are the styles that have common materials, including wood, chrome, glass, and leather.

They have common color palettes as well, and both share a love of bright colors and a love of using patterns, particularly geometric ones.

It is best to let one style be the dominant style and let the other decor style be the supporting style.

Let’s assume that you have Contemporary or Mid-Century Modern home style in your house; this will be your primary interior design style. As a secondary, you want to use the Art Deco design style. (Art Deco pieces are extremely expensive to use as a primary)

How can I decide which elements should be my primary?


Try to use more elements in stock for both styles, such as material and accessories.

Select the main furnishings in the room of your main interior style and add 2-3 pieces of secondary. Selecting pieces to support the secondary style, such as a rug and light fixture, is a great option.

Try to apply the 80/20 ratio between your interior design styles. This ratio is an excellent formulaic approach that will help you to blend the styles from two designs smoothly.

Urban Modern

Moreover, here are the other interior design styles which can work cohesively:

      • Contemporary interior design style works well with: Zen, Scandinavian, Mid Century-Modern, Modern French.
      • Traditional interior design style works well with: Coastal Chic, Tuscan, Industrial, Mediterranean.
      • Transitional interior design style works well with: Traditional, Contemporary, Coastal Chic.
      • Western and Farmhouse interior design styles are a great pair.
      • French and English Country interior design styles are a great pair.


I hope that you now have a much better idea of how to pull these interior design styles into your home cohesively.

I would love to hear your thoughts about interior design styles and how you use them in your own house. You might have something come up that I can help you with.

Please feel free to add a comment below about the article or contact me if you have any problems with your home decor.

What is your favorite interior style?

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