15 Most Popular Scandinavian Dining Chairs and Style Insights

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15 Most Popular Scandinavian Dining Chairs and Style Insights

Scandinavian dining chairs, also known as Danish chairs, were popular in the western world starting in the 1920s. They got their name because that’s where many of them were initially crafted and their designers are from.

The popularity of these unique chairs continues to this day, as they are timeless and beautiful with a simplistic but striking look. Often, Scandinavian dining chairs are sold for just a few good reasons:

  • Modern look
  • Superb comfort
  • Excellent craftsmanship

Suppose you are interested in buying some Scandinavian furniture. In that case, you should be able to distinguish between genuine items and fakes that look similar to Scandinavian designs but are of much lower quality.

My goal with this article is to provide a few tips and help you identify the most popular types of Scandinavian design dining chairs in today’s market and differentiate them from similar styles.

scandinavian dining chairs

Scandinavian chairs are the forerunners of today’s modern-day dining room chairs. The modern Scandinavian style began in Denmark and was first adopted by artisans and furniture makers in the 19th century. Contemporary Danish-style chairs, such as those from Arne Vodder, Hans Wegner, and Finn Juhl, were popularized by design magazines in the 1960s.

Let’s look at some stunning Scandinavian dining chairs that led and inspired all the other Scandinavian design chairs on the market.

15 Authentic Scandinavian Design Dining Chairs

Scandinavian dining chairs are made with simplicity and functionality in their mind. They were designed to be comfortable and easy to use while using the least amount of materials possible.

If you are looking for the best Scandinavian dining chair for your space, first, you need to check on some pioneer designs because most of the dining chairs are inspired by these famous designs or are just replicas of these iconic chairs. 

So, I will share these iconic chairs with you where you can get the original designs, heirloom quality, and craftsmanship. I also share some similar design dining chairs that I find online. You should compare the prices and materials. This will help you easily find the best Scandinavian dining chair.

Before starting, I must mention that mid-century modern dining chairs are very popular in Scandinavian interiors. You can also check on them.

Wishbone Chair

DWR Wishbone Chair- Scandinavian design dining chairs

Designer: Hans Wegner

Year: 1949

Over 100 stages are needed to manufacture each Wishbone chair, most of which are done by hand. The seat is handwoven from a sturdy paper cord, and the steam-bent backrest provides arm support. The original Wishbone chair is built to last for many years.

You will find various finish options to choose from, which makes the chair versatile for any homeowner. However, my favorite is a classic oak Wishbone chair. There is always a massive difference between the original Wishbone chair and the other chairs inspired by this chair in quality and price points.

I always consider these iconic designs with high-quality pieces as an investment. However, you can find dining chairs (below) that looks like Wishbone chair in different price range.

Scandinavian dining chair design
Scandinavian dining chair

Eames Molded Plastic Chair

Eames DSW Chairs

Design: Charles and Ray Eames

Year: 1948

If you are a fan of Scandinavian style interiors, you probably saw this chair somewhere. Of course, tons of dining chairs are inspired by Eames plastic chairs. But the original design has some significant features that I wanted the share with you.

The chair has a durable injection-molded plastic shell, making it a family-friendly design (low-maintenance material). With 3 different base options and countless color options, you can create the perfect combination for your dining room.

The most significant thing for me is the chair has Indoor Advantage Gold Certified, which means the highest level of indoor air quality performance for furniture. That makes a considerable difference between replicas (below) and the original ones.

Affordable Mid-Century Chairs
Affordable Mid-Century modern Dining Chairs

About A Chair 22 Armchair

DWR About a Chair- Scandinavian Dining Chairs

Designer: Hee Welling

Year: 2009

About A Chair 22 Armchair became one of the bestselling designs in Scandinavian very quickly. In addition, this most preferred Scandinavian dining chair has extensive color alternatives.

There is a misconception that using color is restricted in Scandinavian interiors, but you can definitely use colors. You can add color, especially with Scandinavian furniture pieces like this chair which is an excellent way to add accent colors to your home.

