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How to Succeed at Side Table Decoration

Don’t you want to twist your side table decor into stunning?

This information below can decorate all the side tables (bedside table, sofa side table, etc.) or ‘end tables‘ which one do you prefer saying.

It doesn’t matter you are decorating a coffee table or side table; you need to use some design principles.

That means you need to choose items with similarities to create repetition or balance in your decorative arrangements.

Gold Decorative Objects
Gold Decorative Objects

Now side tables are not just a place for cups or remotes.

End tables are making a huge comeback, and decorating these tables is easy, and it needs less decorative items than you think.

You can make beautiful side table decorations by changing places of your accessories in the house. All you need is some inspiration.

I am ready to share some ideas with you.

Add Metallic Shine

It doesn’t matter which tone, gold, silver, or copper, as long as you add a metallic touch to your tables.

Using metallic decorative objects and mixing different metals are become very trendy in 2020 and increasing popularity since then.

It could be a part of the table or the accessories on top of the table.

If you want your side table real eye-catcher, pair it with a mirror tabletop.

Side table decor

Use Statement Lamps

Don’t forget your statement lamp, especially in bedroom decor. Statement lamps have two functions: light and art.

Lighting is an essential part of every room. Even if you have a huge chandelier in your room, you probably need and ambient lighting.

Placing a statement lamp on your side table is a great way to add another lighting into the room.

Don’t hesitate to use a big or funky statement lamp on your side table. Matching your room accent colors with the lamp will be a brilliant idea.

Statement lamp
Bed side table decor

Add Layers

Layering is the key to the success of any decorative arrangement.

Because of the size of an end table, it tends to look fuller. That means layering is much more important when decorating a side table.

You need to combine taller layers with shorter layers if you want to add depth to your decorative arrangements.

How do you do that?

Combine a taller candle holder with the smaller one, or combine a tall vase with a small pot.

side table decor ideas

Make Room for Technology

I charge my phone on either the end table in my living room or a bedside table.

Most people use a side table to charge their technological items because a side table is the nearest place around the sitting area in any room.

If your technological items are sitting on your side table anyway, give them a dedicated resting place. It can be a charging box to tuck everything away or custom-made charge units.

Where do you place your remote when you are not using it?

Don’t you instantly lose it down the side of the couch or under the couch?

Give remote control a dedicated space on your side table or in a drawer as well.

You can consider buying a side table with drawers if you have lots of cables and stuff going on in your home that you don’t even know where to set.

Fresh Blooms

Flowers are an excellent way to add the feeling of homeliness to any side table.

Use a vase on your side table and place seasonal flowers. Change them whenever you want.

Flowers can help your home to adapt to any season by adding to your decorations.

Also, they can provide different colors and scents to your room decorations.

end table decor
end table decor ideas

If you want to get compliments about your side table decoration, don’t forget to add an object with contrasting colors with the surroundings. 

Some of us may have already pressed for space; why not using a double side table or placing a bar chart as a side table.

After you know all of these, I am sure that you will get more compliments on your styling skills than you think.

What’s on your side table decor right now?

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