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Simple Guide to Decorate Your Home with French Country Style

French Country is a style that has been around for a long time but still has its charm and chicness.

If you are one that loves French Country style homes, then it is time for you to make changes in your home within this style.

Let’s dig into the French Country Style, and you will start to imagine the changes in your home while you are reading.

Here is a French Country Style Pinterest board for you. I specifically picked all the pins to help you visualize what I am talking about in this article.

French Country Style makes me feel the luxury of old-world charm in interiors. This style was used in both french houses and chateaux for many years.

However, now it will work for you no matter where you live in the world.

Identify Your French Country Style Furniture Pieces

Thinking about the French Country style, you may have the idea that pieces are exaggerated. Do not mix it up with the Formal French style.

French Country style has pieces that are more restrained, free of heavy adornments, but still incorporate some hand carvings, particularly in furniture legs.

In this style, you will see lots of furniture pieces with a fluted or country cabriole leg style.

Fluted Leg Style
Fluted Leg Style

French Country style furniture pieces often look like they have been painted over multiple times over the decades.

It is an opportunity for you to create some DIY furniture paint projects to implement the French Country style in your home. You can transform pieces to gain authenticity.

Avoid using coordinated furniture sets of any kind!

French Country style is all about making it appear that these pieces have been collected over many decades, which often they are.

One of the classic pieces of this style is the Fauteuil Chair. Another one is like a modern version of the Fauteuil Chair, the French Bergere Chair.

French Bergere Chair with Country Cabriole Legs
French Bergere Chair with Country Cabriole Legs

Slipcover or wicker furniture can also be used very efficiently in French Country living rooms.

For a dining table, you can confidently use a large round or rectangular Farmhouse Style table.

Try to incorporate some more casual french antiques and reproductions into your furniture pieces.

For your bedroom, give your French Country bed an elegant touch by hanging a canopy or a canvas on the wall behind it.

Armoires are also popular pieces for French Country style homes. You can use it as storage in your kitchen or consider turning it into a wine rack.

Be sure to incorporate at least one armoire somewhere in your home!

french country style furniture - armoire

What Materials Should You Choose?


Wrought iron is a widespread material for furniture in French Country style. It became a decorative material when it was first used in French countryside gates.

Where do you think iron can be used in French Country interiors?

I guarantee a lot more places than you think. 

Iron is commonly used in headboards, console tables, table lamps, chandeliers, clocks, and bathroom towel racks. I am sure there are many other places that I missed.

Apart from wood and iron, other materials that you can use in this style include cotton, linen, tapestries, quilted silk, or wool.

Color Choices to Design French Country Style Interiors


If you love color, then French Country style is definitely a style with which you can use exciting colors.

You have stunning blues, pinks, orange, reds, yellows, and lavender.

For neutrals, you can use warm whites, warm greys, and beige.

A better way to create your French Country style home color palette is to use neutrals as your primary colors and others for your accents.

Time to Add some Gorgeous Home Accessories

What would our interiors look like without any home accessories? I would say boring.

Choosing the right home accessories is an effortless way to add instant changes or adapt any style in your home decor.

First of all, patterns are frequently used in French country style. So you should incorporate some patterns in your wallpaper, pillows, curtains, or anywhere else that comes to mind.

So what are these patterns?

Everything from pastoral toile, gingham, floral, stripes, and checks are an option.

Learn the best ways to mix patterns successfully in your designs.

floral wallpaper

Window Covering Options in French Country Style


You do have a few options. The most common ones are linen or cotton drapes that have some loose tiebacks.

You can also use wood shutters or roman shades.

When you are choosing your window coverings, add some patterns and layers to your curtains. Do not forget to stick to your color palette.

It will make your home look more fun if it already has too many plain items.

Select Your Rug


Rugs are usually wool or cotton woven. However, you can use natural fiber materials like sisal or jute.

Your rugs are the opportunity to use some accent colors, which defines the French Country style.

Add Your Decorative Items


Wall Art Options

Artwork in the French Country style can vary. You have classic options from beautiful landscape paintings and old world portraits to animal and nature morte art paints.

One of the main characteristics of this style is flowers.

Lots and lots of flowers…

The main types are sunflowers, poppies, and irises.

You can use flower artwork or real flowers to decorate your home; either way, it will look amazing in your French Country style.

floral art work french country style

Plant Types

You already know that flowers are stars of the French Country style homes. The goal is to look for flowers that would be popularly grown in a french garden.

I know that too many flowers can be too much to take care of, so you can use natural grasses as filler for vases (which don’t need any attention).

decorate french country home accessories


Classic French Country home accessories are wall-hung plates, woven baskets, wire baskets, copper pots, grandfather clock, empty birdcages, and wrought iron candle holders.

french country home accessories

A French Country home would not be complete without a respectful nod to a rooster. It is funny, right, but I am not joking. It will be cute. You can find plenty of rooster decorated items with many retailers.

Where Can You Find French Country Design Elements?

For your furniture pieces, check out: Kathy Kuo, Birch Lane, Belle Escape, One Kings Lane.

French Country is one of those styles where you can definitely keep the cost down if you need to.

You can find gorgeous pieces in second-hand stores or flea markets and make some renovations.  

Is this article helpful for you? Or do you have any questions? Please feel free to comment below. I am more than happy to help you! 🙂

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