How to Mix Metals for Outstanding Bathroom Designs

How to Mix Metals for Outstanding Bathroom Designs

Mixing different metals is so popular, and you don’t want to be out of this trend. Explore how you can mix and match different metals to create exciting bathroom decor.

Back in time, in interior design, every element and material is expected to match, and this matchy look was always applauded even if it is not that hard.

However, now everything is different, and designers try all the craziest combinations to make cohesive yet interesting spaces. We designers don’t even use just one style to design a house, so don’t expect one metal to use for a bathroom.

I will share my techniques to perfectly mix any metals and how you can apply different metals in your bathroom with ease. 

There are some items that I suggest you should match. This is one of the most important things if you want to know how to mix your bathroom fixtures.

I would recommend you always match your sink faucet with your shower fixture to create perfect combinations.

I mean, same finish and the same manufacturer. Because even if you purchased the same material, they could be different shades and textures in some cases.

Other than that, I will share the fail-safe approaches that you can use to mix your bathroom metals.


This is the easiest and the most common technique to mix any metal in your bathroom. Divide your room horizontally in half.

Separate the top half from the bottom and use two different metals.

Pick one metal to use in your bottom half, meaning in your drawer pulls, in an exposed drain pipe for interior style purposes (if you have), and countertop legs. 

Use different materials in your top half, meaning in your faucets and your light fixture.

bathroom decor ideas
mix metals in bathroom

As you see, all the finishes on the top half of the bathroom are brass metal, and the bottom drawer pulls are chrome finish. All the metals are perfectly balanced with each other.

Perfect Ratio

This approach uses the same metal for all the hardware and faucets and chooses contrasting metals for your mirror frame and your light fixture.

It is also the best way for those who want to create a mixing trend immediately. You just need to change metals in your mirror frame and lighting, but others can remain the same.

how to mix metals in bathroom
bathroom decor

Everything Except One

Everything except one approach is to have everything in one finish except your lighting.

Simply find a metal that you love to use and use it in every finish. However, use a different type of metal in your light fixture to add interest to your bathroom design.

bathroom fixtures

Perfect Metal Pairs

In this part, I want to share my favorite metal combinations, and if you don’t like them, with these tips, you can always find whats works for you.

First of all, you should be aware that the metals have undertones when mixing them. It nearly always looks best when you combine the warm-colored metal with the cool colored metals.

Brass, gold, and copper are types of warm-toned metals. Chrome, steel, nickel are types of cold metals.

You can still combine copper with brass, but this requires proper work.

Especially in warm metals, the safest way of mixing them is to match with the opposite undertone.

what metals work together

Other than that, you can always combine matte finishes with a mirror surface rather than mixing different metals. Because when you change the finish in metals, it reflects the lights differently, making us see different color tones.

Favorite Metal Combinations;

      • Oil Rubbed Bronze with Chrome
      • Brushed Chrome with Dark Metal
      • Gold with Stainless Steel
      • Gold with Dark Metal
      • Copper with Stainless Steel
      • Brass with Nickel
mixing metal finishes in bathroom

So are you willing to try this trend in your bathroom? If so, what will be your combination?

Feel free to comment below. Then we can discuss and share ideas 🙂

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I’m so happy I came across this blog post. I recently bought an old home (113 years old) and we are redoing a lot! One area we are working on now is the bathroom. I feel in love with this specific color faucet by Koehler (vibrant brushed bronze) its like a muted gold tone. And I am having a hard time finding a tub filler for the claw foot tub to match the color. Any suggestions on what color metal I can match with it? Thank you!