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3 Decorating Rules You Need to Know About Home Accessories

Are you ready to make some magnificent changes in your home decor?

After knowing these 3 decorating rules, I suggest reconsidering your decor arrangements and bring them to perfection.

You can easily apply these rules when decorating your coffee table, fireplace, bookcase, console tables, or any other flat surface you want to decorate.

Decide on decorative items is always a challenge for me.

The real problem about decorating is bringing the decor elements together and grouping them to create unique and cohesive home decor.

Here is the process I believe works every time. Would you like to try it with me?

The first step is to gather all your accessories in one place. This will help you to mix and match new accessory groups very easily.

Home accessories
Home accessory decor

Finding similarities and grouping objects with similar features is what you should always consider if you want fail-safe decorative item arrangements.

So, what do you think these similarities can be?

There are 3 main categories: colors and materials, theme, and the purpose of the objects.

If you use these categories and group your accessories by using these similarities, you will have cohesive decorations rather than looks randomly placed. I believe this is what we all want in the end.

Let’s break down these rules one by one.

Color and Material

Matching the items that have the same colors or materials is the easiest way to combine them.

After you gather all your accessories in one place, it will be easy to recognize objects with the same colors or materials.

Separate the objects with the same colors. You will use these objects when accessorizing your coffee table, fireplace, or bookcase, etc.

You should decide where you need to bring some excitement with new decor.

Here is the coffee table decor that I created by choosing the objects with the same colors:

home decorating rules
decorating ideas
coffee table decorating
decorating rules

Objects placed in the tray are different colors, but it doesn’t matter because the tray is known as a magical decor element that can combine any items.

You can absolutely use a tray in your compositions with the same color or material the elements around the tray. Place whatever you want inside the tray.

Let’s move on with different examples of using the same colors and materials on fireplace and coffee table decor.

fireplace decorating rules
Silver Accessory Arrangement on Fireplace
coffee table decorating rules
Silver Accessory Arrangement on Coffee Table
accessories in same theme
White Accessory Arrangement on Coffee Table

Doesn’t it look great and cohesive? Of course, there are some tips to decorate coffee tables and fireplaces but picking up the right accessories is always the first step.

If this is a piece of cake for you, I recommend creating a color scheme for the space you want to decorate. And use that color scheme to pick accessories.

2-3 colors are enough, and if you have accent colors in your room, I suggest you use them.


The second thing you should do to group decorative objects is to define a theme. This theme can be anything such as nature, birds, animals, shoes, or memories.

You can find a theme by looking at your accessories. Maybe you will realize a theme when gathering all the accessories together in one place.

home decorating ideas
Theme: Nature
cactus theme
Theme: Cactus


The last thing to make gorgeous decorative item arrangements is to group the objects with the same function.

What do you think the purpose can be?

It can be candle holders, vases, knick-knacks, or frames for placing memories.

silver objects decor ideas
Purpose: Candle Holder
silver objects decor ideas
Purpose: Flowerpot

Now you know these 3 decorating rules to create unity for decorative arrangements by grouping the objects with the same colors and materials, theme, or purpose.

If you are willing to try it, I encourage you.

You will create arrangements that look professional, and if using one of these rules, you will have nothing to worry about.

Are you willing to refresh your decorative item arrangements?

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