Greatest Interior Design Styles and How to Bring it in Your Home

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Greatest Interior Design Styles and How to Bring it in Your Home

When I start on a new project, the first thing I do is try to understand what kind of interior design style reflects my client’s personality and will be in comfort.

To achieve that, I mention significant features of different interior design styles and take notes of what they love or don’t love.

These pros and cons lead me to one or two home decor styles that my clients absolutely will be in love with. 

That is it! After this decision, everything naturally blends each other to create a unique home.

Finding your style in interior design is the best start-up. It is like the first piece of a puzzle.

You may not know your interior style or have not discovered it yet. Let me help you find your interior style with a fun process.

Take a piece of paper and write these categories; furniture style, color schemes, and the story behind the style of interior design.

Start reading and learning about interior design styles (below). Every time you skip to another style, mark the categories you like in that style.

In the end, you have a complete list that can help you find the design style that suits your needs.

There is no rule about “You can only have one decorating style”. Feel free to combine different types of interior design styles.

You can absolutely create a more unique environment by combining design styles.

I suggest you take a look at this Interior Design Styles board, which contains ideas to inspire you.

For those wondering about the second thing I do to create cohesive interiors and design projects, select interior colors.

You can define your interior colors after establishing your style, and the colors will be the second piece of your puzzle (home decor project).

Contemporary Interior Design Style

Contemporary interiors are fluid and ever-changing. This interior style simply refers to the style of the moment.

Some of the characteristics of this style are;

  • Clean lines, whether it is horizontal or vertical, dominates Contemporary interior style
  • This style is definitely a minimalist and feels more masculine
  • Creates the perfect combinations of smooth and rough surfaces

I heard that most people use the term modern when referring to the Contemporary interior design style. These are two distinct and different styles.

A modern refers to a particular style in interior design, which is called Mid-Century Modern.

Contemporary Interior Design Style

How to Bring Contemporary Style in Your Home


The best way to achieve a Contemporary style design interior is to follow interior design trends and color trends.

In recent years, minimalism in interiors, natural materials, straight, solid, clean lines in furniture pieces, and neutral colors are the design trends.

However, in the next decades, we will see that the Contemporary style evolves to soft nude color tones, fluffy and low profile furniture pieces, and whatever the future trends will bring us.

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Mid-Century Modern Style Homes

Retro-inspired style Mid-Century Modern (Mid-Mod) has had a resurgence over the last decade.

Originally it became popular in 1940-1950. We can absolutely say that this style is the beginning of modernized interiors.

Today’s Mid-Century Modern style design interiors have an updated and fresh look but always regard the original style and iconic furniture pieces.

This style has own soo many iconic pieces searched by collectors in the ’50s, but now you can easily find Mid-Modern pieces at a great price point.

Mid Century Modern Interior Details

How to Bring Mid-Century Modern Style in Your Home


Mid-Century Modern is the most effortless style that exists to decorate. You can choose to use iconic furniture pieces, and I encourage that because they will look fabulous no matter what.

Furniture pieces of this style are employed clean lines using straight and curved lines and generally raised off the floor with tall legs.

Most iconic pieces to use Mid-Century Modern style when decorating your home;

  • Barcelona Chair
  • Jacobsen Egg Chair
  • Eames Lounge Chair
  • Tulip Chair and Table
  • Tree trunk coffee tables, side tables, or dining chairs

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Mediterranean Interior Design Style

If you ever have a chance to be in Mediterranean countries such as Italy, Turkey, Spain, and Greece, you can feel this style influences inside out.

I will do my best and try to make you feel like you were on the Mediterranean coasts.

Mediterranean home decor style has impressive staying power as a style, and I don’t see it going away anytime soon.

Mediterranean style pieces have lots of varieties. You can choose to have a formal look or casual look with ease.

Do you know what the best thing about this style is? It has chosen to use the best interior design items from the collections of countries that it represents.

