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Scandinavian Bedrooms: 17 Design Secrets To Steal For Your Bedroom

Scandinavian bedrooms are highly sought after. The sleek designs and simplicity create a restful, calm environment, perfect for unwinding after a hard day at work. In this post, I’m going to share 17 tips that’ll help you create your own Scandinavian bedroom design…

All the most popular trends in the world are derived from Scandinavian design. That’s right, Ikea (founded in Sweden) and even Target (based in Minnesota) carry products that have been inspired by Scandinavian designers.

As a matter of fact, there are actually so many Scandinavian inspired interiors around. So it’s hard to tell which ones are actually from Scandinavia and which ones are inspired by the trend.

Yet being able to transform your into a Scandinavian style bedroom isn’t always easy. You could spend plenty of money on completely redesigning your room when all you want is to add a few new elements that give it that clean and modern look. The good news is that you can spruce up your space with a little thought and effort.

I’ve been eyeing off Scandinavian style design lately, and I think it is absolutely lovely. A lot of people want to borrow from this style when designing their homes/bedrooms, and I couldn’t be happier about it!

You can do so many beautiful things with Scandinavian design, both on the inside and out. But you don’t have to have a Scandinavian interior or even live in Scandinavia itself to take advantage of some great home decorating ideas – you can use these ideas for any style of room. You could even mix some Scandinavian pieces into another room too. Never limit your use of inspiration to one particular style alone 🙂

This guide and these Scandinavian bedroom ideas are the perfect tools to help you achieve the look you want. The most important thing, though, is to see them as inspiration rather than to follow blindly.

Use More Neutral Colors

Scandinavian bedroom style

When transforming your bedroom style into a Scandinavian minimalist, you must reduce the room’s material and color choices. The less material or color you have, the more you get the clean, minimal look. So, if you are unsure where to start, start with changing colorful items in the room with neutral colors.

Accent Wall with Geometric Wallpaper

Accent Wall with Geometric Wallpaper-Scandinavian bedroom

The Scandinavian style is very versatile, but most of us don’t even know about it. Using bold wallpapers is the last thing that comes to mind when discussing Scandinavian minimalism. However, specific colors and patterns work perfectly in Scandinavian bedrooms.

Combining some of the ideas in this article (features of Scandinavian bedrooms), you can work with geometric wallpapers to your Scandinavian bedroom decor.

Black and White Scenery

Black and White Scandinavian Bedrooms

Black is the most used accent color in Scandinavian interiors, and white is a must-have. So using only these two colors with decluttering a little will give you the Scandinavian bedroom design.

Start with reducing colors in your bedroom while adding new elements like wall art frames and pillows in black and white.

Throw a Cozy Blanket

scandinavian bedrooms

Throwing a cozy blanket onto your bed or seating is a way to feel your bedroom cozier. Scandinavian bedrooms generally use white as a primary color, so the room might feel like a hospital if you don’t know how to make it cozier. Throwing a blanket onto your bed by adding color and textures is one way, and continue to read more ways to make your Scandinavian design bedroom. 

Add Different Textures

Scandinavian bedroom design

We talked about the domination of neutral colors in Scandinavian bedrooms. So, when designing a room full of neutral colors, the lack of interest is always an issue. However, a straightforward solution to that problem is using different textures.

In Scandinavian interiors, you must incorporate natural materials like cotton, linen, wool, and leather. You can use all of them in one place, that is your bedroom.   

Use Colors in Accent Pieces

Scandinavian bedroom style

Is using colors contradictory to the Scandinavian style? If you know how to do it, then you absolutely can.

We talked about using neutral colors and decluttering the colors in your bedroom to create a simplistic and clean look. Adding one accent color that will complement all the other colors in your room is a way of doing it.

Find that one color and add it to your accent pieces like chairs, rugs, pillows, or artwork. Then, try to use that color in at least 2-3 different ways with various shades.

Add Geometric Pattern

Scandinavian bedroom decor

Colors and patterns must be carefully selected in the Scandinavian design bedroom. You don’t want to destroy the vibe by creating a mess.

Try to use one or more geometric patterns (only) in your bedroom accent pieces. Maintain the color palette and change the shapes or ensure the pattern is the same than you can change the color palette of the geometric shape you have chosen for your bedroom.

