How Designers can Easily Find the Perfect Size Chandelier for Any Room

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How Designers can Easily Find the Perfect Size Chandelier for Any Room

Did you know that choosing the right chandelier size for a room is perhaps the most critical decision to make when decorating? A chandelier that is too small or too big will ruin the entire ambiance.

It doesn’t have to be so challenging. In fact, there’s one easy trick that anyone can use! (And figuring it out will be fun and engaging for you.)

When shopping for chandeliers, finding the size that will work with your room can be tricky.

What I do is I simply ask myself two questions: 1. Where is the light going to hang in the room I’m looking at? And 2. How big is the room? Then by narrowing down the location of the chandelier in question and giving it a size (aka the diameter of the hoop), it makes it easier to find an appropriate fixture for your room.

Note these answers and check out the best practices to find the perfect chandelier size for a room.

What Chandelier Size Do I Need?

You desire to find optimal lighting fixtures, just like the rest of us. I have good news; you need to know one technique to achieve that.

Lenght of the Room (11′)+ Width of the Room (12′)= Diameter of Fixture (23″)

This number will show you the minimum size of the chandelier you need in that room. You can add 5″ and look at the chandeliers between 23″ -28″. Isn’t it easy?

Where the chandelier will hang in the space is another consideration when determining the ideal chandelier size. As a designer, I know the ideal locations in various types of rooms to install a chandelier:

  1. In the dining room, hang above the dining table
  2. In the living room, hang the chandelier above your coffee table
  3. For the bedroom, hang it above your bed
Chandelier size over dining table
How low should chandelier hang in a living room
What size chandelier for bedroom

If the locations mentioned above suit your space, I have other tips for finding the best chandelier size.

  1. You can find the range of the chandelier size over the dining table by finding 50% and 75% of the width of your dining table.
  2. Take inspiration from the size of your coffee table when choosing the chandelier size for your living room. Don’t forget that the living room is one of the largest rooms in the house, so stay on the larger size when making your selection.
  3. The size of a chandelier in your bedroom should be 1/3 of your bed.

Check out these graphics to see the result:

Dining room chandelier size
Chandelier size
Chandelier for room size

How Low Should Chandelier Hang?

I’m a little more relaxed personally regarding how height the chandelier should hang. In the end, I choose what in my eye suits the room the best, and you should do the same.

Just make sure there are at least 7 feet (2.13 meters) between the floor and the bottom of the fixture unless you want to hang your chandelier over a dining table or a kitchen island.

If you are looking for the best height over a dining table or kitchen island, it should be 30″ -35″ above the table or island surface.

Chandelier size for dining table
How low should chandelier hang in living room
Chandelier size for room

The idea is to hang the fixtures high enough so that you can see the top of each one from anywhere in the room. From there, you can adjust the height of your chandeliers to get the balance just right. 

Lights, like chandeliers and lamps, can be crucial in making a room function well. As a result, lighting is one of the most important elements when it comes to planning home additions and upgrading existing spaces.

As interior design becomes increasingly popular, homeowners are constantly trying to figure out how to make their houses look better. One thing I’ve learned from doing my renovations is that lighting can do wonders in a room.

Ultimately, the best way to find out what chandelier size you need is to take a look around your space and get measurements. Then, you can compare those specs with available options on the market and make an informed decision. Good luck!

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