Mediterranean House Decor

How to Bring Mediterranean Interior Style in Your Home


Mediterranean style interior design uses gorgeous colors in its color scheme, reflecting the Mediterranean sea, sky, and natural surroundings.

Colors like lavender, greens, cobalt blue, terra cotta have a significant impact on this style that you should be incorporate.

The furniture pieces are more curved lines, sit lowers to the ground, and chunky.

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Transitional Style Interior Design

Transitional is a timeless and classic style that indicates both masculine and feminine features.

This style can be described as traditional with a contemporary twist or an updated version of the classic style. We can say this style is comfortable and uncomplicated to decorate.

Transitional is the best style to decorate for who wants to add a modern twist to their classic house or undecided between these two beautiful design styles.

Transitional Home Decor Style

How to Bring Transitional Style in Your Home


There are two different approaches to achieve Transitional style interior design;

  • Mix Traditional pieces with Contemporary ones

For example, you can use traditional style dining chairs with a contemporary style dining table. 

  • Use furniture pieces that designed for Transitional style

These are the furniture pieces with traditional elements (such as a tufted sofa or curved legs) but use contemporary trends and colors.

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French Country Home Decor Style

Like its name, this style represents flower and lavender covered hills in the French countryside with beautiful homes. French country style referred to as rustic french as well.

This is not the same style as modern french, so it is comfortable and casual but still carries the French elegance and chicness.

French Country style can work for your home no matter where you live in the world.

French Country Style Interior Design

How to Decorate Your Home with French Country


French country furniture pieces have adornments and hand carving, particularly in legs. However, it is not the formal french style, so heavy ornaments are not used in this style.

One of the classic pieces of this style is French Bergere chairs.

This style of furniture pieces generally looks like they have been painted multiple times. So if you have old furniture, you can make it look like a french style with simple chalk paint.

French country style loves to use floral patterns in wallpapers and home accessories.

Learn More to decorate French Country Style


Minimalism in interiors is originated in Scandinavian countries. The goal is to create calm, clean, and functional interior aesthetics.

This is the actual lifestyle goal for the people who live in Nordic countries, and it is called “Hygge.”

The concept includes all the simple pleasures of life, and you need to embrace it if you want to achieve minimalism with your life and home style.

In this interior design style keeping interior space as light and as bright as possible is essential.

Minimalist Interior Design Style

How to Bring Minimalism into Your Home


Furniture pieces of this style are nearly always has composed of the wood frame, just like the Mid-Century modern. This two style has a lot of common features in furniture pieces.

As you can guess, you need to incorporate natural material, lots of wood tones in interiors, and for house color schemes neutral colors.

You need to keep the word “decluttering” in your mind, every step you take to decorate your minimalist style home.

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Industrial Style Interior Design

Industrial interior style is a style that originated out of necessity.

People began to convert old factories into loft apartments to solve limited real estate problems in New York City. This is where the Industrial home decor style comes from.

Industrial style is easy to infuse into any other interior design style. You can confidently mix your home decor style with industrial pieces, and they will fit perfectly. 

This style intends to display materials that make the interior elements like in light fixtures, furniture pieces, walls, etc.

Industrial Interiors

How to Bring Industrial Decor into Your Home


Almost all industrial style furniture pieces have sharp, clean lines and structured in a low profile.

Metal and wood are the most common materials to use in this style. All kinds of metal items from stainless steel to copper can use in the industrial home style.

Some of the popular pieces of Industrial style are;

  • Aviator Chair
  • Metal Bar Stools
  • Concrete Tables
  • Old wooden trunk as a coffee table

Learn More to decorate Industrial Interiors

Bohemian Style

This style is for who love;

  • Bold patterns
  • Mixing materials and colors
  • Macrame
  • Moroccan style puffs and decors
  • Indoor Plants

If everything is acceptable (above), then Bohemian is the right home decor style for you.

Bohemian style is all about creating an environment within your personality. There are no rights or wrongs in the Boho Chic style.

