Scandinavian Furniture 101 Recognize Pieces and Find the Best Retailers

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Scandinavian Furniture 101: Recognize Pieces and Find the Best Retailers

How do you know where to start and how to find Scandinavian furniture pieces? Can you recognize them when you see them?

Scandinavian furniture has a style that many of us crave for our homes, but because it’s not widely known, there are plenty of misconceptions about its design.

Scandinavian furniture is an excellent design to use for decorating your home. It still appears fresh and new even though it was introduced several decades ago.

Scandinavian furniture is pieces created by modern designers using the past as a guide. History and tradition are encapsulated in these pieces, providing you with essential social knowledge.

Scandinavian Minimalism is often associated with a “less is more” philosophy. The minimalistic look doesn’t just consist of furniture, though. Everything from the decor to the colors is in accordance with this philosophy.

What do they all mean? Where do you begin? This easy-to-read guide will help you understand all there is to know about Scandinavian furniture and choose one that works for you.

What are the Features of the Scandinavian Furniture Style?

Why is Scandinavian furniture popular? What is special about Scandinavian furniture? The Scandinavian style creates a clean and functional aesthetic in their furniture pieces. Because of this, it can adapt to everyone’s home decor.

The aesthetic of Scandinavian furniture is very similar to Mid-Century Modern pieces with clean lines, rounded edges, and splayed tapered leg styles.

scandinavian furniture

Multilevel storages, open shelves, and poufs made of natural materials like cotton are popularly used in Scandinavian styles.

The standard features of all Scandinavian furniture designs are low profile and made with wood.

Lighter wood finishes and natural materials in the overall design are necessary.

The biggest misconception about Scandinavian interiors is people feel like minimalism will break when they add color or textures. Instead, you need to use lots of textures if you don’t want to create dull spaces. Also, using some accent colors can not break minimalism if you do that right.

furniture scandinavian

To learn more about this design aesthetic, color schemes, and so much more, you can check on How to Decorate Scandinavian Interiors.

Most Iconic Scandi Design Furniture

I will share the most iconic Scandinavian furniture designs so you can start feeling the minimalist air in your home immediately. Also, you can get inspired by these iconic pieces when you search online.

Eames DSW Chairs

Eames DSW Chairs

Design: Charles and Ray Eames

Year: 1948

Price of the Original Piece: $375-$1245

Originally designed in fiberglass, this comfortable, long-lasting chair is now available in recyclable polypropylene, eco-fiberglass, or molded wood, as well as a variety of seat pads and bases. 

You can customize every little detail of this chair to make it unique and match your home decor. Check out the original pieces below with several different options:

Original Eames DSW Chair
Eames DSW Chair
modern scandinavian furniture pieces

Jacobsen 7 Chair

Jacobsen 7 Chair

Design: Arne Jacobsen

Year: 1955

Price of the Original Piece: $600-$1550

The Series 7 Chair is designed to fit the human form, with a back that has just the right amount of give, a seat that has curves in all the right places, and a waterfall front edge that supports your legs without pressing into them.

Just like the Eames DSW Chair, you have options to customize the original Jacobsen 7 chair. In addition, you can check below to see other chairs inspired by Jacobsen 7 Chairs:

scandinavian furniture teak
danish furniture

Leather Sling Chairs

scandinavian furniture design

Leather sling chairs are chic, comfortable, and very popular in Scandinavian interiors. There are tones of leather sling chairs in different shapes and colors.

You can use it in your bedroom, living room, and entrance. Find the one that suits your room’s color palette and match the frame with your finishes.

So it will be easy to find what suits your home. Some leather sling chairs (below) are perfect examples of Scandinavian furniture pieces.

high end scandinavian furniture
scandinavian design furniture
scandinavian furniture designs

Jacobsen Egg Chair

jacobsen egg chair dwr

Design: Arne Jacobsen

Year: 1958

Price of Original Piece: $9,995-$18,836

The Egg Chair is one of the classic accent chairs in both Mid-Century Modern and Scandinavian homes. The swivel base allows users to turn toward or away from a conversation area, and the chair also tilts back for resting.

It is a beautiful chair that has various colors and material options. You can use this chair to add an accent color in Scandinavian homes. 

You can choose to buy the original Jacobsen Egg chair for ultimate comfort, or there are quality replicas (below) and chairs that are inspired by this iconic chair.

mid-century modern living room and bedroom furniture
mid-century modern furniture pieces
What is mid century furniture

We checked out 4 iconic Scandinavian furniture pieces. However, there are limitless furniture pieces inspired by these chairs and Scandinavian interiors. To help you when searching, here are Scandinavian coffee tables, couches, other furniture pieces, and decor elements you can work with.

Also, you can impress by these furniture pieces to make your search more specific by looking at the lines, colors, and materials.

teak scandinavian furniture
scandinavian home decor elements
office furniture scandinavian
scandinavian couches
scandinavian coffee table
scandi coffee table
scandinavian home decor
office furniture scandinavian pieces

Where to Find Scandinavian Furniture?

I will make some suggestions on Scandinavian furniture stores for different budgets.

You can get excellent Scandinavian furniture pieces with great price tags in Scandinavian Designs and Article.

Ikea is a place that has a lot of lovely items with a Scandinavian design, even if you have a minimal budget.

Design Within Reach is where you find original design pieces in Scandinavian and Mid-Century Modern styles. You can find lots of furniture pieces with moderate to high prices. I suggest you check on Design Within Reach to check on designs and get inspired.

Danish Design Store is another option for those who have more room in their budget.

You can check Design Within Reach and Etsy to find some customized furniture pieces. Here are the best minimalist design furniture stores on Etsy, and they have color and material options in some pieces.

Best Etsy Stores to Buy Minimalist Furniture

Whether you’re looking to furnish a living room, dining area, bedroom, or office, Scandinavian furniture is perfect for any room in your home. Its classic style allows it to blend with most decor styles, so there should be no limit to what designers can do with them.

Scandinavian furniture allows you to express yourself and give personality to your home’s design.

When starting to search, think about what you like overall. Look up themes and styles that really speak to you. Go online, search for Scandinavian interiors, look at design magazines, and so on, and leave yourself inspired. Focus on creating a space with harmony in mind. You could even go far enough to draw a house plan before finding your furniture pieces.

Now you have a clear vision and knowledge about Scandinavian furniture pieces, are you ready for a more minimalist and clean look in your home?

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