Mediterranean Home Style,How to decorate

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Mediterranean Home Style: How to decorate

If you are a fan of Mediterranean home style decors or you want to decorate your whole house with this style, learn all the tricks of the trade here.

Just the word ‘Mediterranean’ makes me smile and reminds me of the beautiful Mediterranean and Aegean seas.

By this style, you can adapt your home atmosphere as if you live on the islands of Mykonos or Santorini.

Let’s break down the style so you can create it in your own home.

Mediterranean style is one of the timeless design styles, and I don’t see it going away anytime soon. You may have heard the term ‘Spanish Modern’ used instead of Mediterranean.

The elements of Mediterranean design have options for both casual and formal. So whatever your need is, this style provides all the opportunities for you.

The Mediterranean style has the best interior elements from the countries that represent it. Thus, if you select this style, it will make a world of difference in European chicness.

Mediterranean Home Style How to decorate

If you decide your home style is Mediterranean, keep reading, and I will cover everything you need to know before you start decorating.

You can follow the Mediterranean Decor board for daily inspiration. 

Mediterranean Style Furniture Pieces

The furniture pieces of this style are heavy.

Most of the time, this comes from ornately turned feet and very large tabletops.


Fun fact: Mediterranean people like to live or gather as big families; dining tables should be large enough to seat 8-12 people comfortably.

The silhouettes of the furniture style are:

      • more Curved than Straight
      • sits lower to the Ground
      • most of the furnishing has ornate hand carving
      • heavy and Chunky

Because comfort is key to a Mediterranean style, furniture pieces are covered with rich materials and pillows.

Mediterrenean Style Furniture Pieces

Pine armoires are one of the signature pieces of the Mediterranean style.  

What’s great about using pine wood is that it’s less expensive than other types of wood.

You’re not limited to using armoires only in your bedroom. You can use one as a linen closet or wherever you wish.

Other commonly used elements in Mediterranean style furniture are Moroccan poufs (so much fun).

Moroccan poufs



All types of wood materials are cohesive with this style, but dark wood tones are more preferred. 

You will also see the use of dark metals such as bronze, copper, and wrought iron, which is used in places like light fixtures, staircase railings, bed frames, and furniture hardware.

dark wood tones

You will see wool, cotton, and silk used in copious amounts for the soft materials of this style.



This style has gorgeous colors in its color scheme. The reflection of the Mediterranean sea, the sky, and natural surroundings create the style color palettes.

You can easily guess the colors which are commonly used in the Mediterranean style now.

gorgeous colors

Cobalt blue, rich purple, lavender, greens, peach, warm yellows, and terra cotta are the colors you need to create casual Mediterranean interiors.

For a Formal look, the colors you need to use are terracotta, burnt orange, warm yellow, and beige.

You can see that bold, bright colors in Mediterranean interiors are more frequently used than other interior design styles.

To break up all the color, you can incorporate white like with white plaster walls, white chairs, or maybe a white sofa.

Accessorize Your Mediterranean Style Home

Mediterranean style is in the front line of using patterns. Common patterns are Moroccan, arabesque, and ornate style.

Mediterranean interiors

Window Coverings


Dark wood shutters are the perfect choice for your window coverings if you don’t want to leave your windows uncovered. However, this style generally allows windows to be bare.

To make your home decor more casual, you can use white gauzy fabric for your curtains.

For a formal kind of look, you need heavier curtains with colorful choices. You can pick from the colors I mentioned above, such as terra cotta or warm yellow.

Wall Decor 


In original Mediterranean style houses, walls are nearly always textured with a layer of paint, glaze, or concrete.

If you want to style your home with this style from top to bottom, you must consider adding layers to your walls (in at least one room).

You can hire a professional for your walls or go to a home improvement store. You will need materials like faux painting kits that contain the right paints and glazes to do this all on your own.

Considering wall art, I think one of the unique ideas for this style is hanging serving platters as wall decor. These create a more eye-catching look than any painting.

Try to incorporate some Mediterranean style pattern choices.

In addition to that, you can also use colorful still life paintings.

Accessorize your Mediterranean style home

Furniture Decor Items


Well, I would encourage you to use unusual items that are the perfect fit for this style, such as colorful dishes, copper pots and pans, tapestries, and plants like palm trees.

Furniture Decor Items
decorating outdoor spaces

You can use candlestick holders, baskets, bowls, and trays, but don’t forget to incorporate them with the materials and colors, which define the Mediterranean style.

Decorating outdoor spaces in this style is essential, so don’t forget to add them to your outdoor areas.

Where Can You Find Mediterranean Style Furnishings?

This style has maintained a reasonably consistent level of popularity in the USA. So, it’s not hard to find Mediterranean style furnishings for your home.

For online shoppers: Casablanca Market, Chairish, Houzz.

Regarding cost, the casual Mediterranean style will be more affordable than the formal Mediterranean (like always).

If these are not enough for you to start decorating your home with Mediterranean style, what else do you need? 

Feel free to add comments or suggestions below; I am more than happy to help! 🙂

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