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Mid-Century Modern Homes Decor Details and Interior Design Guide

Are you curious about Mid-Century modern homes, or do you want to decorate your home with this cool and modern style?

I have good news: here are all the specifics about Mid Century modern home interiors (in short, Mid-Mod).

Let me tell you what defines this style:

      • Minimal Decoration
      • Clean and Classic Lines

Today’s Mid Century modern style has an updated look that pays homage to the original, but it also fresh enough to not make you feel like you are stepping out of a 50’s magazine.

When Mid Century Modern gained popularity, collectors started to want original works from this style.

However, now you can find Mid-Century Modern pieces across many accessible retailers with an affordable price point.

You can look at this board to find inspiration and visualize the Mid-Century Modern interior style before decorating.

We can still see some classic Mid-Mod items because they created pieces that were genuinely timeless and have lasting appeal for generations.

It is effortless to mix any Mid-Century Modern pieces with other interior design styles, such as Contemporary.

If you are thinking of buying some Mid-Mod style furniture, I highly encourage you to do so because I want you to know that they will look amazing.

Furniture Pieces which Define Mid Century Modern Style

Let me start with the characteristics of Mid-Mod furniture. They employ clean, simple lines (either straight or curved) and are generally raised off the floor with taller legs.

I don’t think a more effortless style to decorate exists.

You know why? Because Mid-Century Modern furniture pieces are incredibly iconic. The lines of some of the most common pieces cannot be mistaken for anything else.

Don’t worry; I will cover them all for you to become confident when choosing the furniture for your Mid-Century Modern home.

Furniture Leg Types: 

If you find any furniture pieces with these types of legs, get ready to buy them for your Mid-Mod home.

Also, Mid-Century Modern sofas and chairs have fully visible wood frames from top to bottom.

Mid-Century Modern Style
Mid-Century Modern seatings

For Mid-Century modern sofas and chairs, you can see tufted pieces used subtly, unlike Transitional.

I know that you are curious to learn more about the iconic pieces of this style, and I don’t want to keep you waiting:

      • Noguchi Table
      • Tulip Chair
      • Jacobsen Egg Chair
      • Saarinen Womb Chair
      • Tulip Table
      • Eames Lounge Chair
      • Barcelona Chair
      • Marshmallow Sofa
      • Bertoia Side Chair
      • Panton Chair
Jacobsen Egg Chair
Jacobsen Egg Chair
Barcelona Chair
Barcelona Chair
Eames Lounge Chair
Eames Lounge Chair
Marshmallow Sofa
Marshmallow Sofa

Which Materials Should You Use?


Let’s talk about material choices for Mid-Century Modern homes.

In these Mid-Mod style furniture pieces, natural materials such as wood are predominantly used. Walnut and teak are the most popular wood types.

The use of raw wood has become very popular with this style.

Can you imagine the world without furniture made from tree trunks? It is hard to believe, right?

Side tables, dining tables, coffee tables made from tree trunks have become so popular, and you can easily find them in almost every furniture retailer.

Mid-Century Modern pieces

Other material options for Mid-Mod furniture are: polished metal, fiberglass, lucite, glass, stainless steel, and molded plastic.

natural materials

Soft material choices should be leather, linen, jute, heavy wool, or burlap to feel the Mid Century Modern ambiance.

Mid Century Modern Color Schemes


Using colors from when this style originated would be an excellent idea.

Let me introduce you to these colors: mustard yellow, pumpkin orange, and avocado green.

These hues still look fresh today, and if you know how to use colors carefully, they will help you create exciting Mid-Mod interiors.

What I mean by using carefully is to pair these colors with some neutrals like cream, white, dark brown, beige, and gray. Otherwise, it may end up looking like a mess.

This style loves color. You can use any color you like, fuchsia, bright blue, deep purple, deep reds, but you need to keep it vibrant and saturated. Try to avoid pastels.

I recommend incorporating white for the wall paint color because you need to let your furniture pieces shine.

Choose Your Mid Century Modern Home Accessories

Mid-Century Modern is a style about exuding a sophisticated air, and it is not afraid of pattern use.

When patterns are used, they are used boldly. Bold geometric patterns, whimsical patterns, and abstract patterns are favorites to Mid-Century Modern style homes.

Where do you think you can use these patterns to make it feel authentically Mid-Mod?

You can use it in your furniture fabrics, but I don’t recommend it because it may be too complicated to mix and match other elements.

What else?

Of course, your home accessories are the safest and most optimum way of using patterns effortlessly.

Incorporate them in your pillows, rug, drapes, and wallpaper; don’t be afraid to use patterns as Mid Modern style does.

Here are some guidelines for you to become confident when you use patterns.

Mid-Century Modern Color Schemes

Choose Your Window Coverings


Blurring the lines between outdoors and indoors was a significant design influence for Mid Century Modern homes.

The architectural feature of the Mid-Century Modern homes is to have huge windows and not feel the need for window coverings.

According to your house’s conditions, you can leave your windows bare, or if you need window coverings, you can use simple roller shades or tulle curtains.

Mid Modern Light Fixtures


The light fixtures for this style are as popular as its iconic furniture pieces.

Take a look at:

      • Tripod Lamp
      • White Balloon Pendant Lamp
      • Artichoke Lamp
      • Sputnik Chandelier
      • Arco Floor Lamp
      • Bubble Chandelier
Mid-Century Modern Home Accessory
Arco Floor Lamp

As you can see, all of these light fixtures have sharp lines all on their own.

Try to use one per room, but every room needs more than one light fixture, so you can pair with more simple light fixtures that don’t compete with these iconic pieces.

Choosing one of these iconic light fixtures and matching it with furniture pieces in Mid-Century modern style will be enough to feel the ambiance of this style in your home.

Decorative Items which Define Mid-Mod Homes


It is time to add some decorative items for your Mid-Century Modern home.

If you find a vintage bar cart, then you should buy it.

Bar carts are so popular and a design opportunity for your Mid-Century modern interiors. You can use a bar cart instead of a console table.

The bar cart is a must.

You can add your home accessories such as flowers, books, and stemware on top of it.

Plants are an essential decorative item for this style. Always incorporate plants in your room decorations.

Other accessory choices would include:

      • Sunburst Mirror
      • George Nelson Clock
      • Brass candlestick holders
      • Hand-carved wood items

Avoid clutter; don’t forget that less is more.

Where Can You Shop for Mid Century Modern Pieces? 

This style is so popular, so you will not have to look too hard.

Check out: West Elm, CB2, and Jonathan Adler just to start.

If you are looking for more budget-friendly options, you can look at Wayfair and World Market.

Do not forget your vintage shops and flea markets. This style has an old history, but the pieces are classic.

Is this article helpful for you? Or do you have any questions? Please feel free to comment below.

I am more than happy to help you! 🙂

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