interior design idea by using color

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5 Interior Design Ideas Using Color

Have you just started, or have you been thinking of changing your home design and are feeling a little overwhelmed because you’re not sure which color will give the right mood or how to use patterns to decorate your home?

It can be challenging to know where to start, but my tips will help you decide what you want and take the first step to begin without feeling overwhelmed. 

Magazines can be a great place to look for inspiration, but we all know that no home is like that in real life. You will be better off using ideas that will be timeless instead of temporary trends. 

These tips are timeless, easy to apply, and budget-friendly. I’m saying budget-friendly because these tricks are about creating a home you love without spending a lot of money.

Below are some common problems that people have when starting to decorate their homes.

Knowing how to solve these problems is the key to home decoration.


Room Painting Ideas to Create the Right Mood


The mood you want to create in a room will significantly impact your color scheme selection. It’s a great way to help you narrow down your color choices. You can make it feel dramatic or casual, happy or low-key, or active or calm.

How can you do that?

It all starts with creating a color palette for your unique design, as every design begins. I recommend you start by creating your color palette.

If you want to liven up or bring energy into a room, you should use warm colors. Warm colors include all colors on the color wheel from red-violet to yellow. Let’s visualize it.

room paintin ideas for create mood
create mood with color
warm color palette

On the other hand, if you want to create a calm, relaxing feeling (perhaps in your bedroom or master bathroom), stay with the cool colors; these include from purple to yellow-green on the color wheel.

I would love to use neutrals like black, white, and grey to help create a calm, relaxing feeling.

interior design ideas by using color
interior design ideas by using color

To create dramatic space, be sure to incorporate dark hues like navy, black, and/or anthracite grey as your neutral; for other colors, red and gold can help create drama.

Looking at examples can help you understand this skillful use of color.

interior design idea
interior design idea

If you always wanted to create a space for you and your family where you can focus and work, such as a homework space for your kids or your home office, you can re-decorate just a corner in your house instead of a whole room.

I would use white and beige as neutral colors and add some cool colors like green, blue, and purple. Plants are the best way to use green color.

Look what I’m referring to:

home decoration idea


DIY Painting Hacks to Take Any Room to the Next Level


Knowing these hacks is everything, and I mean that.

Your home may not be in magazines. You cannot change your home plan, but you can trick the eye and change your rooms’ feelings and perspectives.

You can choose to change your home or continue to complain about it. Color is magic when it comes to tricking the eye. 

For your home color you can:

  • Fix awkward spaces
  • Make the room appear larger or smaller
  • Completely change the mood of the room by merely changing its color scheme

If you are wondering how to do this, you are in the right place. 

Let’s assume that you have the smallest living room in the world, and you are trying to make it appear larger than it isUse a lighter, cooler paint color, and this will make your walls feel as if they are receding from you.

Another trick to make space feel larger is to paint the walls and all of the trim, including your ceiling, window, and floor moldings in the same color. You can also include your window treatments, if possible. 

For example, if you have white treatments, try to make them all white instead of choosing different colors. This will keep the space from feeling chopped up.

What color should my furnishings be in small spaces?


You may think that if we use lighter colors on walls to appear larger, then furnishings should be lighter hues as well, but no.

Here is why: If you use lighter colors in furniture that makes the furniture appear larger and if your furniture looks more prominent, your room will look smaller.

So choose darker hues, which will make the furniture appear smaller.

Let’s move on with creating a more intimate and smaller feeling in the space.

Use a warmer or darker paint color. We use it in fashion too; everybody knows that wearing black will make you look smaller.

Coloring the window, floor, and ceiling moldings contrasting to your wall color also makes the room look smaller. It visually breaks up space, and it makes the room appear smaller.

For the furniture, use lighter colors to make them appear larger.

How about narrow rooms?


You can apply the same color principles, of course. I would recommend a dark wall color or wallpaper on the shorter or end wall to balance the room. Then using lighter paint colors on the longer walls makes them appear as if they are receding.

Paint is not an easy issue if you know nothing about it. However, it is easy to learn. Before you go shopping, make sure to know these answers.

Here is a hilarious video about wall painting ideas using ordinary tools. Seeing what other people do is always an excellent way to boost creativity.

How to change Hue with Texture Fabric


Colors are utilized on things like walls, rugs, furniture, floors, etc. Each of these things has a unique texture. We don’t want to underestimate the power of texture because it has a significant impact on how we read colors.

