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3 Tested Ideas to Make Paint Decisions in Small Bedroom

If you have a small bedroom, you may think you have limited paint colors, unless you don’t know these ideas.

It is crucial to pick the right paint colors for small bedrooms. Making some wrong decisions can make your bedroom look even smaller.

These ideas are for making all the right decisions and giving you the overall concept of how should or shouldn’t a small bedroom paint colors.

What is the best color option to paint a small bedroom? It is a very general question. As a designer, I can say it is up to you, but I can help you by giving ideas.

You can continue to complain about how small your bedroom is, or select the right paint colors for a small bedroom to appear larger than it is.

At the same time, you can learn some wall painting ideas and furniture selections for small bedrooms.

It is up to you!

One of the main ideas for small bedroom paint colors is using lighter and cooler colors. Light paint colors can make your bedroom walls feel like receding from you.

Pantone shades of Swedish blue

However, there is no such thing as you cannot use dark hues as small bedroom paint colors. If you want to make your small bedroom feel bigger, try to use these 3 small bedroom paint ideas altogether.

If you want to use dark colors, I recommend you to pick cooler undertoned paint colors.

Designer Tip: To understand the undertone of the paint colors: look at the bottom of the paint strip because the bottom shows the most saturated version of this hue, which makes it easier to understand its cold or warm undertone.

Best paint colors for small bedroom walls are;

Best small bedroom paint colors

These colors are beautiful cold undertoned white hues and acceptable for both light, and cool ideas to small bedrooms paint colors.

Avoid These Colors!


Picking warm colors will make your room cozier. It is excellent, but for small bedroom paint colors, is coziness the feeling you are looking for?

If you don’t want to make your bedroom even smaller, then it is not. Avoid warm undertoned paint colors.

Dark colors are also not the right choice for a small bedroom. I was hoping you could think that as a fashion situation.

Which color do you pick to look thinner?

I guess we all have that pretty black dress. I feel fabulous every time I wear it and, it is just a color trick to look skinnier.

If you want to choose perfect paint colors for your home interior, go ahead and follow the steps.

#2   Painting Tricks

For small bedrooms choosing the right paint colors is not enough to accomplish the larger view. You need to be aware of these painting tricks, whether you are going to paint yourself or hire a painter.

I want you to be aware of these ideas, and if you have a chance, don’t hesitate to try.

After deciding your paint color for your small bedroom, it will make the room feel larger if you paint walls and all of the trim. That means, paint your window moldings, ceiling, and floor moldings in the same color.

If possible, it will be great if you paint your window treatments the same color as well.

Why do you need to do this?

Your eyes feel chopped up if your trims have a different tone or color. Painting the trims and even ceiling will help you to avoid this feeling.

Eventually, creating continuity in your paint colors make your small bedroom look larger.

Paint ideas for small bedroom
paint colors for bedroom ideas

#3   Furniture Paint Colors for Small Bedroom 

The last one for small bedroom paint ideas is to choose the right paint colors for your furniture.

Furniture colors are essential. If you are going to buy new furniture, or if you are a DIY lover, you can consider painting your furniture after you heard this. In bedrooms, bed covers are a way to use the idea.

In bedrooms, bed covers are a way to use the idea.

You may think, “the light colors will make my bedroom look bigger; in that case, my furniture has to be light colors.”

Well, it does not work like that.

If you use light colors in your furniture, that will only make your furniture feel bigger. This causes the furniture to look predominant, and your room will become smaller.

Do not forget that the beauty of the interior design is about creating harmonious spaces.

I overload you with a lot of knowledge, but I have something to help you. Use these ideas for your small bedrooms and first organize your color palette.

If you create your color palette before you start, you will have a chance to create interiors that you will love.

Now you learned these ideas tell me, what do you think? Are you consider these while you are choosing your paint colors?

If you aren’t, then you should probably use these ideas for your small bedroom paint colors. After using small bedroom paint ideas, I am confident you love the result, and your bedroom will look larger.

Designers used these tricks for years, why don’t you try?

If you have something in mind to share with me, please comment below. I am more than happy to help you.

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