Prefer Wood Finishes

Prefer Wood Finishes-Scandinavian bedroom design ideas

Scandinavian style loves every shade of wood, especially lighter wood tones like beech, pine, and ash. When you go for a change, try to use more wood finishes in your furniture, even your decorative items, than other modern materials like glass and metal.

Keep it Muted

Scandinavian bedroom ideas

Finding the color that works well with all the natural materials in the Scandinavian style bedrooms can be tiring. You can consider adding many bright colors, but what is the perfect way to add multiple colors in the Scandinavian style? It is to keep muted. Pinks, yellows, and greens are all perfect neutral colors when muted. You should use muted colors like baby blue and light rose pink rather than bright tones.

Natural Materials are the Key

Scandinavian bedroom

As I mentioned several design secrets in this article, one more time, the key is using natural materials. So, you can ask me, what are all the Scandinavian interiors in common? Whether you use bright colors and patterns, natural materials are the common concept for all Scandinavian designs. Thick cotton blankets on the sofa, wool rugs, linen furniture, and wood consoles are Hygg’s favorites.

Declutter Everything

modern scandinavian bedroom

Decluttering everything before adding some new elements to your Scandinavian bedroom decor is one of the first things you should do. This helps you make your design choices. Start deciding what items you don’t need in your bedroom or what items you can hide rather than display.

Spice it Up with Other Styles

modern scandinavian bedroom

Another way to make Scandinavian bedrooms more appealing is to work with other styles. I think you already have a style going on in your bedroom. I have good news; you don’t have to change your style entirely cause the Scandinavian style can work well with all the other styles.

Adding some scandivaian elements (such as the two below) can help slightly transform into a Scandi bedroom while carrying features of your design style.

A Seating with Purpose

Scandinavian bedroom furniture

A piece of an iconic chair with a significant design style can help your room to have a style. Scandinavian furniture pieces are unique and carry the qualities of a simple and functional design. So, adding a single iconic Scandinavian chair can help you give the vibe instantly.

Minimalist Lighting

Scandinavian bedroom lighting

Personally, when I look at a Scandinavian interior, what catches my eye first is the lighting. That soft, restful glow, like the light coming in through clouds or gentle snowfall in the early morning – it’s just beautiful.

Using a light fixture that reflects the interior style you want your room to become is the first step to changing your interior style. So, finding a Scandinavian light fixture that will suit your bedroom design will instantly feel the minimalism that you seek in your bedroom.

Various types of light fixtures can be used, including branching chandeliers, simple chrome wall sconces, oversized pendant lights, track lighting, arching floor lamps, industrial style light fixtures, and candle lights are very commonly used in Scandinavian style.

Add Greenery

scandinavian design bedrooms

We talked about reducing color and increasing neutral colors in Scandinavian design bedrooms. So, after doing that, you need to avoid creating dull and unexcited spaces.

Adding some greenery will add interest to a room by giving its own natural color palette. You can also use flowers, and tulips look perfect in Scandinavian interiors.

You don’t need a Headboard

minimalist scandinavian bedroom

‘Less is more’ is the approach you need to keep in mind when designing Scandinavian style rooms. So, do you actually need your headboard? If not, it is time to ditch your old headboard and replace it with nothing (maybe a couple of pillows)This will feels like your bed is a new one.

Add Color or Pattern with Wall Art

scandi bedroom

When all the other furniture pieces in your Scandinavian bedroom are in neutral colors, it is possible to feel like your decor is not finished. I share many thoughts about how you declutter your bedroom style to feel more Scandinavian, but some of our designs need a bit of adorn. If so, place a colorful or use geometric patterned wall art in your Scandinavian bedroom design to make the room more appealing.  

Interior design styles can be very relative, but that is precisely why we love them. Consider and explore many design aspects before settling on a particular interior style. Once you have found your style, though, the next step is to fill in the details.

The Scandinavian style, with its simple bones and compact housing style, is perfect for tiny homes. The concepts translate very well into apartments as well.

You can make small changes to your bedroom, and it will look simply stunning, but if it is an old place, then you need more than that. You need a little decoration with some good ideas to avoid monotony.

We hope our additions to this list help you infuse some Scandinavian style into your bedroom. If you have any ideas for what we missed, let us know in the comments section. We love hearing from you guys and are always excited to expand this list with new ideas for inspo. For more inspiration, follow us on Pinterest.

And most importantly, just have fun with your space. Make it personal. Make it reflect you and your individuality. And if it gives a nod to Nordic style as well, then great!

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