Get Inspired by These Images of Breathtaking Log Cabin Interior and Furniture

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Get Inspired by These Images of Breathtaking Log Cabin Interior and Furniture

You will be fascinated by the interior of this log cabin and out-of-ordinary furniture pieces.

Log cabins are becoming more popular in today’s rental vacations and hotels.

My boyfriend and I decided to plan our winter break in a treehouse or log cabin concept.

So first, we searched for places to feel a unique experience. Then, we found this coziest log cabin.

You should check on the images before we dig into the interior details of the log cabin.

Log Cabin Interior
Log Cabin Interior Style
Log Cabin
Log Cabin Homes

It is evident that every little detail was thoughtful and part of the design.

All the materials used in this log cabin were selected from natural materials and antiques.

From the doors to walls, they carry the idea of creating a log cabin using stone and wood inside and outside, they succeeded. There is no other option than to use wood flooring in a log cabin.

If you want to use materials other than natural stones and wood, you should think twice. When designing the interior of a log cabin, it shouldn’t feel too modern.

You have to balance both feelings, living in a log cabin with a modern one. Otherwise, you have not entirely accomplished the idea of the log cabin.

In this log cabin interior, most decorative accessories are enjoyable. However, you should check on the bathroom. The owners made a faucet out of a teapot.

Also, they used a watering can instead of a showerhead. They made everything with the owner’s imagination.

wood cabin house
Log Cabin Decor Ideas
Log Cabin Interior Bathroom
Log Cabin Bathroom
Log Cabin Style Bathroom
Log Cabin Bathroom Design
Stone Shower
Stone Shower Design

Log Cabin Interior and Furniture Details

There are two end tables on both sides of the bed and one coffee table in a room. All the tables are made from tree trunks. The bed frame is also made from wood.

The use of wood absolutely dominates the interior of the log cabin. The only items are light fixtures that we can see metal. 

They use cowhide rug and sheepskin throw on the seatings. These two materials are favorites of log cabins, and they feel the space cozier.

Log Cabin Bedroom
wood cabin house decor
Log Cabin Interior Styling
wood cabin house style
wood cabin house interior
light fixture
metal light fixture
cabin decor
Log Cabin Furniture
Log Cabin Decor
stone fireplace
cozy stone fireplace
wood cabinet
stone wall shelves
haning rack
wood furniture
wood seating
wood rack

They placed the stones out of the wall to use them as shelves. Another crazy fun detail is the rack made of forks and spoons.

I loved this place, and there are ten houses like this one, but the designs are slightly different. Also, there is a log cabin restaurant you can check on.

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