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A Minimalist Design Modern Beach House Located in Mediterranean Sea

Let me introduce you to this inspirational beach house located on the Mediterranean coastline.

This summer house meets all expectations for a beach house. It’s modern, comfortable, stylish, and timeless.

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I hope you are thinking the same way as me now. If you are loved this house, I want to delve into some design decisions which add character to it.

The arch doors are everywhere. They used arches both in inside transition and outside.

Arch doors are a significant feature of this region’s historical architecture, Mediterranean style.

Another thing that reflects this region is the built-in sofas. The house has 2 built-in sofas, one for inside and one for outside.

When you look at the architecture in Bali, Santorini, or Mykonos, you will see these built-in sofas are so popular.

However, there are few examples that I know the use of the built-in sofa in interiors.

In this case, it is a brilliant choice. The householders are using this house as a beach house. Maybe they are staying in this house a couple of weeks a year.

They don’t need to worry about their furniture at all because this is a long-term decision (use a built-in sofa).

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Colors, Materials, and Style


The use of the same color and material continued throughout the house.

When looking at the colors, it is obvious that the homeowners want a more minimalist and calm environment.

The only warm undertone was used in the wood tone, and all the other colors are either neutral colors or cool tones like blue-grey, grey.

The huge expanse of using a warm undertone wood helped the designer balance all the other cool undertones used in this house.

Cold color schemes are perfect for beach houses. It helps space feel cooler and contrasts with the hot sun and the warm hues around the environment.

I can definitely say that this house is like stylish Scandinavian houses if I didn’t know where it is.

The white walls, natural lights, the contrast of black as an accent color, geometric tiles, and the color scheme are strong elements of this house.

These are making this beach house look clean and minimalist.

I’m falling in love with the house. This house is everything I wish for in a beach house. What do you think?

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