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How to Create Magnificent Indoor Gardens (Care and Decor Guide)

Indoor plants are the key to adding freshnessquality, and chicness to your interior environment. Living with plants is like waking up in a tropical paradise every day.

We are longing for the days when we spent a lot of time outside. Missing the fresh airsitting in the lush grass, and so much more.

I am dealing with this situation by adding more indoor plants to feel nature inside. I already have a little indoor garden which includes lots of succulents and some tropical plants.

During this quarantine time, starting your indoor garden from scratch can be fantastic for both an entertaining stay-home activity with your family and to enhance your indoor air quality.

So I prepared this article to start your indoor plant journey today with confidence. When will there be a better time than now?

If you are looking for more inspiration, check out Indoor House Plants Decor for more decor ideas.

Hanging Plants

Hanging Plants

Heart-Leaf Philodendron

Heart-Leaf Philodendron is one of the most naturally fast-growing plants, and it also has excellent tolerance to low light conditions. It also removes indoor air pollution.

You need to keep the soil moist through spring to fall, but in wintertime, allow the surface to dry between waterings. If you see yellow leaves, this means you are overwatering.

Tropical plants like Heart-Leaf Philodendron need to be watered with lukewarm water; room temperature water will work.

Spider Plants

Spider Plants

Spider plants also help you to remove indoor air pollution. However, it needs more care in watering. You need to emplace it near the sunlight, semi-sunlight will also be fine.

Using all-purpose potting soil makes the plant grow well. Spider plant needs to be well watering, which means that you cant allow the soil completely dry.

However, dry out between some waterings (once a month) will make it happy.

Hanging Plants Decorating Ideas

These are types of hanging plants because their leaves grow so fast and long like ivy, but keep in mind that hanging these plants is not the only option.

        1. If you want to hang a plant, hanging a group of plants is a better idea. Group them with at least three plants, and then arrange the pots with different heights. It will make the plants shine in your space in comparison to using only a plant.
        2. You can place your plants on bookshelves or plant platforms to layer them. On a bookcase, it is better to put your hanging plants on top of it. It will create a beautiful continuity upside down.
Decorating Ideas for hanging plants

You can confidently use hanging plants with casual interior design styles such as Bohemian Style, Scandinavian Style, Farmhouse home style, Coastal Chic interior style, and Western home style.

Succulents / Moisture-Storing Plants

What I love about succulents is that these plants can quickly reproduce. You can buy just one succulent plant and increase the number by propagation.

snake plants taking care and decor ideas

Snake Plant

The snake plant has excellent tolerance for neglect, and it is effortless to grow. It produces oxygen, and at night it removes carbon dioxide.

You need to allow the soil to dry between waterings. In winter, your watering schedule for snake plants has to include more intervals.

A snake plant is the first plant I have ever had, and I love it so much. Even though my cat has attempted to kill the plant several times, it survives.

aloe vera plants taking care and decor ideas

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a widespread house plant, and it is also known as a medical plant. Areas with semi-sun are the perfect location for this plant.

It can store water in its leaves, so you can wait for the soil to dry between waterings. Like snake plants, aloe vera also produces oxygen, and at night it removes carbon dioxide.

Aloe Vera has been used for over 100 medical and cosmetic products. Growing this plant in your house will give you a bonus: you can use its leaves as a moisturizing face mask.

Cactus and Succulents
succulents taking care and decor ideas

Cactuses and Succulents

As we all know, cactuses and succulents are desert plants that can store water in their leaves. They are ready for any harsh conditions from the time they start growing.

In a nutshell, you have to try to kill them (but we don’t want that). Neither type of plant needs much water, so it is better to allow the soil to dry between waterings.

The only way to kill these plants is overwatering; you need to be careful about it.

The best space for these plants has bright, indirect light from outdoors. Too much sun can cause sunburn damage.

Fun fact: cactuses can have the power to absorb radiation in your room, and I think this makes it an excellent indoor plant.

Decorating Ideas

Moisture-Storing Plants are perfect for those who want to create an indoor garden but don’t know a lot about plants.

Let’s move on with decorating ideas:

        1. Because the cactus is a plant that can absorb radiation, it is better to place it near your electronic devices (computer, wifi, tv).
        2. For snake plants, make sure to use a bigger pot because this plant’s growth potential is enormous. In this case, you cannot put a large pot on top of anything. You can place it near your couch, console table, or tv unit. You can use a smaller pot if you decide to propagate the plant.
        3. Succulents and Cactuses have a lot of species. I recommend using these varieties and choose different shapes, colors, and flower types.
cactus species

4. Succulents are small size plants so that you can plant them into your old coffee mug. Or using a large pot, planting them in groups works well too. Make sure to go for colorful choices.

indoor gardens plants decor

Tree-Type Plants

dragon tree decor idea

Dragon Trees

Dragon Trees are the best known and fastest to grow compared to other dracaenas. It is very successful at removing toxins in the air.

It has excellent resistance to low light and dry air. So, if you are a beginner, don’t worry; it is tough to kill this plant 🙂

Try to keep the soil moistbut in the winter, it is better to let the soil be slightly drier than usual.

rubber plant taking care and decor ideas

Rubber Plants

Rubber plants prefer low light and cooler temperatures. It is one of the best household plants to remove indoor air pollution.

Let the soil dry between waterings throughout the year.

Tree-Type Plants Decorating Ideas


I advise getting at least one Tree-Type plant in your home. Because of the enormous size, you may not have space for this kind of plant but give it a chance.

        1. Considering rubber plant preferences, you can place the plant in low light areas. This can give you more decor opportunities for your home, which you cannot have by choosing other types of plants.
        2. You can use Tree-Type plants as a natural window covering. Placing the plant in front of your windows allows you to create a natural shutter and shadow.


indoor gardens plants decor

It’s your turn! Use this list to start a beautiful indoor garden.

If these are not enough for you to start your indoor garden, what other plants would you use?

Feel free to add comments or suggestions below; I am more than happy to help! 🙂


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