3 Clever Ways to Organize Kitchen Pantry and Shelves that will Look Pretty

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3 Clever Ways to Organize Kitchen Pantry and Shelves that will Look Pretty

A kitchen pantry is a tool that helps us in many ways if it is organized and functional. It helps to prep meals faster and keeps your countertops clutter-free.

What is the best way to organize a kitchen pantry?

There is no one best way, but if you want your kitchen pantry to be cohesive, you need to work on these 3 ways: creating a layout, using organizers, and making sure everything matches together.

Some of you may think of organizing their kitchen pantry for a long time but haven’t got any steps yet. You imagine the result while I am sharing ideas on shelving and organizing for your kitchen pantry.

I want you to know that it needs a decent amount of work and patience.

However, this is a one-time job. When you organize your whole kitchen pantry, it only requires little attention to keep everything clean and tidy.

Layout and Shelving Ideas

To decide on the layout of your kitchen pantry, you should list the categories before deciding on any shelving or cabinet. We all have different items to store, so you should know what you need.

You decide what you need, make a little list, and get your pantry dimensions written on the same paper.

For example, some of you need a space to store kitchen appliances, wines or maybe you decide to use your pantry for both purposes as a utility room and pantry.

Designing any space has two simple requirements: being functional and looking chic. When planning your kitchen pantry, shelves need to be useful, so you should be worried about that.

The most practical storing idea is the use wire shelving systems if you don’t have custom built-in cabinets for your needs.

kitchen pantry shelving

Some of you think that the wire shelves are only used in the garages, and they look so industrial but let me share some pros and cons; you will decide later.

+ Pros

  • There are corner wire shelvings to ensure you use all the square feet you have.
  • You can customize the space using wire shelves for your kitchen pantry. There are tons of options for sizes and heights. You can find the dimensions you need.
  • Very affordable and adjustable compared to other shelving options.
  • You can use wire shelf accessories like baskets, hooks, rails, or casters.

– Cons

  • Look industrial.
  • It may not match your kitchen style.

Pros are way more than cons, but I want you to know that we can easily change how it looks.

First of all, you can check on wire shelf cover ideas on Pinterest and find a way to change the look. However, (I now see that) there are ready-made wire shelf liners that you can easily find the same size as the shelf you have.

There are wood, translucent, colored, and even butcher blocks liners. Find the best wire shelf liner that will suit your kitchen style and paint the chrome legs.

That’s it. Now you have functional, durable, and pretty-looking pantry shelves at an affordable price.

What is a good height for pantry shelves?

The best height for the pantry shelves is up for the ceiling. They maximize the storage space and help your pantry look bigger than it is.

Extra Storage Solutions:

Storage Cart
Storage Cart with Handle
Wide Kitchen Rack
Wide Kitchen Rack
rolling storage cart
Storage Cart
Kitchen Rack
Kitchen Rack
Rolling Trash for storage
Rolling Trash

Kitchen Pantry Organizer Ideas

The organizers are the key for those who wonder how I make my pantry look pretty. There are lots of attractive options. Don’t go crazy and decide on two or three different options.

You should at least use three different organizers for your pantry. The first one is for the spices, the second one is for dry foods, and the other is to store vegetables or fruits that need to stay open.

Spice Organizers:

Rack for Spices (3)
Rack for Spices (3)
spice bottles
Spice Bottles
Rack for Spices (2)
Rack for Spices (2)

We sure all love the pantries lined with glass storage jars on shelf after shelf; they do satisfy me. However, there are plenty of options and colors.

So, you can match glass jars with solid ones and add more texture to your pantry design.

Storage Containers:

Stoneware Container
Stoneware Container
crock storage
Crock Storage
Stainless Steel Storage
Stainless Steel Storage
Scullery Jar
Scullery Jar
Silicone Storage Container
Silicone Storage Container

I really like showing fruits and vegetables while storing them. The reason is that you can let them emit their scent and look gorgeous.   

Storeing Ideas for Vegtables and Fruits:

Banana Fibre Net
Banana Fibre Net
Linen Bag
Linen Bag
Steel Fruit Basket
Steel Fruit Basket

How to Match Everything when Organize Kitchen Pantry?

At this point, you should have decided on how to organize your kitchen pantry shelves and the organizers you need. You need numbers and plans.

how to organize kitchen pantry
kitchen pantry organizer

Then we can start working on making your pantry as stylish as it can. I have a couple of advice if you want your pantry and kitchen to look cohesive.

  • What is the metal hardware you use in your kitchen? If it is chrome, it will be great to use some chrome hardware in your pantry. Using the same metals in different spaces is efficient if you want overall cohesion. So, you can work with the same metal as your kitchen hardware in your pantry shelves, jar lid, or whatever metal object you will add to your kitchen pantry organization.
  • As you can notice, we are trying to match the materials and colors between these two spaces. If you have a dominant wood material in the kitchen, you should incorporate it in your pantry as well.
  • The last idea is about adding some colors. You can find pantry organizers the same color as your kitchen cabinets. So, for example, if you have a white-dominated kitchen color scheme, your can work on both white pantry organizers with glass ones.

I hope this helps you imagine the pantry you always wanted and gives you a clear mind to get you started. Design is a process that begins with planning all the ideas and working towards them.

Share your ideas in comments on how you can organize your kitchen pantry and layout your shelves. You can inspire other people as wellhappy decorating home decor enthusiasts.

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