Little Girl Bedroom Inspiration Pink Heaven for Two Sisters

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Little Girl Bedroom Inspiration: Pink Heaven for Two Sisters

Designing a bedroom for a little girl is a joyful process that you need to bring into your work. This pink heaven is created for two sisters who are 2 and 4 years old.

This is one of the projects that I worked on, and we designed the entire house. So every room has different needs, and you should start planning with both considering the room and the user’s needs.

How can you decorate a bedroom for a little girl? These are the top things you should consider;

  • Functionality
  • Safety
  • Entertain

To solve the functionality issues, first, we talk to the house owners (parents). They present a clear view about how they want to use the room for these little sisters.

You should definitely ask some questions directly to the kids. I will discuss these later on.

They already have a hoppy, play and cinema room in the house. So these little girls and their big brother’s room are used for sleeping and storing their stuff. 

Let’s check on the design process, and then we can chat more detail about this transformation:

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The room is designed for these two sisters to prepare, do their hair, and dress up. The nanny can comfortably do both their hair on this vanity desk.

The wardrobe is big enough to get their clothes. The door of the cabinet has white lacquer, and it has brushed gold drawer pulls. Gold is a perfect accent color when pink is a primary.

The decor on the walls is made from wood and then coated with velvet rose pink fabric.

These have two significant purposes. The first one is we use it as a headboard and the second one is safety. They can bang their heads to the wall, but I am sure it will not hurt.

girl bedroom color ideas

How to Make a Color Decisions for a Girl Room

What I mention by saying, “you should ask some questions directly to the kids,” is asking about their color preferences. Colors are what we feel first when we get in any room before diving into details.

These little sisters are in love with the pink color. However, today’s most popular choice is to use neutral colors in the nursery room or a toddler bedroom.

However, if kids have an opinion about what their bedroom wants to be, you should listen to them.

Pink girl rooms shouldn’t need to be bright and loud pink shades. Like we did in this girl’s bedroom, it can be a soft and light background color, and you can add stickers, wall arts, or wallpapers to make it joyful.

These colors we try for the girls’ room are from Jotun. We need a warm undertoned light pink and decided to choose the top right one.

We will add some hand-painted wall stickers after the paint, so the best color for us to choose is muted and has a red undertone. The other colors seem like they have a purple (cool) undertone or are too dark.

Testing a paint color is a must. We think that every color we select will suit perfectly, but we instantly decide when we try the colors on the wall. 

Murals, Wallpapers and Wall Stickers

Murals, wallpapers, and hand-painted stickers are so popular these days to use in any room. Finding interesting murals adds character, theme, and entertainment into a room.

I am looking for some online designers who make handmade murals or stickers, and when I find them, I will make sure to share them with you.

If you ask me why you need handmade murals, simply they are unique, feel so natural, and you can easily make changes in colors or whatever you don’t like.

These are the colors that we tried on, and the hand-painted stickers, which are rainbows and balloons:

girl bedroom paint color ideas
girl room wallpaper
girl room wall decor
little girl room wallpaper
girl bathroom
little girl bathroom decor
bathroom tiles

We add a little color in the bathroom using a pink vessel sink, and I believe the sink is perfect for taking little girls’ attention.

If you like to see renovation projects like this one, you can check on the transitional style living room, master bedroom, big brother’s room, and lastly, the entire renovation images from this project.

If you like to see more renovation processes, you can comment below and let me know.

What do you think is the best bedroom color for a little girl?

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