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How to Choose the Best Paint Colors for Your Unique Master Bedroom

Don’t you think that choosing paint colors for unique spaces such as your master bedroom needs special attention? It is where you start your day and a place for you to spend the most passionate times.

Master bedroom is the most private space in your house for you (and your husband), which is why you need to create a unique color palette. Your oasis of comfort, relaxation, and peace.

Every color has a mental and emotional effect on us. Finding the best color for your master bedroom is about choosing the colors that suit your mood and pleasing you every day.

bedroom painting ideas

So, how can you do this?

First, you need to know some popular paint color choices that designers use in master bedrooms and how to make your master bedroom cozy.

Finally, I will guide you through your color palette journey and support you with some tips.

Before we delve into, follow up Paint Colors for Home for trend colors, master bedroom painting ideas, and inspirational color choices.

When thinking about creating a mood or adapting a feeling in your interiors, there is no better answer then colors. Color psychology is real, and it affects our emotions.

Designers use this knowledge when designing interiors, clothes, etc. for years. I believe that sharing this knowledge with you will make massive changes in your paint decisions.

You may have heard that red color can awaken intense emotions such as love and passion. Whenever I wear a red dress or red lipstick, I can feel these intense emotions in my confidence. I know that you feel it too.

So, do you think that red is one of the great paint colors for the master bedroom?

Red can awake romantic feelings in your master bedroom, but you cannot use red as you did in your outfits. The reason for this is in interior design; you need to think of providing continuity.

In the long term, bright reds as primary paint colors for your master bedroom will eventually tire your eyes, and too much red will disturb your sleep.

In that case, I suggest using red or pink undertoned warm paint colors for a master bedroom instead of bright colors. You can still evaluate red as your accent in your master bedroom color palette. I will show you how.

I want to introduce “Whisper Pink” by Pantone. As a great example of warm(pink) undertoned paint colors. Perfect nude color to use as your master bedroom paint colors.

whisper pink

Best Paint Colors for the Master Bedroom are;

  • Green to help you de-stress and relax.
  • Pink to create a feeling of love, caring, and thoughtfulness.
  • Purple to generate a sense of wealth, spiritual awareness, and self-knowledge.

Popular Paint Color Combinations for Master Bedroom;

  • Cream, muted red and chocolate brown
  • Peacock green, whisper pink and white
  • White, blue and gold

You can design your bedroom color palette inspired by these popular colors, or you can choose to create one from scratch.

The First Step to Find Best Master Bedroom Paint Colors

Select a color that suits the mood you wanted to create in your master bedroom. Use that color and find neutral or nude colors that have uses color as an undertone.

Designer’s Tips: To find undertones, you can use the color chip. The bottom of the paint strip will show you the most saturated form of that color. By looking at it, you can easily understand the paint colors undertones. Also, you can check on websites of paint color brands to find the same undertoned colors.

bedroom painting ideas

I suggest you check on these for broadening your horizon about use colors in interior design;

# How to Create a Cozy Master Bedroom with Colors

Choosing paint colors for small bedrooms is a tricky job. You need to consider paint colors that will make your room look bigger.

How about bigger rooms like your master bedroom?

The problem here is the opposite. If you have a big master bedroom, you can struggle with creating an intimate feeling.

Make the right decisions, such as choosing your master bedroom paint colors, which will help you build that cozy space.

Using warmer and darker colors will make your bedroom feel intimate.

However, this is not the only trick. Using light colors on your furniture will make them look larger, and it will ultimately create coziness in your master bedroom.

paint colors for master bedroom

Lastly, using more than one paint color for a master bedroom visually breaks up space, making the room appear smaller.

These are the critical paint ideas for a master bedroom to enjoying the big space without feeling cold or empty.

Designer’s Tips:  Color transitions are so important. If you want to use more than one paint colors, you need to think of it properly. The typical approach is to finish painting at the end of the edge of the opening (door, archway, etc.).

# Create Unique Color Palette for Your Master Bedroom

After you read and learn about popular color choices and best undertones for your master bedroom, you would have some color options going on in your mind.

The best way to organize your color option is to create color palettes. It is crucial to generate color schemes for both indicate paint colors for your master bedroom and bathroom.

Remember that color transitions are important, but if you pick unmatching paint colors for your master bedroom and bathroom, it will not look harmonious even if you do the transitions like a pro.

I want you to create 2 different color schemes;

  • The first color scheme will indicate existing colors in your master bedroom decoration. This palette will help you compare your bedroom paint colors you wanted with your existing colors to harmoniously.
  • The second color palette will indicate both paint colors for your master bedroom and bathroom.


The Last Step to Find Best Master Bedroom Paint Colors

You came to the end of your journey to find the best paint colors for your master bedroom. The last step is all about you getting action and creating these 2 color palettes.

You may have never created a color palette before, but don’t worry, it’s not difficult, and I have some resources to help you out.

Get your free color palette guide and then read 4 Steps to Create Unique Color Schemes.

Use the color scheme generator to help you find shades and tints of your dream colors.

I create some examples to see the result you achieve. If you want, you can confidently use these schemes or get inspired.

However, don’t forget that spending time to create yours will make your master bedroom authentic and make you enjoy an interior decoration project.

master bedroom color palette idea
paint colors for a master bedroom

Looking at the palettes by bringing them side by side will make you understand about the ambiance and overall inter compatibility of your master bedroom colors.

After you create your color palettes, all you need to do is test your colors on your wall and decide color transitions. If your colors past the test, then it means you find the best paint colors for your unique bedroom walls.

Here is how I apply the color palette I created;

bedroom wall colors

Now you know popular master bedroom color choices, how to use paint to tricking the eye to make your room cozy, and finally how to create your master bedroom color palette.

If these are not enough to make profound changes in your master bedroom, what else be? 

Leave a comment below, and I will help you create beautiful color combinations.

I hope you enjoy it while reading. So, what is your favorite paint color?

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