If you know how to mix patterns and use interior colors, you don’t need to worry about combinations at all.

Layering is key. Find different textures, materials to layer them into your rug, pillows, curtains.

Bohemian style home decor

How to Bring Boho Chic to Your Interiors


As I said, this is the most personalized interior design style. I can give you some suggestions, but you have to listen to yourself.

Bohemian style furniture pieces are called as Eclectic. The goal in Boho style is mismatched furniture.

Combine a velvet sofa with a bamboo chair, or you can even use French Bergere chairs instead. Anything with an ethnic vibe will easily blend in Bohemian style interior design.

Today’s boho interiors are using neutral color schemes but with a lot of different textures and patterns.

Whatever your home decoration is now, you can easily apply this style by add visual interest with patterns and textures in your pillows, rugs, wall decor, and other home accessories.

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Farmhouse Style Interior Design

There is nothing more American than a Farmhouse style. It is cozy, comfortable, and rustic.

Farmhouse style has an old history, and it has lots of furniture pieces in common with other countryside interior styles (French Country, English Country).

This style prefers to use materials that were common in the area. Farmhouse style is a combination of both practicality and chicness.

The kitchen is the biggest and the most important room in the home for Farmhouse interiors. 

Farmhouse style interior design

How to Bring Farmhouse Style into Your Home


You can easily create the Farmhouse look by combining American antiques with simple furniture. 

What you will see back in the early days of Farmhouse style, you will still see today.

Items like rocking chair and wood benches on your foyer, in front of your bed, or seating in the dining table are irreplaceable elements of this decor style.

Neutral colors and reclaimed wood are one of the musts. You should always add subdued colors to your color scheme combinations.

Learn More about  Farmhouse Style Interiors

Traditional Style Interiors

If you think that the Traditional style is dated, I can say that this style will never be out of style. Traditional style refers to a classic style as well.

Traditional style indicates lots of adornments, antiques, curved pieces, oriental rugs, and floral prints in interiors.

These classic pieces can easily mix with any other design style. Don’t forget that one of the most requested style (Transitional Style) today has originated from Traditional.

We can say that this style is ready for freshness.

Traditional style bedroom decor

How to Bring Traditional Style into Your Home


Creating Traditional style is all about using formal symmetry. You can do that by purchasing most of your items in pairs.

Original furniture pieces of this style are expensive because they are antiques. However, you can find most of these features, such as leg styles and ornaments in most furniture retailers at a reasonable price.

Modern traditional pieces like leather Chesterfield sofa, skirted chairs, and sofas are so popular. Tufting is another common feature in modern traditional furniture pieces.

Learn More to decorate Traditional Style

Coastal Chic

The goal of the Coastal Chic style is to create a calm and relaxing vibe. This style aims to make you feel like you are living on the coast throughout the year.

Coastal chic style interiors try to maximize the use of natural light throughout the home. Sealife decor elements are the key to Coastal Chic decor style.

Because this style represents beach life, you need to incorporate it with easy-to-use materials such as rattan, cotton, and wood.

coastal chic wallart

How to Bring Coastal Chic into Your Home


Generally, this style’s furniture pieces have curved lines and love to use slipcovers.

Slipcovers on chairs or sofas are perfect for Coastal Chic style because you dont need to worry about getting your furniture pieces dirty when you are coming from the beach and falling into your sofa.

Rattan chairs are favorites of Coastal Chic style indoors and outdoors.

The Coastal Chic style has a distinct color palette. You can confidently use neutrals, but you need to incorporate various blue shades, and blue undertoned greens like turquoise if you want to use colors.

Learn More to decorate Coastal Chic

Imagine your lifestyle, your furniture pieces, your home and tell me;

What is the best style for you?

The answer to the question will be your first step in your home decoration project. I think the next step will be learning more about your design style.

I believe that everyone deserves to live in their dream home—happy decorating 🙂

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