Fireplace Decor Challenge How to Create Formal Decor

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Fireplace Decor Challenge: How to Create Formal Feeling

This is a challenging article, and I challenge you to refresh your fireplace decor and create a formal feeling.

We will use formal symmetry to refresh the fireplace decor, which means symmetrical corners and placements.

The idea behind this decor challenge is coming from my mother asking for help to redecorate her fireplace mantel with the accessories she owns already.

She feels the need for a change to enjoy her old accessories and fireplace decor again.

fireplace mantel decor

We start by collecting all the accessories that we can use on the fireplace mantel into one place and then start creating a new arrangement until her heart settles.

I want you to gather all your accessories such as candle holders, picture frames, vases, wall art, plants, or anything you have except the items you think won’t fit or are too big to place on the mantel.

Then, check out these different placements to replicate into your fireplace decor.

I am sure you will love your new fireplace mantel decor even if you have your old accessories.

If you are using the room with a fireplace for formal occasions and not daily uses, you should try these decor ideas.

The number one rule to create formal decors is to use symmetry. Using the same items on both sides of your fireplace mantel is the easiest way to do this.

Empthy Fireplace
Haning Wall Art over the Fireplace
Symmetrical decor
Symmetrical fireplace decor ideas

Leaning the wall art on the mantel is always an option, but if you want to create the formal feeling head to foot, you better hang your wall decor or the picture frame onto your mantel.

As you see, I picked all the identical items to create a symmetrical fireplace mantel decor.

If you want to add more items, I would recommend placing them in the middle. You can add one significant item or an item group.

Fireplace decor
Fireplace decor with formal symmetry

These are the items that I chose to group for these arrangements.

Don’t forget that using formal symmetry is easy, but you need to pick accessories that will look well together.

Check out the other items I grouped using formal symmetry to decorate the fireplace mantel:

Formal decor fireplace
fireplace decor with silver items

After placing these items, I recognized that this placement needs a little touch. So I added more objects to match the materials.

fireplace mantel decor

Placing smaller objects helps to break the symmetry a little bit and add a layer to the arrangement.

If you don’t want to break the symmetry, you can add identical items in the center.

However, try to add at least three items. Two identical items might not look complete.

If you have 2 items, place them on the sides rather than placing them in the middle.

decor ideas for fireplace

Check out the other symmetrical compositions I created;

fireplace arrangements
fireplace mantel decor ideas

Isn’t it easy to refresh your mantel design with formal symmetry? It helps us to declutter accessory choices and creates eye-pleasing combinations every single time.

These formal symmetry compositions are perfect for Traditional, Modern French, English Country, Transitional, and Mediterranean style interiors.

The fireplace is the focal point of a room, and It will just look much better if you mimic your design style.

Are you willing to try this challenge?

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