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How to Choose Unusual Paint Colors for Your Living Room

Are you bored of using the same paint colors for your living room? Are you ready for a new look?

The living room is where you spend most of the time with your family and friends, and it needs to be designed to serve your needs and lifestyle. When selecting your paint colors for the living room, you should have pay attention to adapting the right mood.

After you know these colors and learn how to use them, I am confident that you will be ready to bring some energy and freshness into your living room with these paint colors ideas.

Before we delve into, selecting perfect interior paint colors is not just about finding the colors. If half of it is to choose colors, then the other half is to know how to implement it.

If you want to paint your living room walls with colorful options, you need to combine it with neutrals. Use primarily neutral paint colors, and as an accent, you can use any other options.

The perfect ways to use accent colors on walls;

  • The wall behind your tv unit
  • If you have a dining area inside your living room, you can consider using colors in the dining space
  • The wall you use as an art gallery

Designer’s Tips: To create a powerful effect, you can paint the fifth wall of the room (ceiling). If you want to try, use 2-3 shades darker or lighter colors of your accent wall.

To see some inspiring paint colors and interior implementations, follow up Paint Colors for Home.

# Paint Colors to Create a Calm and Relaxing Vibe in Your Living Room

green paint ideas

If you are using your family room for these actions, workspace, watching TV, or reading a book, you should think of using these paint colors for your living room walls.

To create a calm and relaxing ambiance in your living room, you need to incorporate cool colors.

Fun fact, cool colors are the most preferred colors in the world because it will never overwhelm your eyes.

How can you use colors to create calm energy in your living room?

Rather than the warm colors, you can use cool colors as a primary (or maybe only) paint color in your room.

You can confidently match cool colors with the neutrals that have cool undertones in your paint colors.

Designer’s Tips: The most saturated form of the colors can help you realize which side of the color wheel (cold or warm) your paint color belongs to; you can look at the bottom of the paint strip to see the most saturated form of that color.

What are those colors?


Shades of green, blue, and purple are the options for paint colors you are looking for to create a calm living room space. Combining these colors with some neutrals such as white and beige will help you even more relaxing space.

Best living room paint colors to create a calm and relaxing space;

paint color ideas for living room to create calm
paint color ideas for living room to relaxing

Designer’s Tips: It will be wise to create a color palette and then choose your paint colors. Create a color palette that indicates colors in your furniture, home accessories, and material in your living room. It will save you time and money on your wall painting journey. And you can guarantee that you will love the result by creating your color scheme.


# Paint Colors for Living Room to Create Sophisticated and Luxurious Mood

neutral paint ideas

If you are using your living room to entertain your guest, to arrange family or friend gatherings, or you have a dining area, you should create a sophisticated space with some paint colors. 

To create a dramatic scene, you should work with bold and dark hues as paint colors for the living room.

Grey, black, anthracite is the neutral paint colors for the living room to create a formal and luxurious feeling. Using these colors with an accent of gold color is the perfect way to achieve a dramatic look.

The purple color was always associated with royalty and wealth. It is also the right choice for sophisticated paint colors.

Other paint color ideas for the living room are; navy, peacock green, and olive green.

Popular living room paint colors to create a luxurious and sophisticated space;

Sophisticated living room paint colors

# Paint Color Ideas for Cheerful and Active Living Rooms

warm paint ideas

If you are using the living room as a place that a game room or organize meetings with your friends, you need to work with paint colors, which will bring immediate energy to your living room.

There is no better choice than warm colors if you want to increase the dynamism of a room.

However, using warm colors in your whole walls may tire your eyes. So you better use warm paint colors in your accent walls.

Red, orange, and yellow are colors that can awaken intense emotions like excitement, socialization, cheerfulness, and activity.

Vibrant shades of pink hue are also a great color to increase your living room’s energy level. But, quite the opposite, light pink hues can create calm and relaxing energy.

Paint color ideas to bringing energy in your living room;

Now you know how to choose some unusual paint colors for your living rooms. Don’t forget that mood and energy is an essential issue in interior design: your house, your needs, and your decisions.

Do not afraid of using colors. Just be aware of your emotions and pick the color that suits your needs.

You will never know how it is going to look like if you will never try.

What is your favorite color so far?

Please leave a comment and tell me, what do you think?

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