How To Decide If Lighted Mirrors for Bathrooms Is Best For You

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How To Decide If Lighted Mirrors for Bathrooms Is Best For You

If you want to know anything about lighted mirrors for bathrooms, ask me!

Having a bathroom mirror that is not only nice to look at, but is functional, can be a major deciding factor in bathroom remodel costs and plans. Lighted mirrors for bathrooms provide lighting in the room and on themselves, so that way, you get the most out of your bathroom space and design. But are they suitable for everyone or just for certain people?

Recently on Houzz, I came across a post where an amateur bathroom remodeler wanted to know what backlit mirrors were and if they were ideal for her bathroom project. That makes me aware that there are a lot of unknown facts about these types of lighting for bathroomsFor example, if you haven’t used them before, you probably don’t know how to turn them off/on, do they dimmable, or do backlit mirrors provide sufficient task lighting?

I summed them up in this article so that you’ll have everything right in one place. So let’s clear some burning questions about lighted mirrors then you can decide if it is best for your situation.

What are the Advantages of Lighted Mirrors for Bathrooms?

In the most general way, lighted mirrors have LED (bulbs or strips) lights on the back or front of the mirror. You can use various terms instead of lighted mirrors, like backlit mirrors, mirrors with backlighting, and vanity mirrors.

These different terms are for the location of the lighting, but in the matter of function and advantages, we can behave like they are the same.

backlit mirrors
lighted mirrors for bathrooms

I usually suggest having sconces or hanging pendants in addition to overhead lights as bathroom light fixtures. Having light fixtures that offer even lighting and minimize shadows for your bathroom vanity is so incredibly important, especially for applying makeup or shaving.

Backlit mirrors are another option that has grown and become very popular over the years. So here are some advantages of backlit mirrors:

  • These mirrors reflect an even quantity of light from all sides, eliminating unpleasant shadows and giving you a clear image in the mirror.
  • It provides a relaxing light flow to your bathroom space.
  • You can change the light intensity by purchasing dimmable; some even have a night light option.
  • Some backlit mirrors come with built-in defoggers.
  • If you don’t have room for pendants or sconces, lighted mirrors are the perfect option for your bathroom.
  • These mirrors also give you the perfect lighting for taking selfies 🙂

Are the Backlit Mirrors Provide Enough Lighting as Task Lighting?

It depends on the products. If you get some of the high-quality backlit mirrors, it provides sufficient lumens. However, some of the inexpensive options may give only mood lighting. So, you need to know that lumens vary, and you need to buy accordingly.

backlit mirrors for bathrooms

For various consumer needs, backlit mirrors are offered in warmer and cooler Kelvin values. Some mirrors will even provide you with different Kelvin degrees to change the value according to your need.

Backlit Mirrors have Frames or Don’t?

Both options are available, and you can choose to buy frames or frameless backlit mirrors. Some frames commonly preferred are stainless steel, wood, and aluminum.

How Many Different Shapes of Lighted Mirrors are Available?

The most common shapes you can find online are either rectangular or circular. However, many types of mirrors can LED lighted. You can be made customized LED backlights to the mirror you like or find a unique mirror on a site like Etsy.

Here are the Etsy stores you can find unique backlit mirrors:

How to Turn On/Off?

Most of the backlit mirrors can be used with a hardwired wall switch or a touch button to turn them on and off. But there are also more expensive mirrors on the market with touchless on/off features that you may activate or disable by waving your hand under the mirror, and even mirrors with motion sensor functionality.

What are the Best Interior Styles You Can Work with Lighted Mirrors for Bathrooms?

Unfortunately, backlit mirrors are not serving all interior styles because of their modern look. The best styles for lighted mirrors are Scandinavian, Contemporary, Urban Modern, Mid-Century and Transitional.

It is tough to carry the traditional look while using backlit mirrors in your decor; instead, use wall sconces or pendant lights for your bathroom light fixture.

bathroom light with mirror

The bottom line is that backlit mirrors are undeniably stunning. They offer fantastic versatility and can definitely wow guests when you show them off in your home.

With patience and the right tools, backlit mirror installation can be a fun weekend project.

I answered some questions that have most of us minds. However, if you have any other questions, you can comment below, and I will try to clarify that as well.

I hope you enjoy it! Check out DIY Interiors on Pinterest for more inspiration.

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