use house interior colors like a designer

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How to Use Interior Colors like a Designer

“How to Use Interior Colors like a Designer” is a step-by-step guide to the process of learning, creating, selecting, and applying color schemes and paint colors when decorating interiors.

To achieve cohesive and designed interiors, there are two main rules to follow. These are the colors and interior design styles.

The first thing to do when decorating interiors is to select a design style you will love. It will give you the style-specific items, accessories, colors, and materials.

If you follow your design style, there is no way you will end up with an unfinished or disjointed space because the style will guide you all the way. That is why you need to decide your style first.

However, the second rule (using interior colors) is the trickiest one.

You know why? Because you need basic knowledge to use colors like an expert. This means you need to work and research interior house colors, understand undertones and be aware of color temperatures.

If you gain all these skills, you will combine colors and create color schemes for your home perfectly. Nothing can stop you.

Interior Color Ideas

These skills will help you become confident about interior paint color choices, selecting colors for your furniture and accessories, and so much more…

I’m talking about gaining a designer’s perspective.

As are a result, your home decor will progress from ordinary through custom design interiors. You will be shocked by the impact of interior colors.

Here’s what I did, I prepared a roadmap about interior colors to ensure you know all the insights you need and how to make the idea real.

You don’t need to worry about selecting interior colors. Because you will know every step you need to do exactly, and there are explanations, how-to guides under the steps.

Let’s begin!

Color Theory

Basic color theory is about understanding the psychological effects of colors, knowing how to read the color wheel, and learning base color combination methods.

Color psychology is real and proven. If you choose to ignore the effects of colors in our mood, that will be your loss.

Understanding the color psychology will help you create a unique environment and add your personality into space easily.

A color wheel is a basic tool that every designer uses when selecting new home interior colors. By learning how to read the color wheel and the color combination methods, you can easily create your first color palette.

Go ahead to know these essential pieces of information and how to create your first color scheme;

These steps will help you make a quick start when decorating interior colors for your house.

Interior Colors and Color Palettes

Although to gain a designer’s perception, you need to dig deeper. Understanding color undertones is the way that will take you to the next level.

The next level is to give you the freedom to make decisions when creating color ideas and color schemes. To achieve that, you need to learn more about;

When you want to apply what you learn and make quick changes in your house interior colors, you can change your accent colors.

bohemian style pillow decor

House Color Schemes

Color schemes are another excellent tool for designing interiors. It is all about gathering color ideas together into one place.

House color schemes will help us to see the colors together. As a result, it provides us to be sure that you choose cohesive interior colors for your house and will look great in the end.

Now you know how to execute interior colors like a designer without hesitating.

I know that is a bit too much information for now, but when you are done with your color scheme, here comes the fun part;

Learn, create, and apply. This is the process that you need to follow.

To make more specific decisions, you can create color schemes for other rooms after completing your house color schemes.

With the help of your house colors, designing your room color schemes will become much easier than you think.

Color Ideas

Everything is set up, and you have color schemes for every room. I know some tricks you better check on;

These are the tips that you definitely need when you start applying your house color schemes. For instance, how to use patterns and textures when decorating or how to make space feel larger.

When applying the colors, you can be confused about making color transitions or which colors go where.

These are common questions that asked me a lot. Here are your answers;

Interior Paint Colors

We discussed how you can decide interior colors and creating color palettes to understand if colors work well with each other or not.

Choosing interior paint colors is a similar argument but needs to examine more in-depth.

When choosing interior paint colors, external factors such as your home location and the rotation of a room can affect the paint color.

Interior Paint Colors

To find the best interior paint colors, you have to follow the step-by-step process below;

This process will guide you through every paint color decision you will make.

Popular paint colors are differential in every room.

When selecting bedroom paint colors, you don’t want hues to disturb your sleep, or when choosing kitchen cabinet paint colors, you have to work with your materials.

Paint color examples and ideas for different types of rooms;

Color Trends for Home

Starting from wall paint to home textiles to home accessories (everything you need for changing your home decor), every firm is affected by these trends throughout the year.

Big decoration firms are producing or designing with the colors in the latest trend.

If you decide to make changes in your home design, definitely look through trend colors of the year. You can find more fashionable colors for your home design elements.

No one wants to be out of fashion. You better check on these color trends;


Wow! That is it.

I tried to cover everything, starting from understanding colors to creating color palettes and applying when decorating your home.

And believe me, you got everything you need. You just need to make a good start, and then there is nothing that can stop you. 

From now on, the changes all in your hands. Do you want to live in your dream house?

Start with creating your house color schemes, and feel free to comment below if you have any questions. Your questions will probably help others too.

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