I’ll cover what you NEED to know about how texture impacts color.


If you have neutral color schemes in your room or house, you have to cover up that cold and flat view using different texture types.

Make sure that you introduce many different types of texture instead of changing or adding new colors to your color scheme to make your room appear warm and inviting.

For example, you could have a dark brown coffee table, but you should pair that with light wood tables. Do not go for a matchy look.

These days, buying everything in a set for ideal interior design is long gone. Today it’s much more about creating a personalized look.

Going back to the example, you may then choose to have a leather sofa. If you add a soft wool throw on the arm, it will soften the look of the couch and pair it with a fabric-covered chair such as a linen-like material.

The other tip for a neutral color scheme is to add some drama to your space; perhaps you could add a beautiful crystal chandelier or a funky bronze light fixture to this room along with an abstract painting with muted tones.

Having various textures in a room is always a good idea, no matter what your home color scheme is. Without texture, your design will likely fall flat, and you will notice that something seems off (especially for neutral and monochromatic color schemes).

Be aware that texture can change the appearance of a color. Red will look different if applied on lacquer finish vs. on cotton fabric.

Shiny Surfaces = color will read more intense and cooler.

Heavy Fabrics / Textile = color will read darker and warmer.

Effective Use of Pattern for Home Decoration


I know that many people shy away from using patterns in their own homes because they are afraid of making a design mistake.

Well, I am here to break it all down for you so you can feel confident and comfortable, bringing some great patterns into your own home.

Using patterns can really elevate the overall design of a room from good to great. There are really 2 main ways to mix patterns well.

Option 1

 Use the same color palette in your patterns, so you could mix geometric patterns as long as you have the same colors in each of the patterns.

interior design tips
interior design tips

Option 2 

Stick with a similar style in your patterns and change the color instead.

interior design ideas by using color

Here are some tips to ensure that the room looks pulled together and not chaotic.

Tip 1

The safest approach is choosing one bold pattern as a focal point.

For example, use a bold pattern in your rug but don’t use other bold patterns that are competing with that pattern. Of course, you can add more patterns, but be sure that they are more subdued or muted.

interior design ideas by using color

Tip 2

Limit the use of bold patterns to average or larger sized rooms. It’s a safer design choice in small rooms to keep your patterns more modest and straightforward.

Tip 3

Rugs, window coverings, wallpaper, artwork, or a large piece of furniture can be excellent places for bold patterns.

If you love having multiple and different patterns on your throw pillows, it will look best if you vary the sizes in your pillows.

Another safe way to use patterns is; using the same one in multiple items in the room. You could have the same pattern on your pillows and your window coverings.

Final note, what I love about using patterns is that this is one of the easiest ways to pick a color scheme for a room.

Just go find a pattern you love, then use the colors in that pattern to create your room’s color scheme. This is a common interior design approach that you can use confidently.

The Designer Idea


I am going to share with you a standard technique that designers use most of the time. It’s the fifth wall of the room, also known as the ceiling.

I can hear you say, What? Who cares about the ceiling? Nobody is looking at the ceiling. Yeah, I know, but it’s a hidden decorating opportunity. 

Let’s look at a comparison:

interior design idea by using color
interior design idea by using color

The first tip is painting your ceiling 2-3 shades darker than your wall colors as long as your wall color is not white. If you have darker wall colors, then try 2-3 shades lighter than your wall.

If your walls are white, you can feel free to use color in your ceiling, but it has to be in your color scheme. Stay away from non-neutral colors like blue.

Do not paint all the ceilings in your home because it can look cheesy. Use it where you want to create a powerful effect.

Here is a recommendation:

You can consider painting the ceiling black in the formal living room, the dining room, or the home library.

But of course only if you used black elsewhere in the room. If not, it can feel out of place. After you do this and it still seems out of place, then try to add some black elements to harmonize.

PS: Wallpaper is also used on ceilings. It can create a dramatic effect, but be careful before you do this!

Why did I call this budget-friendly?

You may not change the whole room, but these tips can take your place to the next level without spending much. All you need are paint tools and a small box of paint.

Or if you have these, you can start decorating right away without spending any money.

Look how paint can change an old piece of furniture.

I think that covers just about all of the easy ways to make changes and take your home to the next level.

Which one is your favorite? Are you going to try any of the above that you feel will work really well?

I would love to hear from you in the comment section below! I am also here to answer any questions you might have!

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