You Need to See this Attractive Log Cabin Restaurant and Bar Design

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You Need to See this Attractive Log Cabin Restaurant and Bar Design

This log cabin restaurant is a must-see if you are a fan of log cabin home designs. The restaurant’s exterior and interior are harmonious and feel like you walk in a small town apart from the city.

My boyfriend and I looked for places for our winter break. We wanted to plan our holiday to feel unique experiences.

I had never stayed in a log cabin, so we found this place. It is called “Yeşil Ev” (Green House) and is located in Bolu, Turkey. Most people come to Bolu in the winter season because it snows most of the time.

Unfortunately, we are not that lucky. It didn’t snow but seeing this place is makes me happy than ever.

Like kids in a jungle, we picked some woods to fire up our fireplace. I believe that everyone needs this kind of vacation.

The architecture and styling make us feel this way. You can check the log cabin interior we stayed in, but we will get inspired by the restaurant in the article.

log cabin restaurant
door handle
bar for log cabin
vine rack
log cabin restaurant interior
log cabin bar design
the log cabin bar
log cabin restaurant decor
log cabin restaurant outdoor
the log cabin restaurant
log cabin restaurant exterior
outdoor staircase

As you can see, every detail was thought. The door handles feel like they are randomly collected from the wood.

The interior style of this log cabin restaurant is all about mixing vintage with natural elements.

However, the first thing that caught my eye was the vine rack. They use tree trunks and make holes to put vine bottles. It is effortless, clever, and functional.

The fireplace inside the log cabin restaurant is the only thing that warms the space. So, they made a wise decision and used the fireplace to heat the water in the radiators.

If you are planning to construct a log cabin, you need ideas to make it as sustainable as it can. This log cabin is just as it is supposed to be.

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