About A Chair is not only useful for the dining room, but it is also great for the workspace.

When I search for similar designs online, I found that the price of this chair is very moderate. Even some of them are more pricey than the original design. Maybe you can find similar chairs like this one in Ikea at an affordable price. 

Eames DCM and DCW Chairs

Eames DCM
Eames DCM
Eames DCW
Eames DCW

Designer: Charles and Ray Eames

Year: 1946

This chair’s curved plywood seat and back are so slim that it was dubbed the “potato chip chair” soon after it was introduced. Years later, Time Magazine gave it the distinction of being the Best Design of the 20th century.

The difference between Eames DCM and Eames DCW chairs is the structure material. The silhouettes are similar, but DCM has a metal base, and DCW has a wood base. Nevertheless, both chairs are one of the most iconic mid-century modern design chairs.

Mid-Century modern and Scandinavian furniture are very similar in aesthetics. Eames DCM and DCW dining chairs are one of the best examples to use in both styles as dining chairs.

Masters Chair

DWR Masters Chair- Scandinavian Style Dining Chairs

Designer: Philippe Starck

Year: 2010

One of the most important features of the Masters Chair is the versatile indoor and outdoor seat made with 100% recycled material.

The designer Phillippe Starck uses the back shapes of the Series 7 Chair by Jacobsen, the Molded Shell Chair by the Eames, and the Tulip Armchair by Saarinen combined to produce the wholly new The Masters Chair. The Masters Chair is lightweight and robust, with a wide, roomy seat and a backrest that provides substantial support.

You can create unique dining room designs by matching Masters Chair with other Scandinavian dining chairs. Here are some excellent replicas of the original Masters Chair:

scandinavian chair
scandinavian dining chairs

Cover Side Chair

DWR Cover Side Chair- Scandinavian Design

Designer: Thomas Bentzen

Year: 2014

Cover Side Chair has been made from oak wood, giving it a warm natural feel that goes well with any style of home decor, whether modern or traditional. I mean, it is crafted entirely from wood without any metal hardware.

Among the chairs mentioned in this article, this is one of the more recent designs. Still, it is an excellent example of Scandinavian materiality combined with forward-thinking craftsmanship.

Check out some similar design chairs below:

wood mid century mdoern dining chair
scandinavian design chair

Valencia Chair

stackable scandinavian design dining chair

Designer: Alex Selma and Clara del Portillo

Year: 2018

Valencia Chair is a stackable chair that is incredibly durable. If you have an extendable dining table, this is a great chair to buy more for occasions and stack it.

The chair offers the appearance of a traditional design while being modest and modern. So, if you are planning to change your home atmosphere to a Scandinavian or minimalist feel, you can do that with this dining chair, even if your furniture pieces are classic.

The chair is offered with an upholstered seat just, fully upholstered, or without any upholstery.

Salt Chair

DWR Salt Chair- Scandinavian dining chairs

Designer: Tom Kelley


Salt Chair is made by hand from European beech wood that has received FSC certification and has a slim design that makes it perfect for small settings.

FSC certification guarantees that goods come from sustainably managed forests that benefit society, the environment, and the economy. These certifications are critical, and I believe everyone will be more careful when purchasing home goods about these in the near future.

The Salt Chair is perfect for cafes, small spaces, and dining room styles like Farmhouse and Scandinavian interiors. Here are some dining chairs inspired by Salt Chair.

dining chairs for scandinavian dining room
dining chairs for scandinavian style

Pastis Armchair

scandinavian design dining chair sets

Designer: Julien Renault

A classic, long-lasting set of chairs that can be used for many years.

The Pastis Armchair is a versatile chair that exudes personality. It has a subtly curved seat back and a waterfall seat edge for comfort. It also balances strong craftsmanship with elegant aesthetics to create a chair perfect for dining, entertaining, and adding warmth and vitality to its surroundings. Available in a range of colors and woods.

