What are the Best Rugs for Mid-Century Modern

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What are the Best Rugs for Mid-Century Modern?

Have you fallen in love with the mid-century modern home decor trend and are looking for rugs for your space?

This guide will show you what’s so amazing about mid-century modern rugs, a few examples of some beautiful options to choose from, and common mistakes to avoid when shopping for rugs.

I love how mid-century modern decor makes a room look artistic and airy. I’m also a big fan of how this style has been trending for years in interior design and mid-century furniture.

If you’re familiar with mid-century design, you know about the stunning symmetry, proportion, and shapes that designers of the time created. The mid-century modern rugs shown here are a great example of this kind of symmetry.

However, a Mid-Century Modern style rug should be much more than a pretty face… it should be an extension of your design needs and overall aesthetic!

Mid-century modern designers were inspired by the Bauhaus movement to create a chic and welcoming decorating style. As a result, mid-century modern rugs are versatile and easy to update (you can even cover them with other rugs), making them an ideal and cost-effective area of your home for investment.

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What Style of Rug Goes with Mid-Century Modern?

It would take long hours of work, or you need to be a designer to know every type of rug that matches the design style.

Well, I do the work for you! First, you just need to know that the mid-century style loves to use leather, jute, and heavy wool as soft interior materials. So search for these materials when looking for a rug online.

Secondly, you should know that mid-century rug styles generally do not use fringe tassels.

Lastly, contemporary and minimalist rugs are also commonly used in mid-century homes. But avoid using traditional-style Turkish and Persian rugs.

Besides the style, the size should fit perfectly in your space. You should know how to determine the best area rug size for your room.

What style of rug goes with mid century modern
Minimalist Rugs
What style of rug goes with mid century
Contemporary Rugs

What Patterns are Mid-Century Modern?

Mid-century is one of the styles not afraid of using patterns in wallpapers, rugs even seating.

When you want to use patterns in a mid-century style, they should be bold. The most common mid-century style patterns are bold geometric, whimsical, or abstract.

Most mid-century modern rugs have more than one color pattern. For example, there are usually at least two colors on each side of rugs: one for the border and another for the main pattern.

You can also find rugs with different patterns on each side or even two different patterns on each side. If you want something unique and stylish, then this kind of rug is perfect for you!

Don’t forget that when you use patterns in a room, the design of your rug should complement the rest of your decor and be in scale with the room it will be in.

Mid century modern area rugs
Best rugs for mid century modern

Most Common Mid-Century Modern Rug Ideas 

There are countless styles of rugs to choose from, which can quickly overwhelm not just the average shopper but also professional ones.

With most rugs falling into one of three categories (oriental, flat-woven, or hand-knotted), there are still many factors to consider, making the process seemingly endless. Identifying the style of your room can simplify decision-making a lot!

A mid-century modern rug can make all the difference in your home but what are the best rug types? I’ve a few suggestions based on their shape, color, and size.

Regardless of what kind of design you choose or which material it is made from, these rugs look great when paired with mid-century modern style furniture and decor.

Here are some of the best rugs for mid-century modern interiors in color range order.

Mid century modern rugs with neutral colors
Mid century rugs with neutral color
geometric mid-century rugs
yellow and white geometric rug
yellow and cream grid rug
Mid century modern rug ideas
mid century rug styles
abstract Mid century modern rug ideas
abstract Mid century rug ideas
Rugs mid century modern
mid-century rug styles
terracotta mid century rug
abstract flower mid-century modern rug
bold colored rug
abstrat and geometric mid-cenutry style rug
geometric rug
mid-century modern rug ideas earthy tones
What patterns are mid century modern
Best rugs for mid century modern
all types of Mid century modern rugs
Mid century modern style rugs
purple border rug for mid century style
black and white modern geometric rug
black and white geometric rug

When looking for a rug for your mid-century modern home, you want to choose something that will add style and comfort to your space. Here are some tips on how to choose the right rug for your room:

  • Get a carpet that complements your color palette
  • Choose a rug that complements your furniture
  • Look at the quality and construction of the rug
  • Consider whether or not it’s stain resistant

Mid-century modern rugs are often inspired by tight floral patterns and bright colors of the ’50s and ’60s. Since these styles were art-based, it’s not surprising that we designers also gravitated toward rugs that created a more abstract look.

To find the best rug for your home, compare different styles of carpets until you find something that matches your personality and décor.

It can be hard to go wrong with rugs as long as you have an excellent combination of fabric and texture. These suggestions should help you get a good start on what might be an enjoyable shopping experience.

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