How to Improve your Living Room Color Schemes Easily

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How to Improve your Living Room Color Schemes Easily

Combining colors well is an essential interior design secret to achieving cohesive and outstanding living rooms.

The living room is where you spend the most time in your home with your family and friends. Also, it is a place that you invite your guests.

There is no better way than starting to create a whole house color scheme with the living room.

It isn’t necessary to buy new things to change your living room environment. The only thing you need is to create your color palette for your living room.

If you ever visit my website before, you know that I am a believer that matching colors make a huge difference. I am calling you to redesign your living room color schemes.

Where do we start? 

Let me share with you my approach to selecting colors in interiors.

The purpose of interior styles is to guide us through furniture choices to color schemes to create harmony in interiors. I highly recommend you always start with selecting your design style.

However, you dont need to select and start over if you never thought of your living room style. You just need to decide what type of room you wanted and which style will fit your existing color scheme in your living room.

To do that, start making a list of your primary living room colors ( wall, furniture, rug, floor, etc.). Then read every style and color suggestions to find which will match with your list.

Don’t afraid to add colors. At the same time, don’t hesitate to declutter your existing color choices.

Eventually, you need 5-7 colors in a regular size living room.

# Minimalist Nordic Style Living Room Color Schemes

Minimalism needs to be accessible in your whole living room and, most notably, in your color palette.

Dont hesitate to incorporate these colors if you have neutral colors in your whole house color scheme.

The most preferable nordic style living room colors are white, black, grey, and brown. I can visualize these colors for you with this living room scenario; white walls, wood floors, black or grey furniture pieces.

minimalist living room colors

If you already have lots of neutrals into your living room color schemes, you can add accent colors such as yellow, green, red, and various blues.

The best way to add accent colors is in your artwork, pillowcases, or home accessories.

Always keep in mind to emphasize minimalism. So, choose one or a maximum of two accents in your living room color palette.

Creating monochromatic living room color schemes with a greyscale is another way to develop Scandinavian style color schemes.

To avoid creating tedious spaces, you need to incorporate with a lot of textures in neutral or monochromatic color schemes.

Minimalist Nordic Style Living Room Color Schemes

# Bright and Loud Bohemian Living Room Palettes

Bohemian style is known for its use of colors. Bohemian interiors mix bold patterns and lots of colors.

However, today’s bohemian style houses prefer to use neutral color palettes and lots of textures.

Whichever color scheme you want to use in your living room, you have to use patterns to create ideal boho living rooms.

Using patterns is a tricky thing if you dont know-how. In neutral color schemes, it doesn’t matter how many different patterns you have in your room because your patterns will become a star of your room.

However, if you want to create a colorful living room palettes and use patterns, I recommend you stick with one pattern style and use different colors.

You have limitless color ideas for bohemian living room color schemes. Here are some do’s and don’t when applying and creating your living room color schemes;


  • Try to use monochromatic color schemes
  • Use different colors in your patterns
  • Creating matchy look


  • Limit your color options to 5-7
  • Use colors in your rug, pillow covers, home accessories, wall art, or an accent chair
  • Use lots of different textures
Bright and Loud Bohemian Living Room Palettes

# Traditional Living Room Schemes

Traditional style living rooms love to use dark wood tones such as cherry and mahogany. If already using these materials, try to match with beige, taupe cream, or white in your living room color schemes.

To create an extraordinary look in your traditional style home, try to incorporate burgundy or navy. You can add these colors to your living room palette to use in your accent walls or furniture.

Using these colors will make your traditional style furniture pieces to pop-up even more.

Don’t forget to add some bold colors in your color palettes to use in your wall art and home accessories.

Traditional Living Room Schemes

# Rustic and Country Style Living Room Colors

Rustic and country style interiors use simplicity theme in overall house color schemes. What I mean by simplicity theme is to use of pale neutral colors, reclaimed wood materials.

Furniture pieces, wall paint, or other primary color choices are generally using white or cool undertoned neutral colors.

The fun side of these styles living room colors is accent choices. I want you to imagine you are taking a walk in the countryside, think of the perfect tones of flowers around you.

rustic living room color palette

Nature will be your accent colors in your living room if you want to use this style.

Add rose pink, butter yellow, muted green, or sky blue in your color palette for the living room.

Rustic and Country Style Living Room Colors

# Contemporary Living Rooms

Contemporary interior style is referred as a style of the moment. This style of color schemes will change over the decades. 

For that reason, you can add your living room color schemes to the year’s color trends.

Common trends in interiors are using natural material colors and neutral colors in the living spaces. We are talking about a lot of beiges, greys, brown, white, and black.

If you love to see raw material colors in your living rooms, try to minimize your color choices and add some bright accent colors.

In this style, pastel colors in living room color schemes are not acceptable; instead, always work with bright colors. 

Burnt orange and Persian blue are some of the bright colors you can confidently use.

Contemporary Living Rooms

Here is how you can quickly improve your living room colors. Find what will work best for you and start creating color schemes for your living room.

You wouldn’t believe how colors can change and refresh your space. If you dont know where to begin, finding the best paint color for your living room can help you build your color schemes.

What are your favorite living room style and color choices?

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below. Your questions will help others too.

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