3 Powerful Item to Make Your Kitchen Feel Like French Country

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3 Powerful Items to Make Your Kitchen Feel Like French Country

You heard me, with only these 3 decor items, it is possible to change your kitchen environment in French Country style.

Decorating French Country kitchens has some key elements that you can use to adapt this style to your existing kitchen style.

I will share these items, which are easy to integrate, and then we discuss how you can apply them.

Every step, we will try to boost your kitchen elegancy to feel the old world charm, French Country style.

Are you willing to try?

If you decide that you want to create your own French Country kitchen design here are some ideas;

  • Be sure to incorporate cream, dark brown, or grey-blue cabinets with a combination of glass and raised panel doors for your French Country kitchen.
  • French Country style loves to use tumbled stone backsplash in kitchen decor. If it is not on your budget, then there are plenty of options in wallpapers today, and they look like an original.
  • If you have space, it will be helpful to organize some open shelves.
  • Farmhouse style sink will perfectly fit in your overall French Country kitchen decorations.
  • If you have or want a kitchen island, French Country style prefers to use patterned stone countertop.
french country style kitchen decor

Before we dig into these items; If you wonder, What does the french country kitchen look like? I want you to follow up on the French Country Style board to get your daily dose of inspiration.

#1 Add Some Home Accessories which has French Country Style Colors


Colors are such an essential issue in every part of interior design, and French Country is a style that you can use exiting colors.

Red, yellow, orange, pink, and purple, you can use the color wheel in maximum capacity.

However, I have some warnings for you;

  • If you already have bright colors in your kitchen, try to use subdued tones in your home accessories rather than adding other hues.
  • If you don’t have colors (neutral kitchen palette), you can add complementary colors in your home accessory.

What are those Home Accessories?


You already know that flowers are stars if you are a massive fan of French Country decor. Wildflower decor is inevitable.

One of the ideas for French Country kitchen that I want you to try is to use wildflowers and change the colors over time to find your perfect accent colors before you buy anything new.

Find a perfect accent color to your unique kitchen, and then you are good to go.

french country home accessory
Wildflower decor

Another signature decor elements are cooking tools made of copper. Any copper pots and pans are known to use as a decor element in French Country kitchens.

Hang some copper pots by adding wrought iron hardware, or place them into your open shelves.

french country kitchen backsplash decor idea

Wrought iron is a significant material. If you have a chance, I suggest you use it.

Wrought iron candle holders, appliances, clock, and any other home accessories that come in your mind is available for decorating in French Country kitchens.

Don’t forget to add some antique pieces.

kitchen decor accessory

#2 Trendy Furniture Pieces in French Country Kitchens


It is necessary to use at least one piece of furniture that defines the design style you wanted. Finding seating to reflect French Country style is an effective way to feel it in your overall kitchen design.

If you have open-plan or dining chairs in your kitchen, it is time to change them with iconic French Country style chairs.

Chairs and tables may not be in your kitchen, don’t worry, we can still add a piece of French Country kitchen chairs or bar stool in your kitchen to use occasionally.

French Country style has significant features on its furniture legs such as fluted, country cabriole leg style. You can confidently use any chairs with leg style one of these to add French Country vibe in your kitchen.

Flueted Leg Dining Table

Mix and match dining chairs are also trendy in this style.

Adding two Fauteuil Chairs at both ends of your dining table, another idea to adapt French Country style into your kitchen if you think it will look cohesive with your old chairs.

For a modern French Country kitchen look, you can use white slipcover to your existing chairs and combine with the light fixture in that style is enough to create a perfect balance and a combination of Farmhouse-French friendship.

Look at this;

White Slipcover Chairs and Modern Chandelier

#3 Change your Lighting for French Country Kitchen Atmosphere


Light fixtures are always a way to strengthen interior design styles.

Plus, finding lighting in French Country style is so easy because it has a very distinctive fixture, it will instantly bring a French vibe in your kitchen.

For lighting, in French Country style kitchen chicest choice would be a wrought iron and crystal chandeliers.

Chandeliers with mini lampshades and french empire style are models you can choose as French Country kitchen lighting without hesitation.

If you have a modern kitchen and think these options have not fit in, you can always go for more contemporary chandelier models, which will add a chic and the French Country feel in your kitchen.

What do you think about these changes? Are you willing to try?

Let me know if I can help with anything, or do you have any questions?

Feel free to comment below. I am more than happy to answer.Happy decorating 🙂

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