5 Free Advice for Your Kitchen Transform in Mid Century Modern

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5 Free Advice for Your Kitchen Transform in Mid Century Modern

Mid Century Modern kitchens have become popular more and more time passes, and before the boom year comes, I want to give you these 5 pieces of advice.

I am giving all of these pieces of information for free because the change is in your hand. If you want to freshen up your kitchen, here is everything you need.

 I want you to become happy in your heart and home, which will make me happy, either.

Let’s move on.

Mid-Century Modern homes have a strong personality. We aim to earn Mid Century Modern authenticity in every step.

It will be helpful if you follow everything, but you have to start somewhere. Whichever section is easy to start for you, then start with it.

If you are wondering about; What does a Mid Century Modern kitchen look like?

Follow up Mid Century Modern Homes to inspirational interiors.

#1   Mid Century Modern Kitchen Remodel Guidance


Mid Century Modern kitchen should have cabinets that use to have flat panel doors and could be painted either white or a mid tonewood grain finish.

If you have a chance, change your kitchen cabinets with wood, such as Warm Cherry wood tone.

If you don’t, paint your cabinets in white color to start creating Mid Century Modern style kitchen ambiance.

In Mid Century Modern style kitchen cabinets use nickel or chrome hardware with sharp linear lines.

Chrome Linear Hardware
Chrome Linear Hardware

Countertops should be made from pure solid colored stone.

To feel the Mid Century Modern ambiance head to tail, you need to use bold, geometric backsplash in bright colors like orange, yellow, or even aqua in your kitchen.

Using fun backsplash is a must in Mid Century Modern kitchens.

Geometric Backsplash Mid Century Modern Kitchen
Geometric Backsplash

o complete the Mid Century Modern look, incorporate with stainless steel appliances like in your kitchen faucet.

#2   Color Choices for Your Mid Century Modern Decor


Colors for Mid Century Modern design are original and so significant. Honestly, I am in love with Mid Century Modern color combinations.

I already told you that you need to go bold geometric patterns with bright colors to use in your kitchen backsplash.

But if you think this is enough, you are wrong.

Incorporate with some other bold accent colors in your kitchen. Either on the walls in the form of paint or artwork or your barstools.

Are you wondering what these colors are?

I’m telling you right away.

Mustard yellow, pumpkin orange, and avocado green, these are the colors that were so popular during the Mid Century Modern initial design period.

Interior Color Ideas
Avocado Green and Mustard Yellow Color Combination

Paired avocado green with bright yellows or pumpkin orange with bright blue. Whatever you like but do not forget to incorporate it with some neutral colors.

I will use other color choices: deep reds, deep purples, or maybe fuchsia if you don’t like iconic Mid Century Modern hues.

Keep in mind, always choose vibrant and saturated colors.

#3   Get yourself Iconic Mid Century Modern Light Fixture


Mid-Century Modern interiors have lots of lighting fixtures that become so popular, and now, with using that one piece of light fixture, it is enough to change the overall ambiance in your kitchen.

Light fixtures have always played a crucial part in adapting any interior design style. It is also easy to change and find in any style.

Let’s talk about these trendy light fixtures which can adapt naturally in your kitchen to add a pleasant mood of Mid Century Modern style.

  • If you have a dining table in your kitchen, the Artichoke Lamp is my favorite to use in your dining area.
  • Bubble Chandelier is perfectly executed on the kitchen island to decorate Mid Century Modern.
  • Standing light fixture options are Tripod Lamp and Arco Floor Lamp. However, I do not recommend using standing light fixtures unless you have a dining area in your kitchen.

Define what you need in your kitchen as lighting and incorporate at least one of these light fixtures to transform your existing design into Mid Century Modern.

Bubble Chandelier
Bubble Chandelier

#4   Add a Piece of Furniture Which Defines Mid Century Modern Style


Another essential part of changing your old interior design style in your kitchen is finding chairs that will suit your new interior style, Mid Century Modern.

If you are not going to remodel your kitchen, then you need to change at least your seatings, lighting, and colors.

What are the options?

To recognize the table and chairs in the Mid Century Modern kitchen style, I will give you some tips.

The first one is looking at the leg style. If chairs have splayed or tapered legs, a 90 percent chance it is a Mid Century Modern style furniture.

So pick what you want but don’t forget the look at your chair legs to define your kitchen as in Mid Century Modern style. 

You might consider using colors on your furniture.

Colorful chairs for Mid Century Modern Kitchens

You can consider creating breakfast nooks in this style. For small kitchens that have no space for a proper dining area can use breakfast nooks and add some Mid-Mod color combinations.

Bertoia Side Chair and Tulip Table are iconic pieces that you can use in Mid Century Modern kitchens. These furniture pieces are so powerful and still look amazing in every kitchen. You can use it without any doubt.

Tulip Table
Tulip Table

#5   Last but not Least, Kitchen Accessories


Home accessories are a better way to start changing your kitchen if you don’t have a budget or unsure about what is going to look like in the end.

Add some accessories in your kitchen, which I will tell you, and then you can decide the colors to change your backsplash or buy some new furniture. Deal?

If you need any kitchen appliances, select them with some bright colors such as yellow, orange, or green.

Yellow Appliances for Mid Century Modern Kitchens

George Nelson Clock is both an iconic and colorful choice to add to your kitchen decor.  Hand-carved wood items are also looking so good in Mid Century Modern interiors.

Using one piece of large artwork with a color combination you want to use in your kitchen is going to help you what you want. The crucial point is using one large piece of artwork instead of the gallery wall.

If you watched Mad Men, every piece of the interior item reflects the ambiance of Mid Century Modern. A bar cart is one of the ideas that use a lot in Mad Men and favorite things in Mid Century Modern kitchens.

Give it a chance and use a bar cart in your kitchen or dining area. You can use it for your drinks or exhibit your kitchen accessory. So handy and elegant.

Bar Cart for Mid Century Modern Kitchens Decor

Are you ready for a change? Is Mid Century Modern your favorite Style?

Let me know if you need help with anything else; you can comment below or contact me anytime. I want to hear from you; maybe I missed something, let me know.

 Happy decorating 🙂

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