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How to Layout a Perfect Gallery Wall for Your Space

Let me help you create a dream gallery wall layout that will suit your home and your style best with these ideas.

Art is an integral part of the decor, but it needs to be appropriate for your home’s personal and architectural style.

Here are the steps that you should take for the perfect gallery wall:

      • To find art pieces and frames which represent your taste and interior design style. You can work with the commonly used materials of the interior style you want in your home. (You can read different styles and suggested materials, art pieces here.)
      • Decide where you want your gallery wall will be hanging. Learn more about hanging tips to arrange perfect layouts.
      • Use these ready templates (in this article) or create a unique template for your wall to create your gallery wall.

If you want your room to look elegant, you can use photo frames made of glass or wood. For a more modern look, you can work with metal frames.

dining room wall decor

That is why we need to obey the style, and the first step is all about you.

For the rest, I am here to give you anything you need to arrange your gallery wall and the answer to all your questions. For example, how height should I hang? What should be the space between wall decors?

And ready-to-use templates to help you create a gallery wall in your living room, bedroom, or hall. Here we go!

Gallery Wall Ideas Above a Couch

Frames and images that you wanted to use have to be a specific size to work well in the space. The artwork shouldn’t be too big or too small for the couch underneath it.

If you ignore this, your gallery wall layouts will be out of proportion.

So how big should be an art piece over a couch will be? It should be a minimum of 2/3 width of the items below it, and the maximum is the size of your sofa.

Another important thing is to hang 6-10 inches (15-25 cm) higher than your furniture underneath the gallery wall.

These are the basic measurements you need. Then, of course, there are lots of rules and tricks to hang the wall art beautifully.

Here are some gallery wall layout ideas with frame sizes:

Gallery Wall Sizes
Gallery Wall Frame Sizes
Gallery Wall Layout with Sizes
Gallery Wall Layout with Frames
Wall Art Hanging Ideas

The sizes (inch) are given to help you guys but don’t forget that these layouts are for the most typical couch length (84”-213cm).

If you have a larger or smaller sofa, you can simply measure it and find 2/3 of your couch as a minimum width and change some of the frames.

The easiest way to adapt these layouts is to change the outer frames of the layouts to ensure the minimum width.

Hanging Pictures on Stairs

A lot of people find hanging pictures on stairs challenging. But the solution is quite simple. You will use the line created by the stairs. 

Staircase Gallery Wall
Staircase Gallery Wall Ideas

Simply mimicking the up and downs of the stairs will help you create a stunning gallery wall.

Can you see how the step down is repeating the steps of the stairs? The line of the bottom of the frames is leading up with the line of the stairs.

Another idea that you can apply when hanging pictures on stairs is to draw a line which the same as the slope of your stairs.

When you do that, you can match different frame sizes (landscape and portrait) effortlessly. 

Staircase Gallery Wall Layout

Can you see that the line goes through the picture equally all the way through?

You can always add more pictures up and down (or on both sides) if you want to create a crowded gallery wall.

Gallery Wall Ideas Above a Bed

All the ideas I gave you to use hanging pictures above your couch can be used when creating a gallery wall above your bed.

However, I really like to use something different when placing pictures above a bed. A great modern option (depending on what they are made of) is floating shelves.

This creates an opportunity to use other decorative accessories as well as pictures. 

bedroom wall decor ideas
bedroom decor
shelf ideas for bedroom
wall layout for bedroom

If you don’t want a massive shelf above your head when you are sleeping, you can always consider using picture ledges.

Picture ledges have a little lip on the front that prevents your pictures from falling off.

Picture ledges will help you create a much more casual look than floating shelves.

The key to creating beautiful gallery walls with picture ledges is to use something in common such as colors or materials.

Line Them Up

I want to show you this easy and efficient way to create a gallery wall layout. It is simply called the principle of line.

The layout uses the top or bottom edge of the frame as a starting point. 

Draw an invisible line starting from the edge of the frame (top or bottom) through the end of the wall.

If the top edge was the starting point, then the other frames’ top edges will line up through this line.

gallery wall layout above a couch
gallery wall layout

As you can see, all the picture frames hang down the line, which we can do the opposite as well.

When using this technique, the most important thing to consider is that you need to use variations on frame sizes and content. Beacuse the line is a powerful layout has the layout uniformity to the placements.

gallery wall layout
gallery wall layout above bed

The best places to use this technique are in the hall, living room, bedroom, or dining room.

First, of course, you need to use basic hanging techniques. Such as the center of the wall art should be at your eye level if you create a gallery wall layout on a hallway or an empty wall.

What is the best thing about this gallery wall idea? It serves you an excellent opportunity to transform your gallery wall into a colorful accent wall.

Let me show you how:

gallery accent wall layout
gallery wall layout for bedroom

You can confidently paint above or below the line with different paint colors.

In the image, I use Aegen Teal from Benjamin Moore for an accent wall in the living room and Hummus from Jotun for the bedroom accent wall inside color trends.

You can check on different paint colors for the living room or bedroom.

How Can I Create a Unique Gallery Wall Layout

If you are willing to try something new, you can always consider creating a unique gallery wall layout for your space.

Ready-to-use templates are easy to apply and save a lot of time, but I can give you some suggestions to make it more efficient if you love designing and creating.

ideas for wall art layout

What we want to do is gather all the pictures in one place:

      • Places all the frames and pictures you wanted to use on an old newspaper or a craft paper. Trace around the frames and cut them out.
      • Place them on the wall that will your gallery wall and move them around until you’ve achieved the look you want.
      • Number the papers whichever you want to remember the places.

That is it! Check these 7 secrets to hanging your wall art before you start.

Finally, I hope you learn some new ideas and like these gallery wall layouts. Art helps us make interiors colorful, entertaining, and noticeable.

If you have any questions or perhaps want to share changes in your home with me, you can contact me at any time.

Feel free to comment below; I get back as soon as I see. Happy decorating 🙂

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