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6 Perfect Mid-Century Modern Dining Room Ideas and Furniture Combinations

You are not alone if you are stuck trying to combine furniture pieces for a mid-century modern dining room design!

Here are combinations that can lead you to finish styling your dining room with a mid-century modern style. In the end, it will look like an inspiring dining space on Instagram.

The best way to style a mid-century modern dining room is to combine chairs and tables, which work best with style. Therefore, mid-century modern furniture pieces are an indispensable part of modern homes.

Mid-century dining chairs and tables are timeless, versatile, and stylish. These are the reasons why so many people are in love with them.

So, what are essential items for a mid-century modern dining room?

  • A dining table with splayed or tapered legs.
  • Dining chairs with fully visible structures made of modern wood finishes. 
  • An iconic mid-century light fixture.
  • Modern art objects taste of yours.

If you are one of the mid-century style enthusiastic, you can learn every little detail about mid-century modern style to elevate your home style.

Modernize Minimalism

mid century modern dining room set

The best thing about mid-century modern style furniture pieces is they are easily blending into other styles. 

If you are familiar with my website, I give tons of ideas on working with interior design styles, and one of them is about combining different design styles. We all have unique tastes in our home styles. So, you need to mix and match for the best result.

Do you search for a minimalist, clean and modern aesthetic in your home?

If this sounds like you, you should work on this mid-century modern dining room style.

Luckily, mid-century modern and Scandinavian style is like the best friends who are always getting along well. 

Modern Minimalist Dining Room Inspiration:

Gueridon Table
Flynn Chair
Cube Chandelier

The Glam Dining Room

Today’s mid-century modern style doesn’t afraid of looking glamorous.

When the mid-century modern style came up in the ’50s, it had groundbreaking contemporary pieces, and all the collectors wanted to be part of this style.

One of the broke taboos in design history is fiberglass furniture in the home industry. These materials are evolved in many ways to bring different furniture pieces into our homes, and the pioneer style is mid-century. 

Now there are fiberglass, polycarbonate, and polypropylene dining chairs anywhere.

Because of these materials’ transparent being, it reflects the light in a room and shines. That is why it will look so glamorous in the dining room.

If you are searching for that feeling in your mid-century modern dining room, here are some inspirational pieces that you can work with:

Ghost Chair
Tulip Table Carrara Marble
Tessie Lamp

60’s Vibe 

Mid century modern dining room

Are the 60’s vibes you are looking for in your mid-century modern dining room? If so, there is no better choice of sets than a tulip table and iconic chairs in the ’50s and 60’s modern dining rooms. 

These materials are known for their durability. You can even use them outdoors.

Tulip Furniture Series

Tulip Armchair
Tulip Chair
Tulip Table

All Wood Everything

mid century modern dining room style

There is no doubt that the mid-century style loves to use natural materials, especially wood tones.

Therefore, if you are searching for wood mid-century modern dining sets, you can tend to splayed or tapered legs wood furniture pieces.

Walnut and teak are the preferable wood tones in mid-century modern interiors. However, you can work with wood materials in your all dining room furniture pieces and add a light fixture with metal finishes to add more interest to your mid-century dining set.

Wood Mid Century Dining Inspiration:

Norman Chair
norman table
Industrial pendant

Dining Room Inspired by Glass Table

Glass is also well-known material in mid-century modern style. 50’s mid-century style homes are more likely to use glass coffee tables and dining tables.

One of the iconic dining tables in mid-century modern history is the Platner dining table. This iconic dining table is perfect for creating a focal point in a dining room.

You can work with the Platner chairs and dining tables to create a complete mid-century modern dining set. Or, you can choose to combine this table with any of the mid-century modern dining chairs.

Platner Dining Set Inspiration:

platner chair leather
Platner Dining Table
platner chair

Black and White

mid century dining room
mid century dining set

Black and white dining room sets are one of my favorites in any style. This is the perfect way to add a dramatic and sophisticated look to your dining rooms.

The best way to accomplish this look is to use white color in the most significant pieces in the room, such as the dining table. You can either work with white or black dining chairs, depending on the brightness you want in your dining room.

Then add black accent pieces like a light fixture, wall art, and decorative items. Here are the mid-century modern dining room combinations to achieve stunning black and white look.  

Black and White Mid-Century Dining Room Inspiration:

tulip table oval
Wishbone Chair
Wishbone Chair white
Mouille Ceiling

All right! That is it for mid-century dining room combinations! Don’t forget that you can always mix and match.

If you want to know everything about mid-century modern interior style, check out this article. I share every little detail, and this will give you a perspective of how mid-century modern homes will be decorated.

I hope you enjoy it and always believe that everyone has a hidden potential when designing their homes. The more you improve yourself, the easier it becomes. Happy decorating home decor enthusiasts.

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