Great Ideas to Led you Find the Best Chandelier for Foyer

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Great Ideas to Led you Find the Best Chandelier for Foyers

The entryway is a constant reminder of the home’s overall style and décor. However, entrances are more than just a way to get inside and out of the house. They are significant in establishing the mood for guests and family when entering your home. That’s why I thought we could help you find the best chandelier for your foyer.

As you probably know, a chandelier for a foyer is a beautiful way to create instant dramatic style in your hallway. This delicate lighting fixture is made of beautiful and shiny components that inspire romanticism and luxury.

Do you want to buy a chandelier for your foyer but do not know how to choose the right one? 

There are many factors to think about when choosing a chandelier for your foyer. First, you need to think about the usual things you should get when you buy the best chandelier, such as the dimensions of the room and its style and more. Then, taking all of this into account, you need to be careful when buying it.

Here are the answers to your concerns and things you should know before you purchase any light fixture for your foyer. 

What is the right size chandelier for foyers?

There is a simple technique that I also use when finding the right size chandeliers for living rooms. This technique can work on a foyer as well.

If your foyer is 6 to 8 feet wide, your chandelier’s diameter should be no less than (6+8) 14 inches. If you require larger chandeliers, you can go up 5 inches.

Finding the best size chandelier isn’t that hard after this technique, right?

For the height of the fixture, you need to ensure a minimum of 7 feet (213 cm) of the ground.

You can go lower if you have a table and want to hang your chandelier over it. However, be careful with decorative items on that table.

Check out the image below, and you will immediately understand what’s wrong with it.

chandelier for foyer

It is evident, right?

What is the best lighting for a foyer?

You should work with a general ambient light, chandeliers, large pendant lights, or flush mount lights for a foyer.

You need to pick one of them to enlighten your entry hall. To decide on the right one, you should determine the size of your foyer. A chandelier for a small foyer is not a great choice. So, you can work with a pendant light or a flush mount light; consider your ceiling height.

For secondary lighting, you can always work with a table lamp or wall sconces if you think the lighting is insufficient.

How do you pick entryway chandeliers?

When deciding on the light fixture, two different criteria help you pick the best one for you. One is the size, and the other one is the style.

We have already discussed finding the best size chandeliers for your room, so you must find the right style. By finding the style of your home, you can also find the style of your lighting fixtures. Or, if you want to change your style, it may be time to start with your chandelier for the foyer.  

chandelier entryway

Most People Search for These Chandeliers for Their Foyer

Having a chandelier in the foyer can instantly make your house appear grand. They add elegance and charm to your entryway that most homeowners crave. The trouble is, how do you find the right chandelier for your entrance?

There are many different styles, shapes, and colors to choose from and knowing what would look best in your home is almost impossible. That’s why we decided to do “all the hard work” for you.

We’ve researched the most popular chandelier types people want to buy for their entrance hall. So here they are with beautiful picks from our choices for you.

Ideas on Large Chandelier for Foyer

A large chandelier is a perfect choice if you have a large foyer and want something that will make an impression when your guests walk in. You can find large chandeliers in any style of home, from Victorian to contemporary.

large chandelier for foyer

Modern Chandeliers for Foyer

modern chandelier for foyer

Chandeliers for 2 Story Foyer

chandelier for 2 story foyer

Crystal Chandelier for Foyer

If you want something that will give off an elegant feel when people walk into your home, then a crystal chandelier for foyer is a perfect choice! Crystal chandeliers come in many different sizes and styles, so you will find one that fits perfectly with your decorating scheme!

crystal chandelier for foyer

The appearance of a chandelier is its biggest advantage – it is extremely sophisticated and unique in shape. No item in your house can compete with it regarding beauty and luxury.

Today’s article aims to provide you with all the information you need to help you find the best chandelier for your foyer. We’ll cover issues and potential problems that need to be avoided, as well as provide good examples of the most searched chandeliers for you to use as a reference.

Most importantly, always make decisions based on what you really want and need. So, let me know your choice of chandelier for your foyer.

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