Casual Fireplace Decor

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Fireplace Decor Challenge: How to Create Casual Feeling

I challenge you to create beautiful and casual fireplace mantel decor.

Here is what we do:

      1. You need to gather all the accessories you have in one place because we will be using your old accessories but refreshing your arrangements.
      2. Start with reading and looking at the pictures below. Then follow the steps.
      3. Create your fireplace mantel decor layout.
      4. Apply the decor layout you create on your fireplace. Change or try new items on your mantel until your heart settles.

That is it! It will be easy, fun, and applicable. This is the chance for you to love your old accessories again. Why don’t you give it a try?


These are the before and after photos of my mom’s fireplace.

She wanted to use her current accessories to create a different look and feel on your fireplace, so she asked for my help. I gave it a try, and here we are.

I tried to create a casual vibe around the fireplace. Deciding between styles and feelings is the most critical thing for decorating a focal point.

Because the fireplace is the focal point of a room, the decor should represent the overall style. Is your space with a fireplace is for formal occasions or daily use?

If you want to create a casual vibe in that room, then let’s start. (If not, check out fireplace decor for formal feeling)



Gather all the accessories that you think will fit (as size) your fireplace mantel.

Accessorizing Fireplace Mantel
Accessorizing a Fireplace



Create two different accessory groups to place on both sides of the fireplace mantel.

These two groups should be visually weighted equally, which means when you look at both groups, the volume of the groups should be balanced.

How can you do this?

You can choose one large item on one side and balance it with three smaller objects.

As another example,  you can group objects with various heights and balanced them with shorter but oversized items.

Start thinking about the groups and balance the weight visually on both sides of your fireplace.

Look at these combinations I created:

Casual Decor for Fireplace
Casual Decor Ideas for Fireplace

To create better accessory groups, you can use similarities such as colors, materials, theme, or purpose. Grouping accessories that share similar features always take the combinations to the next level.



The third step is about adding more items into your combinations to add interest.

Adding items only the corners can be enough for you, especially if you have the tv on your fireplace.

However, adding wall decor or other cohesive decor elements to your compositions is always a better idea.

If you want to use wall art, there are two ways to do this;

      • Hanging over the mantel
      • Leaning the wall art against the wall

Leaning the wall art is a better option to create a casual feeling. But it doesn’t matter how you place wall arts looks stunning with the fireplace decor.

Fireplace Decor Ideas
Fireplace Mantel Decor

You can always add an element into the middle, whether on the mantel or down below your fireplace. 

Casual Decor Ideas for Fireplace
Fireplace Mantel Decor Ideas
Fireplace Mantel

Items are grouped by their purpose (candle holders) and materials (metal)To create contrast, I decided to choose gold and silver elements.

Added a picture frame that matches the style of a fireplace itself.

Check out these other combinations:

Decor Ideas for Fireplace
Casual Decor Ideas

Now it is your turn to try new fireplace mantel decors on your own.

What do you think? Are these enough to make you enjoy your old accessories and fireplace again?

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