Also, Pastis Chairs are designed to allow stacking.

Nerd Chair

DWR Nerd Chair- Scandiavan dining chairs

Designer: David Geckeler

Year: 2012

The Nerd Chair stands out for its elegantly arched waterfall edge seat, which enables users to sit comfortably in various postures and lessens needless pressure on the thighs’ backs.

David Geckeler describes the chair as a combination of Danish simplicity and iconic expression.

Nerd Chair has Global Green Tag Certified, a worldwide recognized sustainability certification for non-toxic, high quality, and responsible sources products.

CH36 Side Chair

Danish design dining chair

Designer: Hans Wegner

Year: 1962

Hans Wegner is a mid-century danish design legend, so we see many Scandinavian dining chair designs from him. He has an ability to elegant lightness to long-lasting chairs. What he did is still unique in today’s circumstances, so his designs are still iconic pieces of furniture.

CH36 Side Chair is a perfect example of a Scandinavian dining chair with a solid wood frame and a handwoven paper cord seat.

There are a lot of dining chairs that are similar to the CH36 Side Chair so that you can find an option for your price point. However, the craftsmanship and quality will differ from the original heirloom quality CH36 Side Chair.

Series 7 Chair

Jacobsen 7 Chair

Designer: Arne Jacobsen

Year: 1955

Jacobsen 7 Chair is one of the well-known Scandinavian design dining chairs. There is a wide range of color and finish options, including velvet, lacquer, and natural veneer.

Jacobsen 7 Chair is also stackable, which makes it perfect for small spaces. If you want to learn more, I mention the other iconic Scandinavian furniture pieces and Jacobsen 7 chair in another article.

scandinavian furniture teak
scandinavian dining chair design

1″ Reclaimed Chair

outdoor indoor scandinavian dining chairs

Designer: Jasper Morrison

Year: 2018

The 1″ Reclaimed Chair is manufactured from 90% reclaimed industrial waste, which is an even more efficient material usage than recycling. As a result, the material is visually warm while still being incredibly robust.

This chair is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and stacks up to 10 high.

1″ Reclaimed Chair is perfect for anyone looking for a low-maintenance chair that can be used in balconies, terraces, and indoor dining spaces.

CH20 Elbow Chair

scandi dining chair

Designer: Hans Wegner

Year: 1956

The funny story is Hans Wegner set the design in his archive after creating two prototypes of the Elbow Chair. Then, Carl Hansen & Søn decided to produce the chair in 2005. After its production, the chair was established as a modern classic by winning an award.

Nowadays, I see this chair everywhere, and many people are looking for this chair. Unfortunately, the original CH20 Elbow Chair is a bit more pricey than its replicas in the online market.

You can check on the chairs below, inspired by the original Elbow Chair.

danish design dining chair
scandi design dining chair

As you can see, there are many different styles of Scandinavian dining chairs on the market. Each has its own identifying characteristics and variations, making them relatively easy to identify when you know what to look for.

Remember that these guidelines are only designed to help you identify particular styles of Scandinavian furniture. Not every single chair with a curved back or wood finish is necessarily a genuine piece of Scandinavian design.

There are tons of chairs inspired and replicated by Scandinavian dining chairs. However, you can only go for specific retailers for authentic craftsmanship to get what you want. 

If you live in the US or Canada, Design Within Reach is an authentic furniture seller. In addition, you can check on the furniture retailers like TONKnoll, and Muuto to find the Scandinavian dining chairs I mention in the article.

The versatile Swedish-inspired dining chairs have become a staple of Scandinavian design. If a trendsetter wants to match their decor with a modern and elegant piece of furniture that will last for decades, then these are one of the most popular choices on today’s market.

Hopefully, this article will help you understand the characteristics of each design and inspire you to get one or more of the styles if they catch your eye. I hope you have enjoyed learning more about Scandinavian design dining chairs and that my suggestions have come in handy when shopping for them.

Feel free to comment below and share what you think of these Scandinavian dining chairs.

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