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The Secret of Decorating Each and Every Coffee Table Easily

When you learn the basics of this coffee table decorating tactic, you will be able to decorate any table easily and beautifully with confidence.

Let me show you the before and after images:


What do you think?

Doesn’t it look tidier? And have more space to use than it’s before.

 There are dozens of ideas that you can use for decorating your coffee table. I choose this approach because you can easily apply this no matter your coffee table shape.

So, don’t give up on the idea if you have a round or a square coffee table. 

I have a rectangular coffee table, but you can absolutely use it for your table decor no matter the shape after you understand the basics.

Here is the step-by-step process:

Balance the Corners

“Balance the Corners” is one of the fail-safe approaches to decorate coffee tables.

I think functionality is the most important thing when decorating a coffee table. Because the coffee table is the most used table compare to a side table or console table.

In terms of functionality, this approach is the best as well.

Let’s talk about how you can try this in your home.

Look at your coffee table and divide it (visually) into four equal pieces. You will decorate these pieces.

These graphics and images below will make you understand more clearly.

decorating coffee table
decorating coffee table idea
step by step coffee table decor
step by step coffee table styling

As you can see, after the decoration you will have enough space to use your coffee table.

The most important thing when choosing objects is the size. If you place oversized items, you will have less space left to use. However, this is up to you.

Specify your needs and make decisions depends on your needs.

coffee table styling
coffee table styling ideas

I added some flowers into the vase and voile! It’s done.

Easy, effortless, and looks stunning every single time.

Center Master Piece

After you place the object on equal corners, the center of the table may have looks empty.

Considering adding an object to the center will help your arrangements add more interested.

When choosing the centerpieces, try to add a larger or taller object than the others, such as a big vase.

Suppose the decorative item you choose to place in the center is smaller than the other objects. In that case, the coffee table decor will look ordinary no matter your pieces are beautiful or attractive.

Be careful with that!

decorating tips for coffee table
decorating ideas for coffee table
coffee table decor
coffee table decor tips
decorate your coffee table


As you can see, I tried several different decorative arrangements before I write or recommend this coffee table decor.

When I try different arrangements, I realized that if you use more than one big object in one corner, it will hard to create balance in your coffee table decor.

fail coffee table decor
do not do this when decorating your coffee table

These items are not the best fit for my coffee table that I couldn’t find any object group to balance them.

As a reason, using 2-3 small objects to place in one corner is always a wiser decision than setting oversize object groups.

Always keep in mind that you need to balance the (visual) weights on each corner. If you are not good at grouping decorative items, you can use some tactics as well.

I only use objects in the house to create these arrangements. So, you can try this on your home without needing any new item.

Are you willing to try this coffee table decor approach? Do you think it’s easy and looks beautiful?

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